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The harassment of female player in Siege, what you think?

At first I want to say that's my opinion and DOES NOT affect every Player! Okay lets start. The post is about the harassment of female player in siege, sometimes I play with a good friend of mine and when she starts talking in game, cause she is giving calls, the most Male Player start to Rage. They getting sometimes Happy and are pretty Friendly and talking with us alot in the game and about our day was going. THATS HOW IT USUALLY IS! BUT there are sometimes guys they making fun about her or starting get mad and insult the female persons. They told her she should get back in the Kitchen and start cooking, like other Female persons are doing. Or they try to get her mad with telling her she is bad in the game cause she is a girl. And so on... It's not funny guys come on! Why are there some people trying to expel female player? PLS write your opinion as a comment below. --------- This post was created by me and ma boiii TheBlackCube55 --------

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how strong is the harassment?

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  • 5 ist okay! Sometimes they are weird. 10
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