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Operator Lineup #Outbreak

For outbreak I think the best combination would be: Finka: Her Spear can mass destroy hordes of infected and her ability can make it easier to aim and can revive a teammate no matter how far away you are. Also an alternative is to run her LMG, but when you eventually run out of ammo, you'll be a sitting duck. Smoke: Especially on defending objectives, Smoke's grenade can dispell hordes in a better of seconds. Equip the shotty and the SMG-11 and you have horde demolition and individual eliminations from range. Ying: Her Candela can stun the infected, which is especially useful on defending objectives. She also comes equipped with an LMG and a decent sidearm for long rates of fire. #Outbreak #Squad #DecimationElimination

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    Change Ying in to Buck. I think it is better.

  • NO NAME verified Mar 6, 2018, 07:16 AM

    Possibly, damage output is high, you have nades, close and long range support. But I'm putting together Obj defense not extreme damage output.