We need Black Ice skins but with different colours instead of the Ice Blue. Blood Ice, Magma Ice, Shadow Ice, etc. Just a thought.

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Trying out yt

So I made a channel on yt, Rackarias, and upload siege content as soon as I can. Dropping a sub and watching some of my vids would be nice

Link to one of my latest vids

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POPULAR Let's Try This Again...


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Too True

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Looking for a clan

Hey guys, I started a clan called 3rd Battalion and I have a Rainbow 6 Siege and Fortnite Divison. We always have people on and we have a discord. We are welcomed to all platforms
If you wish to join dm me on Instagram or email me at

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what if we were able to use black ice as an universal skin?

LV.14 Professional Noob 4h

Looking for a Team

Hey I run a Clan and I’m looking for some good players. If you are interested in join my team dm me on Instagram or email me at
For more information on the team you can also dm me. I’m always checking dms and emai

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Pick my new Maine opp for rainbow six siege

Say ur fav opp and I may Maine him or her

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Please sub to me

LV.14 Clearly Hacking 6h

Alpha Packs are broken

Has anyone else not gotten the holiday packs and other packs we were supposed to get

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Why does it seem that Lesion should just use Charger Boxes because that seems to hurt... ALOT more.

Chuck that box on the ground. Not even shoes can save you.

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Like this post if you think it is good

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More horizontal recoil to less vertical recoil would be better. Just gotta say that.

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Why don't people like blitz🤔

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Please Help Me

I was in low Gold 4 trying to get back to Gold 3 with random people since I was on a losing streak with my squad. Every single game I had to go against pretty good players while my team was either average or below. Usually ending up either getting 4 0 or 4 2. At this point I'm in low Silver 2, and since I'm so stubborn I continue on actually winning a game.
I thought to myself "Ok I can get to Gold 4 or 3 cause there is no way it could get worse." Spoiler Alert, it got worse. Keep in mind I was at High Silver 2 when this came to mind earning or losing about 65 elo every game I won.
My teams rapidly started getting worse. It went from my teams having good players with people who were throwing to just people whose skill actually made me question their ability to hold a controller. I dropped into Bronze 1 after a game where I was being forced to try and ace the enemy team (Who were actually gave me a hard time) Several times.
In conclusion can someone give me any tips or advice to get me back into Gold 4? It would mean the world for me. Thank you if you do help me.

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Come Check out my YouTube channel

This is my latest Rainbow Six Siege video it is a custom with my friend

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I need a squad (gold and pos kd

LV.2 Lurker 7h

Best operator in general

LV.2 Lurker 7h


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Can people send random operator and charm pictures?

I want to make my background change every minute to a new one so I need a lot.

LV.19 Big Chungus 8h

It helpful.

Watch "How NOT to ROAM Against Good Players || Rainbow Six Siege Tips" on YouTube

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HOW THOU? (Luck?)

LV.2 Lurker 8h

Should there be a clan lobby in r6s?

So your clan can go against other clans. The ganed are best to 4, with ranked timing but does not affect your rank.
Could this be gud?

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Need gamer girl for my mate

LV.2 Lurker 8h

gamer girl

LV.3 Lurker 8h

Need gamer girlnfor my boi 15 years of age or 14

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PC wifi

I cant seem to get my Pc to connect to my wifi can anyone help me

LV.7 Breacher 9h

If you sock yourself with bandit battery before the game ends your screen will pulse in and out

LV.7 Nomad 9h

PS4 NA go4s

I’m looking for players that are interested in playing NA go4s on PS4 with good map knowledge, game sense and aim. If interested DM me on here or my PSN: BlueTrtles

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If this isn’t a God/Lord to you guys, are y’all even Real Siege Gamers

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