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Jan 23, 2020, 03:49 PM 21 read

my favorite siege ops with my prefered loadout and why

If you read my rainbow six siege Q and A post I said that I would tell you my fave attack and defence ops why and my fave loadout. So let's get started. ATTACKER: My fave attacker is maverick. Because I personaly love his weapons. I run his M4 with acog suppressor and angled grip. On his pistol I run suppressor. I also use a claymore. Defender: My fave defender is kaid. The reason i like kaid ois because I enjoy his ability and he has great wepons. I run his AUG A3 with holographic and a compensator as well as a angled grip. I also run a c4. BACKUP ATTACKER: My backup attacker is nomad I like nomad because of her AK-74M. I run nomad with her AK-74M with acog and flash hider. I also run a claymore with nomad. BACKUP DEFENDER: My backup defender is legion because I love his ability. I run leigon with his T-5 SMG with a holographic sight and a suppressor. On his pistol the Q-929 I run a suppressor. For his gadget I use an impact grenade.

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