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POPULAR Character drawings

Let me know what you think! Good or bad?

I was also asked what the dotting style is called. I use the art style of Stippling, which is repeated dots large and small that create a picture with depth and shadows.
(Check most recent post on how i did it)

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POPULAR Awh Buck :(

Creds are in pic

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POPULAR Idea for the Season 2 Secret Service Operator

I hope you all heard about the new Secret Service Operator, who is like Vigil and Cav as an Attacker.

(the Secret Service Operator will probably be the Attacker, like in Burnt Horiton, when Moozie was first planned to be the attacker and then changed with Gridlock)

How would you think of an little extra abilitiy, which is, that he can't be interrogated, because he made an Anti-Interrogation training at the Secret Service.

Do you think that would be an nice little extra abillity?

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POPULAR NEW easter egg found on the new map outback from Rainbow Six Seige


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POPULAR A discussion about Mozzie

Mozzie is a Operator that can take Attacking drones to his own drone like a school bully. So he can give a lot of information to the defense side. He sorta plays a role like echo. But from my experience since TTS I felt like he’s not a camper. He’s like Valk. That ur play style has to be special. Bc their guns are weak compare to attackers weapon. Which means when Attackers are in obj face to face combat 70% of the time u will lose. But if u roam and camp somewhere on the map droning u will realize a big difference to the operator. You will realize he’s literally the best.

And if u play the game long enough you can know what play style u wanna give to the operator by looking his second gadget. I always carry a nitro cell with me on mozzie means I have to be a flanking and roaming player when I’m playing the operator. And with the stability on both rifle mozzie can probably be the best roamer flanker bc he’s so good.

Also Mute and Mozzie are metas bc mozzie drone won’t be affected by mute jammer and both are the hard counter for twitch with is amazing. They are like the best friend for bandit also. Bc the time twitch drone take time to aim mozzie can take take the drone away. But the coordinated team work is required u don’t want some random to destroy your twitch drone right? MOZZIE AND MUTE will be a meta that will be abused later on when everyone is familiar to the operator.
(A little tip for the pest launcher. When a drone is mobilizing u wanna shot ur pest in front of the route that the drone is driving on which requires u to predict the route and familiar with the speed of the pest launcher )

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POPULAR Operators Story #19 Recruit

I finished the introduction of all Operators. Thanks a lot to the Moot R6 Lounge users who loved Opeators Story. But One more thing !!
This guy!
Recruit is an extra unit absolutely essential to Rainbow Six Siege.
You can choose one of SAS, FBI SWAT, GIGN, Spetsnaz, or GSG-9 as default members. It is basically possible to select basically, but when no operator is selected within the preparation time, a reserve force is automatically selected, but one of the operators possessed by the patch is selected at random and can no longer be seen unless the player directly selects it.
A Highly Customizable Operator, the Recruit varies between equipment from the five base-game CTUs. As such, the Recruit brings more versatility than any other Operator, but lacks the ability to properly specialize in any particular role. The Recruit is not able to customize their weapons with any sort of attachments or weapon skins. Recruits have 3 models, each corresponding to 1 armor-speed level.
You can choose a weapon based on where your Recruits are from, and whether they are attacking or defending. the reserve forces are the characters whose armor varies according to the unit they are in. SAS, GSG-9 are three speeds, FBI SWAT is two speeds, GIGN and Spetsnaz are one speed. Ireserve forces may not have their own equipment, but may have two common equipment. There is a penalty here, however, the number of common devices that the recruits receive is less than the number of named operators. Flare gun, smoke bomb, mobile shield, C4, barbed wire, but only one grenade and glue explosive. It can not be equipped with anti-personnel landmines and impact grenades. If you are a defending team, Named Operators will start with two wall-strengthening panels, but only have one reserve force.
It is not possible to customize weapons, and attachments and skins can not be used. In other words, since the aiming equipment can not be used, there is a difficulty in aiming because it depends on only the mechanical sighting device.
Often, the entire team Recruit for fun, but this is not the same as for other operators, and the behavior is not predicted at all, which has the advantage of confusing the enemy.... Of course, the enemy is not able to use special ability after all, and it is surely trolling.
Often, as part of entertainment, the whole team picks up a reserve force, which has the advantage of confusing the enemy because the behavior is not predicted at all, unlike other operators.
However, if you do not select anybody at the rate of 0% and choose the GSG9 Recruit, then choose Ash. If you're not a fool,
I hope you have fun reading it. If you have any errors or wrong parts, I would appreciate it.
#OperatorsStory #Operators
The End

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This is just so beautiful.
Major creds to shinosaaaaaaang

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POPULAR Dokkaebi & Vigil 🇰🇷

Credit to crusader1291

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POPULAR Follow me if you think this was clutch!

