Devil<3 LV.29 Steve
Oct 10, 2020, 06:55 PM 50 read

Defenders I recommend

Doc- simple to play as long as u heal ur team and can aim kinda but he is an amazing op but there are better Mozzie-drones are really useful in r6 so being a defender with drones that’s good and having a commando 9 is amazing in my opinion Valk-idk how to spell her op name sorry Ok valk takes skill since u have to know where to put the cameras they can go anywhere still though and her weapons u need aim to be able to use her weapons Rook- helps the team a lot because of Armor and his mp5 is good and he is really simple Smoke-he takes skill but if u use him correctly he is one of the best defenders Bandit-it explain it self but if u don’t know he has an mp7 and he can put his things on reinforcements what else u need well u need to know how to bandit trick because they can have thatcher Ela-I love her scorpion and her pistol and if u need a shotgun that sprays ela is the right person Well that’s all for today ik I didn’t do much sorry but I haven’t been playing siege and when I play siege I play barely any ops

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    gotta say props to you for taking your time and writing all of this

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    It was simple