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Pro Tip: Join the Cult on PS4

Synopsis of our members: Gummy- After a year in the Cult, he’s gone from quiet to soft spoken. By being this way we have learned to understand that when Gummy says something it has value. That’s why we appreciate him being in our group. With his intel, map knowledge we give the enemy a good run for their money. Being our team coordinator assisting us with every new meta that hits Rainbow 6 Siege, helping us diversify our gameplay and tactics. This is why Gummy has earned spot in our group and Cult Grey history. “Fuck silence, make noise.” - RnR_Gummy Co-Founder Cult Grey Murder- With me since the beginning, she has tirelessly supported me to no end. I would be a shell of man without her. Our very own Murder, is a fast learner when it comes to updates and greatly helps the Cult with practice and much needed distractions in game. As a squad we ignite the OpFor from all angles and with her intel based strategies it’s a sure win! Thus helping me establish cult on major social media platforms. (Thank you<3) Murder had her hands bloodied by the Cult. “Carpe Noctem” - miss_redrum666 Co-Founder Cult Grey ABC-The funniest self pimped bitch from OKC, ABC has made us cry from laughter without even trying. This man can make just about any moment go from dull and serious to spontaneous and heavily offensive. Between his crazy stories and hilarious commentary the guy gives much needed relief to the grind which is Rainbow 6 Seige. He is the honorary dare devil of our group trying any strat that is even remotely possible to get the win. Will main any roamer rhymed with giggle or stabbi. “ Yall can go suck my ass.” - CGTheRealUwU Co-founder Cult Grey Trash- Trash is the literal heart of our team contributing to most of our wins as a fragger. When he’s focused nothing can stop him except our loud asses. His patience between us and OpFor is exactly is why he has been chosen for Cult Grey. Our humble MVP loves his rocket league and the Cult so much that he has got his homies from soccer hotwheels to the the unforgiving shooter that is rainbow 6 siege. (Thank you!) “They don’t know where the defuser is!” - Trashbags33 As you can see we play as friends 1st and teammates 2nd, as some games can get hectic. We remember that it’s just a game and we are all just trying to have fun. That’s what separates us from other communities as we want to surround ourselves with people that make it an enjoyable experience for everybody, without limitations. On a serious note these guys have all helped me through a lot and haven’t asked foe anything in return. And I didn’t get to mention all the Canadians, specifically half of Alberta that we play with on the daily. This will be another post soon c: #memes #rainbow6 #rainbow6siege #cultgrey #ps4 #ubisoft If you made it all the way down here.... Could I ask for 3 more things? 1. Follow my moot for memes and tips and dms for irl stuffs 2. Sub my yt and follow my insta both Cult Grey 3. If ya have ps4 could hmu so we could play. CGincubus -GT

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