Looking for a good ranked team on XBOX ONE

Sup guys, I play alot of ranked and right now I'm gold 4, I usually start off as a gold 1. I'm looking for a good team, that's not a bunch of kids, for ranked who's is active alot. I'm on the east coast in the USA so those are the servers I play on. If you're not in the USA dont respond to this post. Out of country players are just gonna create lag and it's not gonna help. If you're in the USA and you wanna have a good, consistent team hit me on on here and I'll message you back. I dont care about rank or KD, just be good and have good call outs. We all have bad games so dont make a big deal over a loss, it happens.

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R6 Strats

Guys I'm currently on vacation (yay) but when I get back I may post R6 strats created in ubisofts tactical board. If you would like to see this please upvote this post, if not don't do anything and read on.

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Creating Clan

Yo guy. Ive been instrested to make competive gaming clan for long time and im now making one! So if youre from Eu Higher than gold 3 please contact me.
- Leader of Ares Esports

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Who is the better defender??

I usually use Frost as my main trap defender and only have Ela and Lesion left able to get as defenders. Should I get Ela or Lesion? Who’s better?

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Any rainbow clad out there?¿ If so hmu

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I feel like there should be more anchor's

Which operator do you think is the best anchor

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What u guys think

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Would you rather

Just wondering.

verified LV.21 Clearly Hacking 3h

Zofia or Maverick

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POPULAR Guess that map #6

Time for another guess that map! I'm a bit pressed for time so this one might seem a bit easier, but here is the pic: (good luck)

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Next Montage Poll (smoke and Dokkaebi)

This weekend I’ll work on both a smoke and Dokkaebi montage, but I have o edit them separately. And since I won’t be combining DEF and ATK it will take twice as long to get these out so maybe next weekend I’ll have them out. So, which one do you guys want first.

LV.18 OPFOR 4h

Should I buy Zofia or Maverick

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Needing Clan

I Need a clan
Lvl 130+
Ranked k/d: 1.03
I play as a supportive and fragger

If interested contact me on moot!!!

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What’s OPs need a nerf/buff and why?

I have my own opinions on who needs what, but I’d like to hear other people’s too 🙂

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Ubi pls nerf glaz

Srsly ubi pls nerf glaz in plane

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Who else tryin to go pro?

Just need time and people to roll with! STATS DONT MEAN SHIT, AIM DOES.

LV.7 Champion 7h

Looking to joing a clan

Check my my stats and is you want me dm me I would love any just to start me off in the right direction I wont change my name

LV.8 PlayStation 7h

Help me

Hey I‘m gonna get back into Rainbow and when I get back (7days). I‘d appreciate it if I could get a few people that are 15+, who would enjoy going tryhard on Rainbow on CONSOLE (PS4). If you are interested and are all of the things I‘ve just mentioned please Dm me.

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Hi again

Sorry haven’t been on here in a while but I’m back now. 👌

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Looking for a clan

Just check my stats and if you want me or need me dm me

LV.8 PlayStation 9h

Help pls (I already have jäger doc iq and ash

LV.6 Big Chungus 9h

Just one kill

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Who is the best of the two

Who is better bitz or montange

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Darling in the franxx

Ik this has nothing to do with r6 or moot,
but darling in the franxx is in my opinion one of the best animes, it change me making me wonder/have a lot of questions, but the true thing here is that all this fighting and mix up, and yet these two lovers still found a way to be together even if one was non human, he didn't care if she wasn't human he just liked her bc of her personality he loved her like they were two, and they kept a promise to keep Eachother safe no matter what, and to find a way to get to another if lost. I am happy for both Hero and Zero Two❤
You can give me all the negative in life, but you won't stop me from believing

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Still recruiting

LV.7 Jumpmaster 10h

Look at the comments.

Look at the comments.

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Recruiting for WoA

We’re a multi gaming community the requirements are 16 years of age, 1,000 gamerscore, working mic and not a member of another community or clan
Message me if you’d like to learn more

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Poison E-Sports Receuitment

Looking for members. Australia/English. PC only. No requirements, just be confident and have at least a basic understanding of the game.

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Does this happen to anyone else?

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