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Year 4 Pass Is Available Now + Volcano Skin Gameplay

People in the UK have reported that it's there for them but it's not available in the US. December 11th, 2018 will be the day people in the US will receive it and it will go for $29.99 USD (other prices may vary due to your country) (Credit goes to coreross on YouTube)

With Year 4 comes the Year 4 Pass, offering paid year-long bonuses for Rainbow Six Siege players. With premature references across the game client and third-party retailers, it's clear the permit will return with similar benefits.

Current leaks indicate the Year 4 Pass will retain the seven-day early access to eight new Operators, alongside 600 R6 Credits, the game's premium currency. Various title-wide bonuses also return, include 10 percent in-game store discount, 5 percent Renown XP boost, and 0.3 percent Alpha Pack advantage.

As flagged via an alleged early in-game notification, the Year 4 Pass will also reportedly deliver the exclusive "Lava Six" weapon charm. This may pair with the previously-sighted "Lava" weapon skin, first sighted in Rainbow Six Pro League 2017's Season 3 Finals build, yet to make its public debut.

Early listings since removed by Amazon US and GAME UK also indicate imminent availability of the Year 4 Pass. A December 11, 2018 release date is likely, priced at $29.99. Expect an official announcement in December 2018, before the calendar year concludes.

Also, here's a link showcasing more about Year 4 and what to expect, plus some predictions and other things of that nature:

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