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Week 2: Rainbow Six Weekly Event! 🚨

Greetings, Siegers! We're back to announce the second weekly event just for our R6 community to reward you all for being such an awesome Lounge! 🏆   You MUST be level 3 or higher to win this week's event! Next week the level requirement to win will increase to Level 5. Be sure to utilize Quests to level up so you can enter these events and win!   This event is similar to last week; we want to know which combination you would play with in this 2v2 battle...   GRIDLOCK and MOZZI (Team SASR) vs LESION and YING (TEAM SDU)

Rainbow Six: General - Week 2: Rainbow Six Weekly Event! 🚨  image 2

  HOW TO ENTER: 1) Vote in the poll for Team SASR or Team SDU 2) Share your reasoning in the comments section!   DURATION: - Today through Monday, August 3rd. - Winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 4th!   PRIZES: - All users who vote in the poll will win 100 Moot Coins! - FIVE lucky users who vote in the poll + share their reasoning in the comments will be randomly chosen to win a $20 US Amazon Gift Card!   -------------------------------------   VOTE ON THE POLL HERE:

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Which Combination Would You Play With in This Battle?

  • GRIDLOCK and MOZZI (Team SASR) 925
  • LESION and YING (TEAM SDU) 457

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  • NotTfue etc LV.19 Beast Jul 30, 2020, 05:05 AM

    I like the SASR is my favorite because I have a Australian accent and I love to say mate

  • NotTfue etc LV.19 Beast Jul 30, 2020, 05:06 AM

    *The SASR*

  • ChillNachos LV.11 Chief Jul 30, 2020, 05:07 AM

    Well the attackers on both teams or ok but ying is one of those characters that is so annoying. Mozzie was my main for awhile in-till he got nerfed. I mean lesion got nerfed a lot, but lesion is still a good character. So I’m only choosing Team SDU because of Lesion

  • ChickenNugs LV.13 Chief Jul 30, 2020, 05:07 AM

    I think sdu would win because passion has poison mines and ying has a flash grenade that goesnaround the room

  • shelovesdanny LV.23 Warrior Jul 30, 2020, 05:07 AM

    Team sasr because they are just better and they are OP

  • DaPi LV.31 Legend Jul 30, 2020, 05:07 AM

    Sasr because I have hot Mozzie skin

  • FadedEnchanted ヅ LV.23 Titan Jul 30, 2020, 05:08 AM

    See lesion and ting can do a lot of damage at a time lesion can do even more with his mines it game over all mozzie can do I catch drones ting can blind and shoot willingly gridlock uses spikes that can be easily destroyed this is based on damage and ability that’s my reasoning

  • gatorboy45 verified LV.40 Diamond Master Jul 30, 2020, 05:11 AM

    Reasoning for a choice of Gridlock/Mozzie is pretty much simple. Gridlock can lay down traps to slow down the Defenders and deal damage to them at the same time. With Mozzie, you can hack the Attacker's drones (even Twitch's shock drone), and use it for not only your advantage, but your entire team's. Put it in a place where the Attackers wouldn't think to look, and you'll be golden, that is, they don't end up destroying it before you have a chance to hide it.

    That's my reasoning, and good luck to everyone who has entered thus far!

  • Dolfan1973 LV.30 OPFOR Jul 30, 2020, 05:12 AM

    SBU in a 2v2 because lesion can hear when his gu’s go offand he can block off door ways, he also has the best SMG in the game so if you can place your gu’a right and control recoil then he is OP
    His gu does 10 initial damage and 3 over time (I think) so when he hears the gu go off he can either go towards them and wait for them to pull it out then kill them or just wait until the gu mine kills them, he also had impact grenade so he can make rotate holes
    Ying has a pretty good LMG so you don’t have to worry about lading your shots as much but you still want to, she has 3 candelas that she can charge up kinda like a regular grenade, when it goes off she can basically flash a whole room, even though most people will look in a corner she can still push and kill you especially in a 2v2 since she doesn’t have to worry to much about anyone else, she can run breach charges which can open up floors or walls for better angles and she can also but her candelas on floors and walls and have them stick , then shoot through the surface blinding what’s on the other side

  • NaRecruitMain LV.24 I’m the champion! Jul 30, 2020, 05:12 AM

    gridlock main

  • Fob_Remix LV.12 Anchor Jul 30, 2020, 05:13 AM

    Team SASR is an advanced version of Team SDU. Gridlock utilizing traps in attack injuring the enemies and has the ability to corner and draw them out. And Mozzie is the defense version of Dokkebi, giving the defense access to the attackers drones. I have been playing Seige for. 3 yrs. and the idea of playing a member of Team SDU has never been appealing but the idea of playing a member of Team SASR is. Very few people fight over playing Lesion or Ying, while people are constantly fighting to play Gridlock and Mozzi over the new ops.

  • VibeSent LV.7 Nomad Jul 30, 2020, 05:13 AM

    Team SASR because Mozzie has two great guns and is the coolest op in siege

  • NameLessツ LV.25 I Love Food Jul 30, 2020, 05:13 AM

    Lesion and Ying because they have awesome guns with the T-5 Smg and the T-81, and there gadgets can be summed up in one emoji: 👌. Candelas are great for pushing in and fragging, and the Gu’s are good for intel and a distraction so roamers can flank them.

  • KingCalhoun04 LV.11 Pokémon Master Jul 30, 2020, 05:14 AM

    idk why everyone is picking moxie and gridlock bc ting and lesion are a much better combo

  • Jagersucks_ LV.17 Sage Jul 30, 2020, 05:14 AM

    M A T E

  • ThyLazyDragon LV.21 Professional Noob Jul 30, 2020, 05:15 AM

    Team SDU
    Lesion is great when youre roaming and if you know the map and know where you placed your mines its almost a forsure kill. I also call his mines "forbidden soup".
    Ying is also great, her weapons are amazing and her candelas are so useful when pushing and or planting.