The Ramen Bandit The Ramen Bandit LV.28 Bandit
Jan 4, 2020, 06:36 PM 531 read

Why? Just why?

So I hopped into ranked with a couple of buddies. I start doing really well (I ended that game with 16 kills) until the random lights up my friend, downing him. Everyone is really confused but we all just brush it off as a mistake. Fast forward a little bit and the score is 4-4 and we’re on defense. The second we spawn in the random downs my friend again and tries to finish him but ends up killing himself. (RFF) So now in our time of need this idiot throws our elo and victory down the drain. And soon enough. “3v5, 2v5, 1v5” I was the last one left. Bandit against the world. I manage to kill not one, not two, but three enemies. However I am overwhelmed and taken out by a Thatcher. Moral of the story: “Play in a 5-stack”

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