POPULAR Operators Story #07 SEAL

This is Lob Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operators Story. I’d introduce SEAL crew. I hope you have fun reading it. If you have any errors or wrong parts, I would appreciate it.
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Navy SEAL(Navy's SEa, Air, and Land).
The United States Navy's Sea, Air and Land Teams, commonly known as the Navy SEALs, are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command and United States Special Operations Command. They are trained to operate in all environments (Sea, Air, and Land) for which they are named and are also prepared to operate in a variety of climates, such as desert, arctic, and jungle.
The symbolic color is an ocher. The concept is a multi-cam combat suit, JPC plate carrier, and sunglasses. Navy seals are written, but actually it is DEVGRU.
The overall concept makes it less stressful for the opponent to press down and to attack, or to take advantage of the information from the beginning.
Attacker : Blackbeard
Defender : Valkyrie
Blackbeard (Craig Jenson)
“Don't lose your cool, no matter what happens.”
Jenson grew up in a comfortable upper middle-class family with no military history. He decided that he wanted to be a Navy SEAL at a young age and devoted his life to achieving this goal. With the help of his father, a kinesiology professor at the University of Washington, he started training at twelve and enlisted at eighteen.
Psychological Profile
The drive and discipline seen in SEAL team members is what drew Jenson to the group. He sees SEALs as an ideal blend of mental and physical abilities and strives to optimize both of these traits in himself.
Blackbeard was first seen in the The Laws of Siege - Unique Operators trailer. In the trailer, his weapon was an R4-C with a Level III Striker Shield attached from X Armament Ballistic Shield. His name was first revealed with the announcement of the Operation Dust Line expansion on April 22, 2016.
His appearance is impressive. He has a rich black beard as a nickname, and he is as big as a Sledge. The illustration is not so obvious because it looks like a side view, but when you look at ingame modeling, it is big enough to hold onto a plate carrier.Blackbeard's default outfit consists of multiple Crye Precision pieces of equipment; the AirFrame helmet, an AC combat set in Multicam and a Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC). On his knee guard, it says BPOS (B Positive), NKA (No Known Allergies).
A Medium Armored Operator, Blackbeard's unique gadgets are his two Transparent Armored Rifle-Shields. These shields protect his head from a few bullets, allowing a higher survivability rate at the cost of mobility and recoil control.
It was one of the crews who had serious problems with balance. At first, there was only one Rifle-Shield, but it boasted a durability of 800, and MK17 CQB had a damage power of 52, which was a DMR level power. It was virtually impossible to confront the Blackbeard, who was standing alone in the hall of fame, because the shield was not broken even when the shotgun pellets were shot in front of the nose, but it was virtually impossible to bypass, risk avoiding, or wait for Blackbeard to come It was difficult. Due to this fraudulent performance, I have received considerable nudity in succession. Still, it still has a low picture quality. Headshots can only be advantageous in this instant game because you can block two or more bullets that fly into your head, rather than a shotgun.
Blackbeard still has the role of being the best peeker in the game where peeking is a key mechanic that wins almost every fight. Also in the professional league, Rifle-Shield is selected selectively in an effective area that can benefit from it.
Blackbeard is the only known individual in Rainbow whom 707th SMB Operator Chul Kyung Hwa (Vigil) trusts enough to confide in.
Valkyrie (Meghan J. Castellano)
“We've got this.”
An Olympic hopeful in the 200-meter breaststroke, Castellano split her time between the pool and the army base, where her father was a training officer. Her junior year, Castellano broke her arm in a car accident, putting an end to her Olympic ambitions. After high school, she enlisted in the Navy and served four years before attending college on the Veterans Affairs bill. Upon graduation, she returned to the Navy as a career intelligence officer.[2]
Psychological Profile
Castellano is singularly focused. She is driven and does not know how to give up on the goal easily. She will do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission in the most seamless and effective way possible
Her name was first revealed with the announcement of the Operation Dust Line expansion on April 22, 2016. Her position as a US Navy SEAL contrasts the real-life Navy SEALs, which is currently only made up of male personnel. However, official materials acknowledged this fact by claiming she "was chosen to be one of the first women admitted to SEALs training."
Valkyrie may be left-hand dominant due to where her magazine pouches are located. Mag pouches are usually located on their wearer's weak side, and because her guns aren't meant to be wielded left-handed, she's likely ambidextrous out of necessity.
Like being conscious of having an arm hurt, both arms are filled with tattoos. The navy seals themselves hide their members completely like SAS in combat uniforms, balaclavas, goggles, etc., but the dress is very loose . Valkyrie's military apparel consists of multiple Crye Precision equipment, specifically the AC combat pants in Multicam, and a Jumpable Plate Carrier (JPC).
A Medium Armored Operator, Valkyrie's unique gadgets are three Mk2 "Black Eye" Gyro Cams, portable sticky cameras that can attach on almost any surface for increased surveillance.
Valkyrie's Black Eyes can surveil an area when thrown at solid surfaces, which can then be viewed by the rest of the team. They are retrievable after being thrown, provided they are within reach.

