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Would this work?

So I was in class just thinking about some cool new gums that ubi could add to R6. I was thinking and then I thought of a neat shitgun idea. It's a double barrel shotgun similar to the BOSG that vigil and dokiebi have. Except it has two shots that fire in since at the pull of a trigger. It sounds like a cool gadget now that im thinking about it, so basically you pull it out and you have to prone to shoot it you can crawl around with it but if you stand up with it equipped it automatically gets put away. It's a 1 shot body shot and it has really bad iron sights that are really obstructive and while your prone you're turning gets slowed. While your prone it takes 2 seconds to take out so you can drop shot with it. It has horrible hipfire 6 bullets in all and because it shoots 2 bullets at once it technically speakimg has 3 shots so you need to make them count, its also highly destructable and it can make 2 large wholes through 2 surfaces before the slug breaks. I got the idea from battlefields secondary AT gun i believe its called. I don't have any concept art for this or a name or background story for this character because im not creative and the only thing I can draw well is this emoji 👌. What do you guys think about this. I thought it would be pretty neat, there's not really anything like this that I can think of. But I do know that the operator should be kinda tanky because he's carrying this thing around. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think?

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