Dulkros Dulkros verified LV.30 GG
Jun 12, 2019, 05:52 PM 267 read

Attention ArtWatch!

I summoned you all to make one fact clear. Btw I posted this in R6 lounge because the problems comes from this lounge. ArtWatch is supposed to make sure that art is not stolen and NOT look over memes. There has been some issues lately with people posting R6 Comics or reposted specific memes in Memes and that's alright if they don't give credits in my opinion. Memes are memes even comics and yeah I know that comics can be count as art but most of them don't wanna steal them.   So please stop assaulting memes. Let memes be memes. I know you want to do your job and I am glad you take it seriously but let memes have their peace. And remember we don't want to be seen as an aggressiv group of watchers so try to be more friendly in the engange. Now if you excuse me I gotta some finals today that I have to pass somehow. #ArtWatch

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