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Oct 11, 2020, 12:09 AM 36 read

Do You Like My Character Idea

        Name:Radiant Class:Defender Gender:Male Gadget:Put Down One Of Three Explosive Poison Bombs That Can Be Activated Similar To Hibana And And When They Are Activated They Shoot Out 30 Tiny Spikes That Hurt Enemies And How To Get The Effect Of Is To Walk It Off(1 Speed 4 Damage)(2 Speed 7 Damage)(3 Speed 13 Damage) Over The Course Of 5.81s Laying, Crouching, Walking, Double The Damage If Sprinting Armor:3 Speed:1 Primary Guns:AR33, MPX Secondary Guns:PMM, Gsh-14(Semi Auto Pistol) Secondary Gadgets:Barbed Wire, Smoke Grenade        

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