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Feb 8, 2019, 01:45 AM 1,635 read


How ya doin folks. Today I was thinking to myself about the new season and what maps might come, or not cause I haven't seen the roadmap yet. When I thought of the maps I was thinking about the best and worst ones. The most annoying and most fun ones. The most balanced and unbalanced. So today I ask you, what do you think the most balanced and unbalanced maps are? Personally I think the 2 most balanced maps are Oregon and chalet, which are the two maps I do best on when I sweat, I love both of these equally cause they both feel like maps that had alot of time put into them which makes them really competitive. But if im being honest house and old hereford are (and were) the most unbalanced and the most fun. Whenever I play on house and something stupid happens I get half as tilted as I do on Oregon or chalet. Because these maps are unbalanced they are more fun by nature to me. Old hereford was the first map to be made in this game and when they got rid of it I was really upset. I got hyped for new hereford but If I had known they were honna remove the OG map I would've protested. That's just me cause I think new hereford while balanced is just not fun to play on because it replaced the map I and many others loved. I don't know a single person who thought old hereford should've been removed completely from rotation. Removed completely from the game. It's not even in customs the only way that I know of to play it is in the first situations mission. But house man, house is just the best. I think this is the map that most people learned the layout to first. I know I did. The map is so small you're never really out of the combat and the map itself is so tiny playing pulse is basically cheating. But what do you think? Which ones are the most balanced and unbalanced? Which ones are the most fun? Thanks for reading!

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