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May 23, 2020, 08:26 PM 5 read

Twitch, allrounder?

For a long time I have been avoiding to play Twitch. Answer is easy cause of the high recoil her F2 has. I have been trying her gun out with multiple attachments. Compensator? Wouldn't recommend it. Flash hider? Perfect I.m.o. Muzzle Break? Easiest way to control recoil though the gun tends to jumps alot if you go mag spray. If you ask me Twitch is the perfect all-rounder. She is an amazing fragger, can go entry breaching (soft walls) and can go support if needed to destroy utility (can take up a good amount of time if you don't do it efficiently). I would recommend Twitch for anyone to either try things out or if you just want to play an Operator that can pretty much do it all (except hard breaching ofcourse). Now what do you players think of Twitch?

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