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Squawky Needs a Trainer!

What an incredible pillage! Some of you landlubbers are starting to turn into beautiful Budding Buccaneers! Thanks to your help, I took the pokeball plunder and headed off to the Galar region. Oh boy, what a waste.   I looked everywhere, from the deepest depths to the highest mountain peaks. Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus covered the land; nothing of interest. These Pokemon were weak, incapable of the pirate life and unsuitable for someone of my stature. I caught every last Pokemon on Galar but I felt nothing but disappointment. There had to be more.   I set my sails from region to region: first Hoenn, then Johto, until I finally found what I was searching for in Sinnoh. A proper Pirate Pokemon! Meet Squawky, my new Chatot!

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While I have no doubt that my Squawky will eventually become the most feared feather in the sky, Squawky is currently inexperienced and I need your help to fix that. I’ve had my team scour the most powerful organizations across the globe and assemble a list of the top attack specialists from each.   As you might expect from some of the best operators in the world, their whereabouts are often hidden in secret and some of them may be impossible to find. Squawky desperately needs a trainer, and I will spare no expense to ensure he learns from the best! How many different attack operators can you find in the search below?   For reference, here is a list of all of the Attack Operators in Rainbow 6 Siege (note: not all of these will appear in the search):   Sledge, Thatcher, Ash, Thermite, Twitch, Montagne, Glaz, Fuze, Blitz, IQ, Buck, Blackbeard, Capitao, Hibana, Jackal, Ying, Zofia, Dokkaebi, Lion, Finka, Maverick, Nomad, Gridlock, Nokk, Amaru, Kali

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How many attack operators can you find?

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  • Right Answer 18 46
  • 17 71
  • 16 15
  • 15 10

REMEMBER: People who HELP others may receive extra rewards, but those who BLATANTLY state possible answers will be SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES!   I will only be in port for 24 hours. Don't miss this opportunity to join my crew! Be sure to FOLLOW me to be notified the next time I come to Moot!   Wondering what this is all about? Check out the Treasure Hunt explained post here:

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