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Hey what up !!,

Would you take a little of you time to check out my videos.. all the feed back is appreciate it. Want to play ? DM me. Thank you and subscribe :)

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Hey if you have amino this is my community

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Hey I post daily would appreciate it it you check me out I'm on Instagram as mc_faulty. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

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Please watch my stream and sub to my youtube!!

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ZG Clan

Follow our clan on instagram: zgclan_15
There you can meet all the players and maybe even join it to have fun and meet new people that like to joke around and play the game in all ways!

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Watch "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege_20191121171533" on YouTube

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Help a streamer out

My controller is buggy and I don't know why It was fine about a week ago but now the left analog stick is acting weird and the left trigger is acting weird as well it will shoot without me touching RT if I hold it all the way down. I don't have money to get a new one at the moment. It will cost about $70. if You are willing to help me out any thing at all helps, If we can get to about $30 dollars in donations I will giveaway a 6 month spotify premium code That was given to me. I will also Attempt to pay the rest of the fee by working overtime. Send all donations to me on cashapp "$icykillionare" is my cashtag Thanks and have a Good day.

LV.6 Nightmare 9h

I'm just a plat 3 bot calm down, Go check out my broadcast I'm live right now. Give me some love😂


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Hey everyone, I have just released a new video, and it's probably my favourite one yet. Please watch and don't forget to like. Also sub so you don't miss any of our content and show some love. Thanks 😁

Watch "#5: Headshots ?!" on YouTube

LV.9 Shadow 12h

Some Siege clips

Watch "PS4 RANKED IN EMBER RISE - Rainbow 6 Siege" on YouTube

LV.7 Try Hard 12h

Just uploaded a new siege video if anyone wants to check it out

Watch "PS4 RANKED IN EMBER RISE - Rainbow 6 Siege" on YouTube

LV.7 Try Hard 12h

Check the bro out his 🔥🔥

Check out this clip! therealnoosie_ streaming Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

LV.2 Sweaty 12h

This SPAWNPEEK works 110% of the time

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Kings of Gaming

Hey guys im recruiting for Kog (Kings of Gaming)
We are a sub group of Exiled gaming. We have practice twice a week and a meeting on sundays we dont care about skill or level, just have fun and show up for practice and meetings whenever posted. Must be on Xbox and be Over 16 this is non negotiable.

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Straming on twich anibody wana watch my ttv is Dushnstine333 plese join

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Read and join :D

LV.4 OPFOR 14h

Fallen Angels of Sorrow.

Hey guys! I'm recruiting for a community called FAoS. We have weekly game nights and meetings every Monday and Friday! All that we require is that you attend when you can! 14+ name change is not required!

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Help me get too 100 subs

I will do sub for sub if you help me get passed 100 hundred subs I’m currently at 98

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Follow me on twitch help me out plz be nice

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streaming with a dumbass

LV.22 Bamboozled 1d

Rainbow Six Siege would be really boring alone

LV.18 Happy Halloween! 1d

Here's a siege video
I mainly do Dead by daylight but every now and then I make siege videos

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Watch "How To Wall Bang" on YouTube

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Can we hit 200 followers this week??

Average ranked players

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Casa De Papel is here! Come check it out!

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

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Live pushing for plat! ✌✌ looking for 2 more to join too! We're gold 1/plat 3

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Check new vid like sub and comment I will choose 3 people to shout out

Share to friends if you love rainbow six siege xD

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Started off ugly ...

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