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Dec 2, 2018, 08:36 PM 1,593 read

Are they Balanced?

Ladies and gentlebois!! Welcome to the first instalment of Are they Balanced, the game show where I will be asking you if a specific operator is balanced!! Let’s get started. Todays operator is Blackbeard.

Do you guys think he is balanced/in a good position? I’ve been maining him for a couple months now and I think he’s great. He has been nerfed in the ground a lot as well.

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Is Blackbeard balanced/need a buff or nerf?

  • Buff 111
  • He’s fine/balanced 54
  • Nerf 2

Be sure to tell me your opinion of him and also why he might need a buff/nerf and what to buff/nerf (gun or shield etc.) Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of Are They Balanced!!

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