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For me, I didn't start playing Siege till Year 1 Operation Dust Line towards the middle of the operation. I was so bummed out that I missed out on playing Operation Black Ice and seeing how the game was then to play since Operation Dust Line to now in Siege's 3rd Year with Operation Grim Sky, I have had so much fun. I've met a lot of interesting people and some of those people I have become friends with and others were just a little on the weird and toxic side. But seeing all the operators and maps coming into the game, it made me realize just how strong of a mindset Ubisoft has with this game and how far they are willing to go with it. I read something a while back where Ubisoft had said they are aiming for 100 operators. It's crazy to hear them say that but imagine if they meet that goal.

With Ubisoft bringing in so many operators and maps, it has brought in so many players as well. PC, PS4, and Xbox One players who play this game enjoy it but of course, they get frustrated here and there as that happens with just about any online game you play. More importantly, I'm impressed with how long Ubisoft has kept this game going. When I saw gameplay of Operation Black Ice, I was a little surprised by seeing it but it wasn't one of those moments where it was a 'buy it right now' moment. In fact, I waited to see what would happen next and sure enough, a couple months went by and Operation Dust Line came out. I didn't manage to get the game as soon as the operation started but I did get it while it was going on.

With how far Ubisoft has come with Siege, I am quite impressed. I'm definitely looking forward to the future of this game and what they have in store. But, before I end this, I want to do it this way: When did you guys start playing Siege? Are you happy with how far Siege has come? Are you ready for the future of Siege? Let me know in the comments below! Have a good one guys!


Capitao, and why you should use him

Ok so. We all know capitao isnt the best op to play in any situation. But i wanna go into why he's better then some people think. So first off. His guns. Now i know many people gravitate to an assault rifle over an lmg if given the choice. But i urge you. IF YOU PLAY CAPITAO USE THE LMG , PLEASE. Now lmgs are a mixed bag for me mostly cause they take ages to reload. But capitaos lmg is just better then the para plain and simple. It has everything the para has just more amo and less recoil. Now for capi's gadget. Oh boy. Now we all know capi was a situational operator and he still kind of is. But ever since clash was introduced the situations im when he is best used are happening More often. Now capitoa isn't the best for secure area and im sorry for the 11 people who play hostage but bomb is where he is used to his full extent. I've gotten quite a few plants down cause the bomb site i was planting was smoked off. And apparently people have a hard time shooting what they can't see. And once its down im usually on a window or outside looking at it ready to shoot some fire bolts. Some people make the mistake of shooting both at the same time. Dont. Shoot it once about 5 seconds after its planted. Make sure you have a little cover. And and i usually shoot thr last fire bolt after about 5 - 10 seconds after the last one. But sometimes i wait until i hear someone defusing it and then i watch em burn. Now obviously don't use capi every round but overall i think he's pretty underrated even though he can bring some utility. I've found that he can do well with a glaz ash obviously your hard breacher and then either thatcher or mav. (i prefer thatcher). Now i recently saw a vid by youtuber russianbadger which partially inspired me to play capi even though i saw myself using him more often since clash. Speaking of which. If you see clash light that sucker up. Peace ya'll

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Guerrilla Games & R6 + New Chibi Trailer

Guerrilla Games has been quietly hiring some of the top talent behind Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege for a super-secret project. Simon Larouche – who previously spent three years at the Dutch developer working on Killzone 2 – served as the game director on Ubisoft’s smash tactical shooter, and has been working on an unannounced project for the Horizon: Zero Dawn maker since February of this year.

He’s been joined in Amsterdam by fellow Siege developer Chris Lee, who’s been recruited as a Principal Game Designer at Guerrilla Games. There’s lots of speculation about what this could mean: will Aloy’s next adventure have online? Could a new team be working on reviving Killzone? Has the studio got something fresh in the pipeline?

Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida did talk recently about Sony wanting to do a better job with its multiplayer titles, so perhaps Guerrilla Games has been tasked with creating an online experience – potentially for the PlayStation 5? We won’t know until everything’s out in the open, but it’s an interesting development to say the least.



The Ubisoft store has just introduced chibi-figurines from Rainbow Six Siege. The premiere of new items is accompanied by a sympathetic trailer, made by frame-by-frame method.

This is probably one of the more fun commercials of figurines that have been created. Ubisoft has prepared a trailer made in a frame by frame method, in which we can see new figures inspired by individual operators from Rainbow Six Siege .

For a single figurine from the Chibi Six Collection series, you must give PLN 79.99 at the Ubisoft store will pay PLN 399.95 for a package of six miniature operators. A lot, but fans of Rainbow Six Siege will probably be hard to resist.

The Chibis are as follows: Sledge, Valkyrie, Thermite, Jäger, and Hibana.

For those that need a price converter, use this link: https://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/


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