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A Guide To Posting In The Correct Board (Rainbow 6 Siege Lounge)

Hello Mooters! This post will help out those who are new to Moot and after reading this (if you decide to read it, it is completely up to you btw), you will have a better understanding of where to post stuff and what board it belongs in. Let's begin shall we? First things first, be sure to select where your post is going. From selecting the menu, you will be shown 8 different locations: General, Looking For Group, Memes, News, Highlights, Art, Tips, and Promotions. To begin your post, look for this symbol.

After you tap on that, it will bring you to this and from here, we will go over what each of the 8 locations mean. Let's begin shall we?

GENERAL: To be used for general discussion. For example, "What operator should I unlock next?" or "Which Attacker/Defender is better?" LOOKING FOR GROUP: This is for players who are looking for any kind of match up. Here is an example of how the outline for it looks 👇👇👇 You can select your Platform, Game Mode, put in what your gamertag is so people can add you, Required Mic or not, you can set how many players you need, when you need to find a time, whether it's ASAP (As soon as possible for those who didn't know) or you can set a time, and for the final step, you can write a little description of what it is you're looking for. An example could be, "Looking for a few teammates to run some Casual with" or "Need a full group for a Ranked Match. Gold 3 or higher." You can also set an LFG Preset so that way, you'll be notified of when a team is ready for you.

MEMES: Not much to say here really. Pretty straightforward. Keep it quality and go easy on the spam. NEWS: One of the newest boards to the R6 Lounge and there's a couple things that will help keep the News Board popping. Here they are: Post only about Siege News and nothing else, make sure to include images and sources like YouTube links, website URLs, Twitter Links, etc. And make sure you don't upload the same thing as someone else. It might get a little hectic to see the same thing twice. HIGHLIGHTS: Mainly for replays, shares of your plays, and the like. ART: Mainly for art such as drawings, paintings, etc. Be sure to credit the original artists! It's not cool to take someone else's work and claim it as your own. TIPS: For gameplay tips, sharing strategies, and so on. Shouldn't be too hard to follow. PROMOTIONS: A place where you, the Mooter, can show off your content, channel, etc. FEATURED: Just so everyone is aware, the Featured board is not one you can post in as that is a board where posts go when either they have been hand picked by a Mod/Admin or when they reach the upvote or comment threshold and then that post will automatically go up there. Make sure that when you are posting, you are staying within the Content Policy. If you need a refresher, use the link below this and you'll be shown what is allowed and what is not 👇👇👇

If you are unsure of where a post should go, ask one of the Mods and they'll be sure to point you in the right direction. This has been A Guide to Posting In The Correct Board (Rainbow 6 Lounge Edition) Make sure to stay awesome, be respectful, and have a great time on Moot! Let's keep the R6 Lounge popping!

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