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Rate That Legendary #15

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Hello to all you Mooters out there and welcome back to another installment of Rate That Legendary! Today, you'll be rating this weapon skin for Hibana, which is called Distinguished Tanegashima. With this, I like the color scheme going on here with the red and silver look it has and then it has some gold in it to give it that shine. All in all, this Legendary isn't too bad. But now it is time for you guys to rate it yourselves. You may do so by using the poll or by leaving a comment down below. Stay tuned for the next one and have an awesome day! #RTL

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Hibana's Distinguished Tanegashima

  • Awesome 22
  • Meh 5
  • Horrible 0
  • Trash it & Burn it 1
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  • oNeShOtP15tOL LV.6 Wizard Feb 12, 2019, 02:28 AM

    I like it.