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Guide for playing 'Twitch' on 'Chalet'.


[DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended to be as bare bones as possible in order to give general advice to any new Rainbow Six: Siege players. In addition to this article being opinionated, I would like to also state that zero-sum strats in this game do not exist and the tell of a good Siege player is their decision making and adaptation to the changing battlefield.]

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Chalet is a triple-level map (consisting of three floors) found only in Ranked play. The current architecture of the map gives a significant advantage to the attackers due to the vertical destruction available to attackers found on all four bomb sites.   ‘Twitch’ is a two speed, two armour, attacker. The operator's gadget is the Shock Drone; a retro-fitted attacking drone capable of shooting electrical projectiles remotely from the drone. This is a useful ability where as it is capable of eliminating defender utility like Jager’s ADS, Mira Windows, defender Cameras, Mute Jammers, and much more. The primary role Twitch tends to play is that of a solo-entry. This is largely due to the operators primary weapon being the F-2 (One of the best weapons in the game and largely considered by the community to be one of, if not THE, best weapon for attackers). In addition to her strong primary, Twitch is set up for a solo-entry role really well due to her drone. The Shock Drone is not only capable of clearing valuable defender utility, but also has the added benefit of being nearly in-audible. This provides the player with huge advantages in terms of gathering defender intel for an extended period of time while also having the ability to assist teammates in clearing round-setting utilities like Mira Windows and Bandit Batteries.   If you are to be in accordance with the current meta, Twitch’s loadout should be as follows: PRIMARY: F-2 Assault Rifle (Attachments to player preference) SECONDARY: P9 Hand-gun UTILITY: Breach Charges   Terminology: 1.) SOLO-ENTRY - Maintaining the weight of an entire assault through a particular route of attack as an individual player. 2.) ROUND-SETTING - A factor in an on-going round that will influence the result of the round in a significant way. [NOT to be confused with MATCH-SETTING which could be considered the ‘next-ring-up’ in that it would help describe the factors which influence the result of a match (Ex. Operator and Map ban phase).   ATTACKER SPAWN LOCATIONS:

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  ATTACKING: [1F] KITCHEN(A) - TROPHY(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by attackers establishing vertical angles over and under Kitchen(A)-Trophy(B) by gaining control over 2F Master Bedroom, 2F Office, and BSMNT Car Garage. Twitch can provide value to the attacking team by acting as a solo-entry on the first floor through the West Main double door. After attackers have established second floor control inside of Office and Master Bedroom, Twitch will be able to apply significant pressure onto the Dining Hallway from West Main as defenders will only have one flank route available to them (that being through the basement Trench Hallway and up the West Main Stairs). This is hugely advantageous to the attacking team as West Main is directly adjacent to the outside. This provides attackers a lot of mobility in terms of being able to leave West Main, apply pressure through an alternative direction, and then reacquire the positioning quickly later on in the round as to maintain a multi-directional attack. Twitch will also be able to use her Shock drone inside of West Main and quietly maneuver the gadget into Kitchen(A) so as to eliminate the Kaid Electro-Claw that will be placed on the Kitchen(A) hatch.   CAMPFIRE SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [1F] GAMING(A) - BAR(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team entering and clearing the building from 2F Master Bedroom on the west side of the building all the way to the east of the building, concluding their roam clear after establishing control inside of the Library. Twitch will provide value to the attacking team by acting as a solo-entry through Snowmobile Garage. The operator’s loadout should have breaching charges so that the player can breach the soft wall in the basement that separates the outside from Snowmobile. After Twitch breaches the basement, the player should use her Shock Drone to clear the Blue Hallway and Blue Stairs of any defender utility placed in the pathway. At this point, the rest of the attacking team should have a relatively strong hold on the second floor so as to allow you a good opportunity to quietly flank up the Blue Stairs and establish a secondary attacker foothold inside of Gaming(A). From this position, the attacking team will be positioned really well to plant the defuser inside of Gaming(A) while also maintaining a barrier between the bomb site and any remaining defenders inside of Bar(B).   CLIFFSIDE SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [2F] OFFICE(A) - MASTER BEDROOM(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will essentially just be the inverse of Gaming-Bar. Entering through the Library and moving from east to west inside of the building is a much safer route to the second floor bomb sites as attackers can be easily shot if caught trying to repel directly onto the Master Bedroom balcony or climb the Front Yard ladder to the second floor. Twitch will spend the majority of the round maintaining the attacking teams pressure onto the second floor Bathroom through the Bathroom double window. The player should spawn at Front Yard and steadily work their way up to the objective building. After doing so, Twitch will spend the majority of the round on the Bathroom Window from the outside balcony. This will maintain the attacking teams pressure through the Bathroom rotation and into Master Hallway while the bulk of the attacking team is applying pressure from Library.   NOTE: Always be careful on this bomb site in particular as it is notorious for spawn peeking. Defending team’s tend to do this on hard-to-hold bomb sites as they realize that their largest advantage will, and can only, be had at the beginning of the round while attackers are still in known locations. This is a common phenomenon that you see on a variety of bomb sites throughout Siege: Lobby-Press (Consulate), Bathroom-Tellers (Border), and Open-Kitchen (Bank). Although this tends to be frustrating, I don’t believe the devs to be at fault for this occurrence as it is the resulting play-style from a disadvantaged mindset - not necessarily poor map design.   LAKESIDE SPAWN LOCATION:

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  ATTACKING: [BSMNT] WINE(A) - SNOWMOBILE(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team breaching the reinforced exterior wall leading from the buildings southern exterior into Snowmobile(B). Defenders may try to counter this by doing what is called ‘bandit tricking’ wherein, the defending teams Bandit uses the audio of a Thermite or Hibbana placing their hard breaching gadget’s on a reinforced wall to determine the correct timing to place a Shock Wire so as to eliminate the attacking teams hard breach gadget. Twitch will be used similar to the way the operator was used on the previously mentioned Bar-Gaming bomb site. The difference here being that the operator will perform what would essentially be the inverse of the attack route wherein Twitch will instead breach the objective building through the second floor Library and work her way down to the first floor portion of the Blue stairs. Twitch will then use the Shock Drone to clear the BSMNT level of Blue Hallway of any defender utility (in particular, Trap utility) so as to provide the player with a clear route into Snowmobile(B). After establishing attacker control at the end of Blue Hallway, Twitch will be positioned in a great spot to both, eliminate the defending teams Bandit, as well as isolate defenders inside of Wine(A) and Connector while teammates breach the Snowmobile(B) wall and plant defuser.   FRONT YARD SPAWN LOCATION:

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  Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful for you guys.   If you are interested in more content or want to ask me questions, you can always find me on Twitch or connect with me via discord - I always enjoy discussing Siege with fellow enthusiasts; regardless of skill level.   Discord -

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