hazyheaded LV.2 Lurker
Jun 18, 2020, 04:41 AM 19 read

Melusi vs Ace: my opinion


So I’ve been playing siege all day today and yesterday, and got to experience playing with and against the new ops. Here are my opinions on both. Melusi: First off she’s a badass and I love her special little perk that she has. When you’re on the same team as her (since she is a defender) it really helps and is VERY op. Against her is a different story. It’s very difficult and the only way to get rid of it is if you melee it. It makes you SUPER slow when you walk near it in the room where it is placed, of course most of you know this already. Her gun, also very strong just like her. Overall I want to look into possibly making her my main. Ace: His is also badass. This one to me was like thermite on steroids that’s how op it is. It breaks down reinforced walls so easily and if you’re against him, it’s going to be quite a challenge because his perk is also op, and his gun is pretty strong too from what I’ve been against and on the same team as. Playing against this on the new house map, was pretty challenging to me and it’s crazy how cool this op is, although it wasn’t so great for my team against Ace. When I was on the same team though, he was a HUGE help, helping my team claim victor of the round. Overall: Love the new operators, can’t wait to get them with my renown, since I can’t just throw money out on the season 5 pass. Definitely want to try them out!! What are your opinions on the new season 5 ops?

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  • TJsIceWarriors4 LV.1 Mootie Jun 20, 2020, 05:45 AM

    I agree melusi is very strong as well as ace but i still think thermite is superior when it comes down to breaking a reinforced wall as aces gadget is easier to bandit/kaid trick.