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Next drawing: project003 #Easteregg already found

I think now its time for one of the basic special forces. Which one do you think I should draw (the Icons not the Operators).   Easter egg was found by Snake. It wasn't a good easter egg. Each basic special force has a black sheep who does not have an eliteskin. Their name (Castle, Smoke, Montagne and Bandit) were written at the end of each line in the poll. Yeah, it is a weak one! Pls don't be mad - I didn't mean to troll anyone.   Have a good day!

Poll Closed 171 Voted

Icons from special force:

  • SWAT (Ash, Thermite, Pulse and Castle) 72
  • GSG9 (Jäger, IQ, Blitz and Bandit) 42
  • GIGN (Rook, Doc, Twitch and Montagne) 31
  • SAS (Thatcher, Mute, Sledge and Smoke) 26

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