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Would this work?

So I was in class just thinking about some cool new gums that ubi could add to R6. I was thinking and then I thought of a neat shitgun idea. It's a double barrel shotgun similar to the BOSG that vigil and dokiebi have. Except it has two shots that fire in since at the pull of a trigger. It sounds like a cool gadget now that im thinking about it, so basically you pull it out and you have to prone to shoot it you can crawl around with it but if you stand up with it equipped it automatically gets put away. It's a 1 shot body shot and it has really bad iron sights that are really obstructive and while your prone you're turning gets slowed. While your prone it takes 2 seconds to take out so you can drop shot with it. It has horrible hipfire 6 bullets in all and because it shoots 2 bullets at once it technically speakimg has 3 shots so you need to make them count, its also highly destructable and it can make 2 large wholes through 2 surfaces before the slug breaks. I got the idea from battlefields secondary AT gun i believe its called. I don't have any concept art for this or a name or background story for this character because im not creative and the only thing I can draw well is this emoji 👌. What do you guys think about this. I thought it would be pretty neat, there's not really anything like this that I can think of. But I do know that the operator should be kinda tanky because he's carrying this thing around. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think?

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POPULAR Operators Story #06 JTF-2

This is Lob Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Operators Story. I’d introduce JTF-2 crew. I hope you have fun reading it. If you have any errors or wrong parts, I would appreciate it.
#OperatorsStory #Operators
Joint Task Force 2 (JTF2) is an elite special operations force of the Canadian Forces, primarily tasked with counter-terrorism operations. Activated in 1993, it is currently based at Dwyer Hill, near Ottawa, Ontario, and plans to move to a new facility to be built at CFB Trenton by 2019.Serving as the centrepiece of Canada's special operations, JTF2 is primarily tasked with counter-terrorism operations but also specializes in direct action, hostage rescue, personnel recovery, and foreign internal defense. Much of the information regarding Joint Task Force 2 is classified, and is not commented on by the Government of
The symbolic color is blue. The concept is a snow camouflage, beanie, LBT-6094 and Gaiter Spats. It seems to have caught on from the image of Canada where the natural environment is well preserved and the hunting culture developed by using the British 2nd class sphere weapon and the original equipment being the shotgun and the snare reminiscent of the hunter. It is a good idea to change the battle uniforms with skins if possible.
The whole concept is hunting, while Buck hunts the enemy while breaking down the destructible terrain with a shotgun, and Frost uses a bear trap in place, and a trap that is well hidden in the terrain can certainly neutralize the enemy.
It is an available organization introduced in the Operation Black Ice expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
Attack : Buck
Defender: Frost
BUCK (Sébastien Côté)
“Remember. We are the hunters, They are the preys.”
A Montreal native, Côté always wanted to lead an unconventional life. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed Force via the Regular Officer Training Plan, which allowed him to attend University and obtain a degree in criminology. After graduation, he became an MP in the Canadian Army.
When his time in the Army was completed he joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and eventually became a part of the Emergency Response Team. After excelling in his ERT role he was invited by the Canadian military to re-up and become a member of JTF2.
Psychological Profile
Highly pragmatic, Côté will always take the shortest distance between two points. He is not one to mince words or become hyperbolic. He enjoys simple mechanical devices rather than the more high-tech arsenal employed by other members of Team Rainbow.
