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POPULARRainbow Six Siege Players Want a Better Terrorist Hunt Mode

As unfortunate as it is to say, Rainbow Six Siege’s Terrorist Hunt mode has been largely treated as an afterthought ever since the game’s initial release. It’s true that the mode technically allows players to earn XP and currency by participating in solo/co-op gameplay against AI foes. However, the severely throttled rate at which said XP and currency is earned combined with Terrorist Hunt’s barebones nature and lack of meaningful support from Ubisoft makes it clear that, at one point or another, players are expected to transition fully over to the game’s competitive PvP modes.

There are also some members of Siege’s playerbase who are unhappy with the overall progression of a typical Terrorist Hunt match, saying that with just a few tweaks Ubisoft could potentially turn the mode into a handy and effective training/warm-up tool.

Over on the official Rainbow Six subreddit, user CSwithNoXP posted this thread calling for a better Terrorist Hunt experience. In the thread, CSwithNoXP noted that many Siege players use Terrorist Hunt as a way to warm up before diving into competitive matches, though given how the mode functions, even using it purely as a warm-up tool isn’t without its frustrations. CSwithNoXP lays out the following issues that prevent Terrorist Hunt from being the handy and efficient training tool that Siege players want it to be:

Having to watch out for pre-placed Nitro Cells and Barbed Wire can be a pain when a player wants to just run in and quickly warm up their aiming reflexes. Even worse, there’s no option to disable such hazards.
Being forced to watch an unskippable kill cam of the AI enemy who killed the player upon every death is aggravating since it drags the mode’s pacing down to a crawl. Players would much rather be able to quickly reload the scenario they died in and not have to sit through a kill cam and/or a loading screen.
The AI enemies oftentimes hunch over after being shot, a behavior which isn’t performed by other players’ avatars in Siege’s competitive modes. This makes honing your headshot skills much harder while playing Terrorist Hunt matches.
Since Ubisoft is unlikely to make any significant changes to Terrorist Hunt, a few commenters in CSwithNoXP’s post suggested the addition of a more formal training course where players could hone their accuracy against stationary targets. The recently implemented rework of the Hereford Base map even has a shooting range that could work as the ideal setting for such a training course.

Either way, if and when you decide to give Rainbow Six Siege’s competitive modes a go, these Ubisoft-sanctioned tips should help give you an edge, especially now that you don’t have to worry as much about your teammates potentially shooting you in the back.

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TTS Patch Notes (Updated)

Link to the news source: 👇👇👇https://old.reddit.com/r/Rainbow6TTS/comments/9ivp9d/september_26_2018_test_server_patch_notes/
Here are the following patch notes for the TTS and some have been updated: The Test Servers will be re-opening this week on Wednesday, September 26.

The TS will remain open beyond Friday, and a closing date for the TS will be announced later in the coming weeks.

Please report any bugs you encounter in the TS to >> r6fix.ubi.com/test-server

Patch Notes:

Gameplay Changes

There is now a toggle activated by default for Montagne and Pulse's special abilities
Updated: Placing a deployable shield perpendicular near a window will no longer block the vault action for some windows in progress
Updated: Glaz's OTs-03 bullets can no longer penetrate Castle's barricade (Glaz will not be able to destroy barricades with his OTs-03, as intended)
Enabling/Disabling Mouse scrolling inputs for weapon swap is no longer missing from control settings


Fixed - Mavericks blowtorch makes no sound on the first use on a wall.
Fixed - Clash is not able to use Observation Tool while shield is extended
Fixed - An LOD allows players on the Spitfire Courtyard roofs to see behind a corrugated steel wall through a 3rd floor window of Hereford Base
Fixed - Equipping a shield drops the fps by 10-20 on Hereford Base
Fixed - The FPS in Hereford Base Map Rework is unstable.
Fixed - Instead of disappearing when Echo's Yokai hover drone is disabled, the "Jump" button appears greyed out
Fixed - Maestro's gadget is vulnerable when placed on certain destructible surfaces and the surface is broken, specifically small pinstripe carpets
Fixed - Players can't pick up Rook's armor plates if the armor bag is deployed on a kettle in 3F Cigar Lounge in Kafe
Fixed - The Mouse Scrolling Wheel Functionality can't be disabled (\it can now be disabled)*
Fixed - While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield.
Fixed - End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment
Fixed - If Buck mounts Tachanka's LMG Turret with the Skeleteton Key on and leaves, no interaction can be made with the turret afterwards
Fixed - The Bulletproof camera can't be access by pressing Secondary Gadget button while you are in prone stance
Fixed - The caster is able to mute the voice chat of the player during a match by pressing tab

Update: The gameplay change for the deployable shield placement was previously incorrect. Correct update reads: "Placing a deployable shield perpendicular near a window will no longer block the vault action for some windows"

Update 2: Revised the Glaz and Castle barricade interaction, correct version should read: "Glaz's OTs-03 bullets can no longer penetrate Castle's barricade (Glaz will not be able to destroy barricades with his OTs-03, as intended)"


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