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Guide for playing 'Twitch' on 'Consulate'.


[DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended to be as bare bones as possible in order to give general advice to any new Rainbow Six: Siege players. In addition to this article being opinionated, I would like to also state that zero-sum strats in this game do not exist and the tell of a good Siege player is their decision making and adaptation to the changing battlefield.]

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Consulate is a triple-level map (consisting of three floors) found both in ranked play as well as professional. The current architecture of the map gives a significant advantage to the attacking team due to the high amount of exposure each bomb site is vulnerable to from the outside.   ‘Twitch’ is a two speed, two armour, attacker. The operator's gadget is the Shock Drone; a retro-fitted attacking drone capable of shooting electrical projectiles remotely from the drone. This is a useful ability where as it is capable of eliminating defender utility like Jager’s ADS, Mira Windows, defender Cameras, Mute Jammers, and much more. The primary role Twitch tends to play is that of a solo-entry. This is largely due to the operators primary weapon being the F-2 (One of the best weapons in the game and largely considered by the community to be one of, if not THE, best weapon for attackers). In addition to her strong primary, Twitch is set up for a solo-entry role really well due to her drone. The Shock Drone is not only capable of clearing valuable defender utility, but also has the added benefit of being nearly in-audible. This provides the player with huge advantages in terms of gathering defender intel for an extended period of time while also having the ability to assist teammates in clearing round-setting utilities like Mira Windows and Bandit Batteries.   If you are to be in accordance with the current meta, Twitch’s loadout should be as follows: PRIMARY: F-2 Assault Rifle (Attachments to player preference) SECONDARY: P9 Hand-gun UTILITY: Breach Charges   Terminology: 1.) SOLO-ENTRY - Maintaining the weight of an entire assault through a particular route of attack as an individual player. 2.) ROUND-SETTING - A factor in an on-going round that will influence the result of the round in a significant way. [NOT to be confused with MATCH-SETTING which could be considered the ‘next-ring-up’ in that it would help describe the factors which influence the result of a match (Ex. Operator and Map ban phase).   ATTACKER SPAWN LOCATIONS:

