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Come stop by and chill while I hit plat

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Salty Clan

Hello! My name is SaltyMohh, and I own a clan called Salty. I am a decent rainbow player looking for more players to enjoy the game with and maybe invite to the clan! I am fairly new to rainbow (I started 2 months ago) so you don’t need to have good stats to join this clan. If you don’t want to join the clan and are just willing to play that’s fine! I have 2 friends that play this game already but one of them are on and off of the game and I need a group of people to learn and enjoy this game with! Thank you.

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$50 give away

Follow my twitch and once we reach 50 followers I'll be doing a $50 gift card giveaway go one of my followers

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Live playing siege!

Come chat and ask questions!

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Petition to keep “showdown” as an actual game mode forever!

We need this guys!

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Hey guys new video is out now! I hope you at least laugh! Check it out and subscribe if you're new!

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How 2 Nokk

Hey guys! Just uploaded a new video, pls go check it out and let me know what you think of it, I'd really appreciate it!

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Go sub need 10 more for 50 subs. I appreciate it!

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Sub to my yt @Khoal N Austyn we could really use the support!! Thank you

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Let’s go

Check out Ranked get to plat|Follow Goal 190/200|Duck One 2 Mini|Ninja Air58|Chillen|Mouse+Keyboard(PS4)

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The Joker's Aces - New clan in need of new members!

Welcome to The Joker's Aces. The Joker's Aces is a clan comprised of a growing number of games such as For Honor, Destiny 2, and of course, Rainbow 6 Siege.

The goal of our clan is to create a player-friendly community where members can chat, discuss the games they play and give opinions on others, or squad up with other members.

We are always eager to accept new members, but of course, there are some requirements to join the Rainbow 6 branch of The Joker's Aces:

- Must be a PS4 player
- Must be 14 y/o or older
- Must be a minimum clearance level of 30
- Toxicity is not tolerated
- Must be online a minimum of once a week

If you're looking to join The Joker's Aces, then click the Discord link below:

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Come watch my stream!!

Come watch me mess around in casual. @

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Please come join my r6 stream

Watch "Please Come To My Chill Stream - Rainbow Six Siege Series - Solo Q Smurf #4" on YouTube

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Super unfortunate 1v5 clutch.... nexus almost pulled through

LV.7 Nomad 1d

Really cool montage from one of our best players nexus.... he goes off!!!!

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Wij zijn op zoek naar Red Wolfs leden wil je joinen stuur mij dan een berich met je lever en rank

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The Xiled Ones

The Xiled Ones is recruiting for xb1 R6S. We have over 5000 members in our community and is a sponsor community. We have competitive teams, streamer group, and casual teams.So if your looking for a stable fun environment come try us out. Comment with your gt thanks
Must be 16+
Must be able to download discord

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Follow Xer0z. on YT for R6 monatges with great music. Competitive and ESL player

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Follow Xer0z. on YT for R6 monatges with great music. Competitive and ESL player

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Yt Channel

Go look at my YouTube channel

Trying to get some subs

Latter maybe better gamplay than before

Yt channel below


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Subscribe to my YouTube channel Eliqzr

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Y’all just dm me on moot and whenever I have the chance I will send you my discord name add me and I will add you to chat hope y’all enjoy!💯🥇

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I think this is the funniest video I have made. I’m 2 subscribers away from 200🤗🤗

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Hello, I'm Snazzy from the Clan EoS. I am one of two Game Leaders in Red team, I am currently Running the second tier of which needs new members. If your looking for a competitive Rainbow Six Siege We are willing to try you out and talk about you furthering that journey! DM @BenzTruvkk or @Bukah_ on Instagram

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Still hurts

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Llegando a diamante

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Say was up

Check out Tom Clancy Rainbow Six: Siege

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Come hangout

Watch "Rainbow Six Siege (Ranked) Add Me" on YouTube

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Come chill and watch gameplay.XD

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