Muraliz LV.2 Lurker
Mar 15, 2018, 09:42 AM 930 read

Operation Outbreak

Consist a pandemic situation with 5 types of monsters. 3 type of operators are needed in this Operation #Outbreak. Anchor, rush&help and stand ground to fight. 1: Doc - Main anchor operator that can heal the team in long ranged perspective. With his 3 armors, endurance are quite high for him plus the heal ability in action? No hp no worries. 2: Finka - A balance operator to help, buff&heal the team for a short period of time. Include, helping the team to fight/hunt the objective with her ACOG are highly recommend. 3: Tachanka - Last but not least, the operator who can stand ground and fight without worrying about HP. Well of course if we put his turret in a certain corner while Doc & Finka heal him, nothing can stop Tachanka. Nonetheless, it's not a drag to all other #Outbreak operators. #Team work are always important, especially in the 3 team operation besides the normal matchmaking. 20 millions strong? Minus the cheater please.

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