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Feb 10, 2019, 05:12 PM 1,962 read

New Operator Idea

Alright so I don’t pay attention to leaks so if these operators are already in development I apologize. My first idea is a defender that comes equipped with two mats that you can place onto soft floors to protect you from above or below. Not sure specifically how big it’d be but I don’t want it to completely take away the vertical aspect of an objective. It’d be a direct counter to Buck, Sledge and soft breach charges. Maybe Thermite, Hibana and Maverick could get through it or it’d be an impenetrable floor. I’ve had a hard time coming up with names for this Op and my best one I think is Hardhat. This Op is obviously super specialized and I’m worried that on bomb he’d be useless but really good on secure area. Let me know if it should be scrapped or some ideas to improve it. Now I did here that this Defender could be on Burnt Horizon but that was in the iFunny comment section so who knows. I came up with “Jynx” and operator that can pick up drones and turn them into defending gadgets. He’d have like 2 hacking chips that he can place in the drones so he can’t end up having a ton of drones. He’d pair perfectly with Mute and I know his play rate is rising. Pretty simple. I wrote out the bio of Jynx and Hardhat a couple weeks ago and made them Australian which I just found out are the new Ops in Burnt Horizon so I guess I’m just that perceptive. Jk but maybe make these two from the Irish special forces? That’d be pretty dope. Let me know what you guys think!

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