MigetMAN208 LV.8 Nomad
Nov 24, 2018, 04:26 PM 1,340 read

Kaid v. Bandit

So I've been looking over Kaid and his load out and looking back at Bandit I think I can make a very sound statement about this. So after looking it all over I think that it's safe to say that in the argument of Kaid vs Bandit, it's a draw. That's right they're both very closely comparable to the point I think neither is better than the other. I'll break down my thought process. Guns: Bandit has a good smg that covers medium to long range encounters and a great shotgun for cqc. Kaid has an smg that, with it's already low damage, is gonna be worse at longer ranges while his shotgun is going to be impressive and effective at longer ranges. I will say the outlier is gonna be Kaid's pistol with the scope. It doesn't really have anything to compare to so I'll admit I'm lost there. Gadget: Bandit has one more battery than Kaid's electroclaws. Bandit's batteries have limited range at one wall per battery but have a faster deploy time. Kaid has a larger aoe but his deploy time is much longer than Bandit's batteries. Play Style: Obviously this one thing is more subjective than the other two but Kaid is a three armor, he's made to sit and hold an objective down with his formidable gadget and close quarters capabilities. Now Bandit on the other hand is a three speed that has been proven as a capable roamer. In summary, they are opposites in more ways than one and I think they are very interesting and will play their own roles on a squad. But that's all for now I guess.

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