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Nov 13, 2018, 05:25 AM 575 read

Why i love buck

Lots of people have there mains. Mine are buck and valk. I want to explain why. First i want to talk about buck. Now buck can be very powerful when used right. Now i love the utility. Buck's shotgun is pretty good. It's used for breaching soft wall's mostly but it's also a good gun. I love being in a close quarter's battle and lighting someone up with my AR then finishing it off with a shotgun. By the way if you use the shotgun aim in cause the reason the shotgun is so good at breaching is cause it has such a big spread, which in turn means that in a fight hip firing is bad cause less pellets hit the enemy. And aiming tightens the spread. Not just on bucks but with every shotgun. Now for his guns. Pre patch i would've told anyone to use his dmr but since grim sky made tons of guns into laser rifles bucks AR has become very useable which is great. It's pretty good now. It has easily controllable recoil a 32 round mag and pretty descent damage an all - around good gun. His dmr is still good but id prefer his AR. I use a holo, compensator cause i like spraying, verticle grip, and i never really use laser sights on anything except shotguns, i use holo cause i usually play aggressive with him and i potato when im zoomed in at close ranges but ive like acog too. Now for breaching, i love buck. Because when he's breaching he does it fast and the reason i love him is cause when im breaching i have a shotgun so im not completely unprotected. That's the big thing for me, it's why im not a sledge main. It's cause when im i a 1v1 as sledge i lose. For 2 reasons, 1 because I'm bad at the game and 2 cause when im about open up a wall sometimes someone SKRRRTS around tge corner and domes me. I could do something with buck cause i got my shotgun out. But sledge can be stealthy with his breaching, you hear a big boom when you shoot with bucks shotgun. Im gonna be honest i live sledges elite skin thats just brownie point's. I think buck is very good and you really don't see or hear about him much. And also you gotta run his nades i have no idea why you'd use flashbangs. Im gonna do one of these for valk later. Thanks for reading my post( which i just realised was a whole damn essay) have a good day my people 👍✌

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