The voice actor is Lucien Bergeron. Born in Montreal, Quebec, the line has a blend of French accents. The attachable shotgun is stamped with Quebec's flag lilies and motto "Je me souviens", and the right arm is attached to Quebec's flag patch.
All the other operators are covering their faces with glasses or a mask, but Buck was the only operator who had exposed his face to face until the time of Black Ice, before Valkyrie was updated. And the beard is so shabby that it reminds me of a little Price track.
There is a dialogue with the Lion in the outbreak, which is quite playful, unlike the impression of being quiet and intense. It is portrayed as a delightful figure that suits the profile of pursuing free life.
A Medium Armored Operator, Buck's unique gadget is an under-barrel mounted shotgun known as the "Skeleton Key", otherwise designated as the SK 4-12. This shotgun has a higher destructive potential than any of the other known shotguns.The weapon itself is based on the M26 MASS underbarrel shotgun. However, the actual attachment is bolt-action instead of semi-automatic, unlike its in-game portrayal
The name of the under-barrel mounted shotgun, Skeleton Key, alludes to the KAC Masterkey under-barrel mounted shotgun, as a Skeleton key is a type of Master key. The names of both shotguns allude to their use as door breaching shotguns. His blood type is O+ according to one of the pouches on his rig.
As Buck youre a quick soft breacher to quickly enter rooms or buildings and making kill holes for you and your team. You also have to consider the kill holes can be used against you so choose wisely where to make them. A viable tactic is to shoot the roof or ground of the objective to kill your enemies from above or below. I advise mostly using him as a rusher with his C8-SFW or carefull kill hole user with his CAMRS.
FROST (Tina Lin Tsang)
“Ready for company.”
Tsang grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia. When she turned eighteen, Tsang enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and was sent to the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) as an Officer Cadet. After completing a bachelor's degree in Science and Mechanical Engineering, she completed her officer training and was stationed at CFB Comox with the Joint Coordination Centre Victoria (JRCC Victoria). She was later invited to join Joint Task Force 2.
Psychological Profile
Tsang is an extremely focused individual who meticulously plans out every move she makes. When she sets her eyes on a goal, there is little that can stop her. Tsang is patient and never takes shortcuts.
It is the first female operator in the defense team. Since then, the defenders from Western troops are women, while in Asia, the attackers are women. Vancouver is home to a high percentage of Chinese residents. One of Frost's pockets is marked with the Chinese character "霜", which translates directly to "Frost".
The hysteresis is very unusual, and it is said to be capable of various hunting using traps as a hunting light. Raccoons, however, feel that it is quite unusual to have caught a puma that is usually classified as a beast.
A Medium Armored Operator, Frost comes equipped with her Sterling MK2 LHTs, mechanical traps that can be used to incapacitate enemies.
Before Update 3.0, there was a bug that when she was placing her Welcome Mat, she sounded like Buck.
Personally I love using Frost their traps are a total fun less when you get caught in a trap as you go from being the hunter to being prey hahaha. In addition, the trap can be placed behind a detachable shield, windows, doors or hidden places where you will be trapped without realizing it.
One of Frost's positive things is that when an enemy is trapped you have two options, kill him or wait for his partner to come to free him and kill both, as two birds say with one stone. What I like most about Frost is that when the enemy falls into a trap it alerts you so you can go where your traps are and kill the enemy.
The Frost trap becomes very effective when the enemy's time to attack is running out, as there is nothing left to do but enter through windows or doors where the Frost trap is placed. Another point in favor of Frost is his speed of movement and his body armor, on the other hand, his arms are very balanced.

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