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Guide for playing 'Glaz' on 'Bank'.


[DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended to be as bare bones as possible in order to give general advice to any new Rainbow Six: Siege players. In addition to this article being opinionated, I would like to also state that zero-sum strats in this game do not exist and the tell of a good Siege player is their decision making and adaptation to the changing battlefield.]

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  Bank is a triple-level map (consisting of three floors) found both in ranked play as well as professional. The current architecture gives a slight advantage to the attackers being able to have control over large portions of the map without entering the building.   ‘Glaz’ is a 2 armour, 1 speed attacker. The operators’ primary value comes from a culmination of both the operators long-range shooting abilities as well as Glaz’s HDS flipsight (a thermal optic which can be used to detect enemy players through bullet holes and smoke). Glaz will typically provide the largest amount of value to an attacking team by maintaining a position outside of the objective building. This is because the operator's HDS optic can only detect body heat while Glaz is stationary, which can be difficult to accomplish when in a CQC environment. New players should also note that Kali will typically be a higher value operator pick than Glaz with the current meta. This is because Kali is able to accomplish the same long range responsibilities as Glaz while also being able to act as the attacking teams counter to entry denial in the case of a Thatcher ban. Attackers should keep this in mind when choosing the best long range operator for the map so as to maximize operator potential.   LOADOUT PRIMARY: OTS-03 (Attachments to player preference.) SECONDARY: PMM (Attachments to player preference.) UTILITY: Frag Grenades *This can vary depending on the map and bomb site.*   ATTACKER SPAWN LOCATIONS:

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  ATTACKING: [2F] CEO(A) - EXECUTIVE(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team entering the building through the second floor ‘Terrace’ located to the south east of the map. After gaining control over square stairs, the attackers will proceed to open the reinforced wall separating CEO(A) from Square as this will provide attackers with a direct route to the bomb site to plant the defuser. Glaz will provide value to the attacking team on this bomb site by applying horizontal pressure from Parking Garage, the building directly adjacent from the objective building. This will provide Glaz with valuable lines of sight into Main Lobby, Banana, as well as both second floor bomb sites.   Glaz’s primary responsibility on this bomb site will be to maintain as much pressure as possible onto defenders playing inside of E2 Hallways and Main Lobby. This will allow the primary attacking force inside of Stock Trading and 2F Square with relatively strong support while they attempt to establish attacker map control inside of the hallways adjacent to Meeting and Janitor. Glaz will also be responsible for maintaining attacker control of Main Lobby. This will be hugely important for attacking teammates on the CEO(A) window rappel as defenders will attempt to counter these attackers by using the Main Lobby long windows. Glaz will be able to eliminate all defenders inside of Main Lobby from Parking or by rappelling onto the east Lobby windows.   ALLEY SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [1F] OPEN(A) - STAFF(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team gaining control over the second floor as the entire ceiling of 1F Open(A)-Staff(B) is able to be destroyed in order to gain dynamic angles into the bomb site. Glaz will be used on this bomb site to apply horizontal pressure onto defenders inside of Open(A) and Staff(B). To do this, the player should spawn at Back Alley and then proceed to position themselves outside of ‘printer window’. This will allow the player to shoot open the soft walling that separates ‘printer’ and Staff(B) - providing Glaz with horizontal lines of sight through Staff(B) and Open(A).   It is important that Glaz maintains positioning outside of the Printer window for the duration of the round. This is because the pressure Glaz puts onto defenders inside of Open(A) and Staff(B) will amplify the vertical pressure being applied from second floor attackers inside of Stock Trading and Janitor. Glaz will be used by the attacking team on this bomb site to maintain significant horizontal pressure onto first floor defenders.   JEWELRY SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [1F] TELLERS(A) - ARCHIVES(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team gaining control of the second floor CEO Office as this will enable attackers to destroy the ceiling of the Tellers-Archives bomb site. Attackers will also focus on control of Kitchen and Open Area as this will enable attacking hard breachers like Hibanna and Thermite to breach the reinforced wall between Admin Office and Archives(B). Glaz will be used on this bomb site identically to the way in which the operator was used on the previously mentioned CEO-Executive bomb site by maintaining Main Lobby pressure onto defenders from Parking. The biggest difference on this bomb site will be in where Glaz chooses to focus attention as the player will need to maintain pressure onto first floor defenders as well as second floor roamers.   The player will want to communicate with second floor attackers as they roam clear Executive and CEO. This is because Glaz will be cutting off the Main Lobby Stairs rotation and, as a result, prevent the second floor roamers from being able to return to the bomb site. This will force the second floor defenders to take head-on engagements with the attacking teams entry fragger as there will be no available route to disengage attackers with when positioning is not in their favor.   PARKING SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [BSMNT] CCTV(A) - LOCKERS(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team gaining control of the first floor Open Area and Kitchen as the hatches located on the floors are crucial in cutting off defenders rotating throughout the basement and two bomb sites. Glaz will be used on this bomb site to establish the attacking teams initial map control inside of Server. To do this, Glaz should spawn with additional teammates as the Jewelry spawn location and then proceed to position themselves inside of the Dirt Tunnel. Glaz will then be able to use smoke grenades inside of the opening that connects Dirt to Server. This will then give Glaz an advantage in that the operator will be able to detect enemies playing behind Server Rack under the cover of Smoke.   Glaz will maintain pressure onto Server while additional teammates push defenders inside of Server through the smoke grenade thrown by Glaz. This will then effectively give the attacking team full control over Server and Blue Stairs. After full Server control is established and Blue Stairs flank watch is set up, attackers will then breach the Server-CCTV(A) wall and plant the defuser under the cover of smoke. Glaz will watch Red Hall for defenders attempting to approach the attacking teams planter through the Red Hall-CCTV(A) rotation hole.     Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful for you guys.   If you are interested in more content or want to ask me questions, you can always find me on Twitch or connect with me via discord - I always enjoy discussing Siege with fellow enthusiasts; regardless of skill level.   Discord -

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