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Funny moments

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Next big person on Xbox?!?

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When a pot head tries to edit a rainbow 6 video

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[GER] Edited Highlights full with Memes and Manliness

Schau dir "Big Boy Plays in Rainbow Six Siege | Funny Moments [GER]" auf YouTube an

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The Infested Abyss

Hi there, we are looking for active members to be apart of our community clan! We are still new but doing our best to grow! We are layed back at the moment but as we grow we’re planning to participate in comps. If you would like to join or have any questions please dm me!

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Just Starting Out

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PS - I just play on playstation, and the clips are uploaded from the playstation, so theyre not super good quality, but they do have voice in them

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NL gamers uitnodiging Firestorm IX

He allemaal wij zoeken mensen voor onze clan als je geintereseerd bent stuur ff een appje naar deze account en de reden waarom.
alvast bedankt voor jullie aandacht.

Lid FSIX_motje051

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Tux bird

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Took me too long to edit this 😅

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2v5 clutch with Ash...

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Looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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R6 is fun sometimes

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Future Pro (with your help)

Hi moot! Im a current xbox player getting involved with ESL and tournies. I hope to transition to PC in the near future and continue my journey with my current team (5150's.) Where you come in is by helping me promote my instagram. Any and all help will be appreciated! And who knows we could end up friends!

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New funny moments video coming out