Hello I just wanted to say check out my mixer channel sometime I stream rainbow six dauntless for honor overwatch and black ops I stream just to have fun with you guys and talk and chill I just started yesterday so cut me some slack lol see you later guys

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Broadcast has ended

Next stream is tomorrow @12:00 or 1:00 pm est

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First game on for the books another ace

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Watch the stream at mixer EliteZombie705

Streaming ranked

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livestreaming (NL)

kom even langs en speel mee

LV.5 Professional Noob 1d

The Most Underrated Operator Of All Time!!

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Rainbow Plat Grind!!🤙

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

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Follow me on twitch


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I really want to get a ticket so can we get 100 likes Also follow me for memes and we can play some time on Xbox

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Watch "RANKED RAMPAGE - Rainbow 6 Siege" on YouTube

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Live on Twitch

Starting the live stream an hour early today! Come chat with me 😘

LV.9 The Best 1d

Go Check out my YouTube thinking about posting more siege videos lmk what y’all think

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Go Follow My Twitch

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Sub if you want to

Watch "Some R6 fun" on YouTube

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You guys could 1v1 me if you want just text me on moot and I will

Watch "1v1" on YouTube

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Follow Xer0z. on YT for R6 monatges with great music. Competitive and ESL player

LV.14 Chief 2d

Starting up again for the night!! COME THRU!!

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If you struggle to have friends to play your games with and are tired of getting placed in games with random people that you have no communication with XGN just might be the right place for you. We are a large gaming community and consider each other a second family. We have so many members that play so many games the only things we ask is that you are 15+ you have a mic and 1000+ gamerscore if you play Xbox hmu for more details 👍🏻

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Hi guys

I'm looking for PS4 players who want to join my clan GtRf thanks anyone looking to join add me on PS4 my username is GtRf Lewis thanks guys 🙂🙂🙂

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LV.16 Sage 2d

Please Sub to me. DM me for sub for sub. Look up Tryhard_Nexx- on YT.

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Hey just wanted to promote my channel I try really hard on my stuff


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Reeee new video cheack it out pls

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YouTube - ust__26

Please go sub to the YouTube! I’m trying to grow my new channel. It’s ust__26, it has two underscores.

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We are recruiting clan members for XGN so HMU if u want to join

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I’m Live On Twitch

Come watch me link on profile

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I’m streaming for the first time in forever

LV.4 Insomniac 2d

Live on Twitch!

Come chat with me!

LV.9 The Best 2d

Recruiting for XGN message me if u want to join

This clan is cool all the members a friendly and love to play video games and they would like to play with you!! And atleast 2 are available at anytime. 🔥🔥

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This is what a Diamond player looks like on XBOX

Watch "What a Diamond Player looks Like on Xbox | Rainbow Six Siege" on YouTube

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