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Dec 4, 2018, 06:37 AM 1,651 read

Operation Wind Bastion Release Date December 4th + Launch Times

It seems Operation Wind Bastion will be launching on the 4th instead of the 11th of December. Keep in mind the patch will go live that day, but only the map will be for everyone. The operators however will only be available for people who have the Season Pass. The 11th is when the operators will be available for everyone but they can only be obtained by Renown or R6 Credits. Hope this clears the air for people and that way, you all have a better understanding of it. Launch Times are listed below but a Time Zone Converter is listed below as well to help you out with where you are in the world and to show you when the update will come out for you. 👇👇👇 Scheduled Maintenance - Tuesday, December 4th for platforms PC: 9:00am EDT / 13:00 UTC PS4: 10:00am EDT / 14:00 UTC XB1: 11:00am EDT / 15:00 UTC Expected downtime: 1 hour (Coreross gets the credit) Time zone converter in case you need it for your time zone:


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