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  ATTACKING: [2F] MEETING(A) - OFFICE(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team rappelling on the second floor windows of Office(B), Meeting(A), Conector, and Bathroom. The attackers have a huge advantage on this bomb site due to the amount of control which can be had by just rappelling on the windows, attackers can cut off any and all rotates between Office(A), Meeting(B), Long Desk, and Yellow Stairs without even coming inside the building. Due to the amount of control which can be had from the outside, attackers can dedicate the majority of their personnel and resources safely from the outside while only having a few attackers actually enter the building. Twitch should be used as the attacking team's in-building presence by maintaining Yellow Stairs control for the duration of the round. However, Twitch will provide the largest amount of value to the team by providing attackers with a significant utility advantage.   During the drone phase, the player should carefully maneuver their drone as close to the Office(B) bomb site as possible without destroying any defender gadgets. This is because Twitch is going to want to get back on her drone after the action phase has begun so as to have a better opportunity to eliminate ALL of the defending team's utility inside of Office(B). If the player starts destroying gadgets like ADS and Wamai Discs, defenders will quickly realise there is a Shock Drone and they will not stop chasing it until they have destroyed it. Instead, Twitch should wait until the round properly begins and then take time to assess the placement of defender gadgets inside of the bomb site. This will allow the player to prioritize high value gadgets and then determine the most optimal drone-route to use to successfully eliminate the largest amount of defender utility.   SIDE ENTRANCE SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [1F] PRESS(A) - LOBBY(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team attempting to plant the defuser inside of the outside double door leading into Lobby(B) from the south of the bomb site. This is the most common strategy due to the safe and direct route to the bomb site the attacking team is given in addition to the attackers not needing too much map control in order to successfully plant the defuser. That being said, some map control is still required by attackers before planting the defuser. It is very common for defenders to have a presence inside of the second floor Meeting Room as, any defenders with the ability to open the flooring of 2F Meeting Room, can provide any defenders on the second floor a clear line of sight to the default plant spot inside of Lobby(B) without over exposing themselves to the outside. Twitch will be used as a solo-entry on this bomb site by flanking defenders through the Yellow Stairs. After the player has determined the defense of the opposing team inside of Press(A), twitch should use her Shock Drone to clear Yellow Stairs and the doorway connecting Yellow to Press(A) of any defender trap utility. This will make solo-entry fragging into the Press(A) bomb site much more manageable for a single player to accomplish as they will be able to focus exclusively on winning their gunfights, as opposed to having to engage enemy players while also being subject to the effects of Grzmot Mines and Echo Drones. After establishing attacker control inside of Press(A), Twitch should communicate to the bulk of the attacking team that there is an opening to plant the defuser inside of (A). In some instances, the rest of the attacking team will be so heavily established on the second floor inside of Projector that it may make more sense for Twitch to press deeper into the Lobby(B) bomb site through Antichamber and Bathroom so as to take up mutually supportive positions inside of Lobby(B).   RIOT BARRICADE SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [1F/BSMNT] TELLERS(A) - ARCHIVES(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team entering the building through the first floor Visa Entrance on the eastern side of the building and proceeding to gain control of Visa Office. Before gaining control over Visa Office, the attacker must first deduce whether or not the defenders are playing inside of the second floor Administrators Office as this will be the defending teams primary method for defending Tellers(A) due to their ability to open the flooring of Administrator's Office and use the vertical angles against the attackers approach from either Visa Entrance or Spiral Hallway. Twitch will be used as a solo-entry on this bomb site inside of Archives(B). The player should breach the objective building through the Basement inside of Big Garage - NOTE: Make sure to bring breaching charges so that you will be able to access the objective building independent of the rest of the attacking team. After the player has established attacker control over the lower portion of Yellow Stairs and Garage, Twitch should diligently clear the western portion of the Basement so as to isolate defenders back into Archives(B). Twitchs primary role on this bomb site will be to apply horizontal pressure onto the defenders playing inside of Archives(B) while they are attempting to prevent the primary attacking assault inside of Visa with Nitro-Cell and Smoke Canisters. Assuming Twitch is successfully entry-fragging the Basement, defenders will be forced to prioritize their focus on you before attempting to eliminate attacking players inside of Tellers(A) as Twitch will be their immediate threat. Twitch will essentially be acting as the attacker version of a roamer insofar as the player should be more concerned with wasting defender time and attention rather than establishing any kind of significant control inside of Archives(B).   POLICE LINE SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [BSMNT] CAFETERIA(A) - GARAGE(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team breaching the reinforced wall located on the west of the Garage(B) and planting the defuser in front of ‘White Van’. However, before breaching the reinforced wall, the attackers will need to gain control over the first floor Press Room and Lobby as these two rooms are located directly above the basement bombsites. Twitch will be used by the attacking team to eliminate the entry-denial utility placed on the Garage wall separating Garage(B) from the outside. Twitch should use her Shock Drone diligently and intentionally so as to successfully eliminate the Bandit Batteries placed on the main wall. After the attacking teams' hard breachers open the Garage(B) wall, Twitch should reposition to the first floor Main Lobby so as to act as a solo-entry on the back end of the Cafeteria(A) bomb site by way of Lower Spiral Stairs. This will serve two important purposes: 1.) While working her way down Spiral Stairs, Twitch will be proactively protecting the Spiral Flank that first floor teammates inside of the Press Room are exposed to 2.) Twitch will be establishing a secondary route of horizontal pressure. This is valuable for attackers in that it can be used as an alternative route to the bomb site in the event that defenders and attackers are in a stalemate at the Garage(B) main wall breach.   GAS STATION SPAWN LOCATION:

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  Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful for you guys.   If you are interested in more content or want to ask me questions, you can always find me on Twitch or connect with me via discord - I always enjoy discussing Siege with fellow enthusiasts; regardless of skill level.   Discord -

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