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Technical Servers Will Be Opening Back Up 9/26/2018

The Test Servers will be re-opening this week on Wednesday, September 26.

The TS will remain open beyond Friday, and a closing date for the TS will be announced later in the coming weeks.

Patch Notes:

Gameplay Changes

There is now a toggle activated by default for Montagne and Pulse's special abilities

Placing a deployable shield perpendicular near a window will block the vault action for some windows in progress

Glaz's OTs-03 now destroys Castles Armor Panel when shooting it

Enabling/Disabling Mouse scrolling inputs for weapon swap is no longer missing from control settings


Fixed - Mavericks blowtorch makes no sound on the first use on a wall.

Fixed - Clash is not able to use Observation Tool while shield is extended

Fixed - An LOD allows players on the Spitfire Courtyard roofs to see behind a corrugated steel wall through a 3rd floor window of Hereford Base

Fixed - Equipping a shield drops the fps by 10-20 on Hereford Base

Fixed - The FPS in Hereford Base Map Rework is unstable.

Fixed - Instead of disappearing when Echo's Yokai hover drone is disabled, the "Jump" button appears greyed out

Fixed - Maestro's gadget is vulnerable when placed on certain destructible surfaces and the surface is broken, specifically small pinstripe carpets

Fixed - Players can't pick up Rook's armor plates if the armor bag is deployed on a kettle in 3F Cigar Lounge in Kafe

Fixed - The Mouse Scrolling Wheel Functionality can't be disabled (\it can now be disabled)*

Fixed - While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield.

Fixed - End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment

Fixed - If Buck mounts Tachanka's LMG Turret with the Skeleteton Key on and leaves, no interaction can be made with the turret afterwards

Fixed - The Bulletproof camera can't be access by pressing Secondary Gadget button while you are in prone stance

Fixed - The caster is able to mute the voice chat of the player during a match by pressing tab



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POPULAR[Map Bank] Things to be aware of when choosing spawn!

Unlike most other maps Bank comes with huge widespread areas, lobbies and staircases. There are many deadly angles, peeking spots and hiding opportunities for defenders making it even harder to attack than it already is!
But still it is one of my favorite ranked maps but next to all the dangers which already exist when attacking I still see a lot of avoidable mistakes made by attackers of which I want to raise awareness in this post.

The main „avoidable“ mistake is the choice of spawn locations - some spawns seem to be the perfect as most are located very close to the certain OBJ rooms or seem to give many benifits to the attacking team but there are several things to be aware of

Starting off with the Jewelry Front: Being located closest to the sewer access this spawn seems perfect for attacking the basement. To be honest, although there seems to be nothing wrong with using the sewer access I don‘t like it at all!
Keep in mind: Defenders aren‘t heedless! If defenders choose basement they will expect you to come from the sewers access, they will place traps, create peeking hole, place black eyes, sometime they even hide behind the servers and peek as soon as you approach.
If you still want to enter via the sewer: Always drone! If you don‘t and decide to go in blind you can already consider yourself dead! Keep in mind there is also a rotation route via the stairs on the right hand side when entering from sewers, so most likely you will get flanked in case you survive the push towards CCTV room!
I hope you get an idea of why I don‘t like attacking the basement fron sewers, it wastes a lot of time and you need to be a cordinated team in order to succeed, which sometimes isn‘t the case!

Instead use Jewelry Front if the OBJ is located in the CEO office! If you rappell up and Fuze through the windows you will scare the hell out of anchors in CEO!

The second spawn is Parking Front.
This spawn however is my preferred spawn to attack the basement!
You can access via garage to have a perfect line of sight into the Objective in Lockers and you have enough cover behind that armored truck.
However those who enter the basement via garage should only support your other team mates entering the building via the windows of Loan office and go for the hatches on the first floor. So while the defenders are busy with those giving suppressive fire from garage you will open the hatches around Open Area and go for some sneaky suprise kills!
Generally if the OBJ is in Basement you should always have 1-2 hardbreachers to care about the hatches while the rest pretends to be attacking from somewhere else.

Another thing about the Parking Front spawn is the parking front itself. Especially Glaz players but also other Operators (me included!) tend to stick around on the parking front if the OBJ is in CEO or Tellers office in hope to get some sneaky kills on rotating roamers. However experience taught me that this mostly is a waste of time! Sometimes roamers even want you to go up there to prefire and kill you - so I don‘t recommend doing that.

Before I go on with the last spawn I still want to get rid off something: The main entrance is still the most popular entry point into the map but you really have to be careful!
The ATM section, so the little department between Lobby and Main Entrance turned out to be a lethal roamer spot in the last ranked game I played on bank.
The thing was: One roamer hid in that ATM section and 3 of my teammates weren‘t aware of that and just entered without caution - the round had just started and it was already a 2 v 5 in favor of the defending team!
So what can you do? Of course you can drone and scare the roamer away so that it is safe to enter, but you can also bait him!
On the left and right side there are those huge windows giving a perfect sight into the ATM section. The roamer will most likely aim at the doors to be able to kill anyone who comes through, so he will for sure not be aware of you rappelling up those windows! Like that you can turn the tides easily and make it a 5v4 in favor of you!

So the last spawn is in Back Alley. The most hated throughout attackers but still my favorite spawn. The thing is that you can be spawnpeeked from everywhere and run outs are very common, but in return you will have alot of benifites once you secured back alley. Like always: As soon as you are aware of that defenders might do run outs or spawnpeek attempts you can turn the tides heavily!
Most importantly if you choose to spawn in Back Alley: Don‘t go alone! Always have a mate with you to cover your back!
Don‘t rush! Be prepared for run outs - almost EXPECT runouts!
Destroy the camera in the back alley and then send two mates up that roof on your left hand side. One covers the terrace and the other one electrizity room, so the remaining three can completely devote their attention on the printer room window.
Drone the electrizity room first - just in case somebody is camping in there, then secure stock trading.
Back alley is the perfect spawn if the OBJ is in Open Area. When stock trading is secured you can go for the attack. Make sure the hatches get opened first then open the printer room window. If the OBJ is in Open Area the suprise effect will be on your side!
Attacking Archives you can head behind those plants close to the stair well which will prevent you from being spotted.

Be aware of that the plants are also a good Valk Cam hiding spot so make sure to bring IQ or Thatcher (another Valk Cam spot would be between the railing and that american flag - you will find it if you see it.)
From behind the plants you can easily peek defending anchors in Archives!

I hope this could help you a little! Just keep the mentioned things in mind and you will have a better match next time you play ranked on Bank!
If you still feel like adding or criticizing something - go for it! I‘m just one person with one opinion and our Moot-community is nourished by advises from all of us!