How to deal with blitz

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Streaming with gamer grill uwu

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Hello moot!

Hello, ladies and gentleman i’m a new user on moot and i just wanted to make a hello post to say hey and give you guys a jist of what my content will be like. I will post mostly memes but sometimes i will post news and other things. If you like the content i will be posting please follow, thank you! 😀

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JOIN TXO TODAY (Xbox One Only)

Hi my name is TXO Atlas of the TXO gaming clan.

TXO (The Xiled Ones) split of the gaming community XGN to the now formed group of gaming networks known as Xiled Syndicate. TXO currently has a little over 1,000 members and is one of the largest clans in the group.
We play mostly any and all video games.

We also have a rank structure if you're interested in climbing the ranks of our clan. We also have some special Departments in XS that are in Art, News and an Events team. We also have a Stream Team and YouTube Team if you are interested in something like that.

As long as you have a working microphone, a discord, and also are 16+ you can join TXO and most of the other clans in XS.

If you'd like to join please PM me on Xbox my gamertag is TXO Atlas and I will help you through the application so you can join our amazing community.

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Road to 50 subs

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Looking for some more players that like Rainbow six siege. I play it rarely but I want to expand by finding more casual Recruits.

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Looking for players

Im still looking for players to join our league for Xbox! We’re a female base league but if we have any guys wanting to join they’re welcome. One of our league teams are almost complete as a team! If interested contact me or visit our Instagram and tag us in your clips @ v2v_captures

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New video

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Ohh shiiiiiiii...

2.9k! We're nearing 3k! Thanks a lot for your support everyone! Makes my life a little bit better. Still have stuff to do though.

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Check out the best Valk Cam Locations for the NEW Kanal Rework.

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Ace on r6s

This was BTW my wierdest ace ever, i was on my phone and then all teammates were gone 😂😂

Kijk 'Rainbow six siege (easy) ace :)' op YouTube

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