Yep Goodbye Phantom Sight :Desmar

Watch "Goodbye Phantom Sight - Rainbow Six: Siege" on YouTube

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Halo everybody just wanted to put out there that I stream on twitch I'm only a small streamer drop by and give me some pointers on how I could improve on my gameplay and anything you don't like or would like to see more of when it comes to my stream

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Come watch the Stream The Stream is currently active even though it says I'm offline (moot glitches out my twitch links)

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D7H clan try outs on Xbox

Message me on discord if you already have a clan we can set up a scrimmage or a tournament message me. Tag is Wolfslayer2002 #4962

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For all the PC players....

Black ice keys!

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Join Rage clan

Make sure u have discord and it’s a siege clan

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Follow my Instagram !!

@mack234111 I'm going to post clips on there since my phone won't let me on here

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Check me out for a lil bit

I pulled a Ninja and switched to Mixer so come check me out and see what it good.... KnightDog26 ...

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Now streaming Rainbow6

Not the best at it but trying something new!

LV.17 Sage 8d

I'm streaming #Mixer

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I'm live

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

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Check out the 10 Best tricks we learned from the recent season that you can use in Ember Rise.

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Hey guys Precision here, I just wanted to inform you that my account is glitches so even though it says I'm offline I'm actually not I normally stream for 1-2 hours but I think I'll go for three after this post is released also my channel is very new so if you can drop a follow I'll be sure to give you a shoutout. STREAM STARTS AT 3:35 EASTERN

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Siege New Operation! w/Viewers

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XGN Recruiting

Xiled Gaming Network is an ever expanding gaming network ranging over Xbox, Playstation and PC. We're not game specific so we play whatever game we want. We also have a voluntary ranking system which we help you grow as a leader. We have multiple sponsors such as Rogue Energy, Scuf Gaming and more! See the picture below for requirements. Skill level doesn't matter. Everyone is welcome

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Yo please sub to mxbgaming on YouTube

My birthday is on September 21st on the area 51 raid show some love and subscribe I will be streaming on September 21st my birthday so check in

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I'm trying to make a fun r6 discord group please join ^^

LV.18 Carry Me 8d

I'm trying to make a fun r6 discord group please join ^^

LV.18 Carry Me 8d

I'm trying to make a fun r6 discord group please join ^^

LV.18 Carry Me 8d

I'm a turtle tickler

And I'm streaming right now over at go check it out. It's real nonsense.

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Share,comment and please subscribe to my channel there will be a giveaway when I hit 1K subscribes

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My Clan, Spurse, are now accepting competitive players!!!

My clan is currently opening doors to competitive players! If interested to join HMU ASAP!

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Streaming for the 3th time in a row. Lets go

Watch zachE_streams with me on Twitch!

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Operation Ember Rise

Live on youtube

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Please subscribe to my channel and share there will be a giveaway when I hit 1K subscribes

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Go Watch my new R6 video!
plz be sure to give me some feedback! I’m trying to make my videos good.

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Go follow him

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I'm live!!!!

Watch now at

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