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May 17, 2019, 06:51 AM 1,895 read

Join the artpolice "Artwatch"

Greetings fellow mooters. So I bring good and bad news. Bad news - I found another art thief in our wonderful moot R6 community but don't worry the matter is solved.   Good news - I offer you all who deeply care about giving credits to the original artists to join the artpolice. Sometimes it can get tricky to prove an art thiefery and that is where you can help! Rules are simple:   * Group chat - look for news if an art thief is detected or if you think you found one - don't hesitate to call. * You do NOT have to: search in the internet if an artwork is legit or not - I gonna do it or make any changes to your bio. * Do NOT act too quickly with negative comments - sometimes it is a really big misunderstanding and we don't wanna make people leave moot. Better to show too much respect than making things really bad.

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* How to sign in - just write a comment with that you are interested Of course if you are a member of the "Artwatch" and get cought stealing artwork you will be removed from the group. Goodnight everyone! #ArtWatch  

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