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POPULAR Insert meme name here

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POPULAR So whats your opinion?

Im seriously impressed with the new ops. On one gand gridlock has the following on her side.

She's a less annoying trap operator (for me anyways)

The new "scope" sight is the clearest sight in the game imo

She dummy thicc

She has 3 of her traps

Her lmg has a super fast reload time

And her AR ain't too shabby either even though I only used it like 1 game

1 downside I can confirm for myself so far is her hitbox is giant. Because she's so thicc it's actually kind of a downside unlike iq who at one point didn't even have a hitbox for her butt. That's a little r6 thing that got me killed at one point im pretty sure when I first started.

Mozzie on the other hand, whole different story. This guy is gonna be so influential. The ability to get attacker drones is crazy. Cause drones are the most intell attackers have. Now they need to really be careful with where they put their drones. Also they will be encouraged to pick them up again once prep phase is over. He has

2 really cool guns. (If used properly)

3 spider bois

2 speed 2 armor

I can't think of anything else right now. Mozzie is so useful and so simple.

The new map is also my favorite in a while. I think it's a great combination of clubhouse and personally i think its also alot like kafe. I don't really know why but it just flows really well. The shark is fun to snipe people on. Me and my friend had a great time just exploring and looking for hiding spots, which we didn't find any. Also I love that capitao got the new scope with burnt horizon.

So what are your guys opinions so far, you like the new operation? What coukd It improve on with future patches? I hope you all have a great day!

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POPULAR Operator Bios

Bro I just read Vigil's bio and that shit had some tea. These bios are some juicy shit. He's one sad boy.

What bios has everyone read, if any?
I've read Zofia, Ela, Echo, Vigil, Jäger & Dokkaebi.

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POPULAR When it’s a 1v5 and you just go ham... didn’t expect to get 3 thought I’d die immediately 😂

LV.21 Clearly Hacking

POPULAR They should do this

No joke

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POPULAR What platform do you play R6Siege?

I would like to know which platform for R6Siege is the strongest for the moot RainbowSixSiege community.

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POPULAR I think I did a good job here

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POPULAR New update rainbow six sige

March 5 2019 update will happen

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POPULAR Mythbusting Gridlock

https://youtu.be/4wxcmybOEv4 (Credit goes to coreross on YouTube for the video)

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POPULAR My Fastest Ace

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POPULAR All you need to know about BURNT HORIZON (CLICK BELOW)

Find all the operators and there guns below!!!

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POPULAR Ace with Doc 😎

I didn't think I was going to pull it off when I got injured, but I fought through it and pulled off one crazy Ace with Doc 👌

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POPULAR New meme for new season

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POPULAR Another Russian - Kapkan

Let me know who I should draw next

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POPULAR Grab Siege on Sale! 50%-70% OFF (PS4 Only)

Have you ever wanted to pick up R6 Siege but the price was too much? As of now, you can grab the Deluxe, Gold, or Ultimate Edition of Siege and save up to 50%-70%! Down below are all the links for where you can buy R6 Siege and sadly, I believe it's only for PS4. With PS Plus, you are able to grab it at a better price! Below also are some images that detail how much each version of the game is with and without PS Plus. Why waste such a great opportunity especially when Operation Burnt Horizon is just around the corner? Grab your copy today!




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POPULAR My Jäger Drawing

Heres a Small Sketch of my Favorite Original Defensive Operator
Tell me what You Think
Edit #2** We hit 1K Veiws! Go Check my Recent!

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POPULAR Bandit elite leak

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POPULAR Streamer Charms Coming to Siege

What are your thoughts and who else would you like to see have a charm?