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Guide for playing 'Kali' on 'Kanal'

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[DISCLAIMER: This guide is intended to be as bare bones as possible in order to give general advice to any new Rainbow Six: Siege players. In addition to this article being opinionated, I would like to also state that zero-sum strats in this game do not exist and the tell of a good Siege player is their decision making and adaptation to the changing battlefield.]   Kanal is a triple-level map (consisting of three floors) currently only found in ranked play though that may be subject to change as the developers could add the map to the pro-league map roster after observing how the map plays now that Ubisoft has reworked it. The current architecture of the map is fairly balanced, advantages will change based on which site is being played and how the ban phase plays out at the beginning of the round. Kali is an attacking two speed operator equipped with a sniper rifle, SMG pistol, and a gadget capable of destroying any defensive utility placed within the radius of her explosive micro charge. Kali will most commonly be used as an alternative to Thatcher as her ability is capable of destroying the defensive teams entry denial utility (Bandits’ batteries, Mutes’ jammers, and Kaids’ electro-claws). The operator is also useful for flank watch and holding long angles as her sniper rifle is incredibly powerful and capable of downing defenders with one bullet. If you are to be in accordance with the current meta, Kali’s loadout should be as follows: PRIMARY - CSRX 300 (Attachments are unavailable on this weapon.) SECONDARY - C75 Auto (No attachments) UTILITY - Claymore   ATTACKING: [2F] SERVER(A) - RADAR(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team breaching the reinforced wall on the south side of ‘Renovations’ as this will provide the attackers with clear lines of sight directly into the Radar(B) as well as access to the bomb site to plant the defuser. Kali will support the attacking team's hard breach in destroying the exterior ‘Renovations’ wall which leads directly into the Radar(B) bomb site. Kali can also be useful on this bomb site by playing on the roof of the building opposite of the second floor bomb sites as there are multiple windows which can be used by attackers to prevent defenders from rotating throughout the second floor.   SAIL BOATS SPAWN LOCATION

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  ATTACKING: [1F] SECURITY(A) - MAP(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team gaining control of the second floor east building as the ceiling of Security(A)-Map(B) is destructible, making it advantageous for attackers to first focus on control of the second floor as it will make a final push on to the bomb site much easier. Kali will be most useful on this bomb site by assisting Thermite or Hibanna in breaching the reinforced hatches on the second floor as it is common for defenders to bring Kaid to prevent attacking hard breachers from opening the hatches located on the ceiling of the two bomb sites.   FLOATING DOCK SPAWN LOCATION

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  ATTACKING: [1F] COAST GUARD(A) - LOUNGE(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by the attacking team gaining control of ‘Scuba’ and ‘Printer’ stairs, as well as the hallway-landing which separates the two. After establishing control of the northern stairwells, attackers will want to breach the reinforced wall between the lower-printer-stairs-landing and Lounge(B). This will provide attackers with completely exposing the Lounge(B) bomb site as well as position attackers to plant the defuser in a variety of different safe plant spots. Kali will act as a Thatcher alternative on this bomb site as entry denial will be emphasized by the defenders; if the defending team is organized, Bandit/Kaid tricking will most likely be attempted on the Printer Landing - Lounge(B) reinforced wall.   CONSTRUCTION SPAWN LOCATION

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  ATTACKING: [BSMNT] KAYAKS(A) - SUPPLY(B) The primary route of attack on this bomb site will be by attackers gaining control of the first floor inside of Coast Guard and Lounge as the hatches located on the floors of these two rooms offer great lines of site and access points to the basement. It is very common for defenders to be playing inside of Bathroom and Lockers as these positions are located directly across the hall from the bomb sites in the basement. Kali will be needed if Thatcher is banned as opening the Supply(B) hatch will be crucial for attackers in order to establish a clear vertical presence onto the bomb site. Any attacker playing on the first floor should be cognisant of defenders like Pulse or Valkyrie throwing their Nitro-Cell on the ceiling as the explosion will eliminate any player in the kill radius of the explosive - even if the explosion occurs in an adjacent room.     Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful for you guys. If you are interested in more content or want to ask me questions, you can always find me on my social media accounts TikTok - FTWRK Twitch - footwork6 Instagram - footwork.R6 Thanks!    

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