NumerousOne LV.16 Let’s play R6!
Oct 3, 2020, 06:17 PM 210 read



Casual, Ranked, or Competitive players Well here it is today just for you. Facts: - 3000+ members - Sponsored by Twitch & Discord - Events going on everyday constantly - A team that is not just a team there's something for you here to do within the team everyday - We are an outstanding organized & structured team - We offer Coaches to help to improve in game play - We provide excellent support for whom needs it If interested just DM me and I will provide you more information Notice: You do have to apply   MSG ME ON HERE OR ON DISCORD at Numerous One#0083   Must be Gold I+ to be Eligible to try out for Comp team Bronze-Silver Please apply! We have a casual roster with people to help make you better! #R6 #recruitment #competitions #casualteam #rankteam #compteam #allskilllevels

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