Y3S3 Designer's Notes for R6 Siege

The “Designer’s Notes” series will provide you with insight into our Balancing team’s thoughts on Operator balancing around the middle of each Season. These will come after we have reviewed the data and feedback from the new Operators, and changes made with the latest Season. We are hosting an AMA on our subreddit starting at 2:00pm EDT (October 23rd). After reading these changes, please head here to ask your questions!

We utilize data and player feedback to make decisions on adjustments. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the data they have been looking at for our various Operators. The following charts plot the power (Win Delta) and popularity (Pick Rate) of the Operators on Attack and Defense. The Win Delta is the average win ratio when an Operator is picked minus the average win ratio when an Operator is not picked.



Reduced weapon swapping speed between CCE Shield and Sidearm

Delay before refilling charge after usage ends increased to 2 seconds, from 1 second

Attackers regain full mobility after 0.5 seconds, down from 1.5 seconds, after being shocked

We do recognize that Clash is currently not performing well in terms of Win Delta, and these changes may lead people to believe that we are nerfing an already underpowered Operator. We have made these changes to refocus Clash to fulfill the function that she was originally intended to perform, and do not anticipate a major impact on general Ranked usage or strength.

The swapping speed change is more of a bug fix than a balancing change. We had never intended for her swapping speed to be that fast from a design standpoint. When players would immediately ADS, they would skip the “equip” animation for the sidearm, and therefore significantly reduce the equip time. We also increased the amount of time it takes to put the CCE Shield on her back, further increasing the amount of time it takes to switch to a weapon. Our design intention is that she should be able to swap to a side arm outside of a gun fight or behind cover, but not be as lethal as she is currently.

The issue with the current state of the delay in the refill charge, and the reduction in the amount of time it takes for Attackers to regain full mobility is that it led to players being able to use her shock in short bursts to keep Attackers slowed for too long. On the topic of regaining mobility more quickly, this will also allow Attackers to move around a corner and escape without Clash being able to chase them down and continue shocking them. The goal of these changes is to lower frustration, and further empower our Attackers in their ability to manage encounters with Clash.

Ultimately, we believe that this will further drive the idea that Clash is reliant on teammates, as opposed to an Operator than can exist completely independently. She is not intended to be able to hold half of the map by  herself, and will now require the proper support from teammates to do so.


ALDA 5.56 recoil aligned with other LMGs

With the ALDA, we took a unique approach to LMG hipfire recoil. His LMG would have reduced recoil the longer it sustained fire without aiming down sights. This led to confusion, and did not play out in the way that we had anticipated. As such, we are removing this recoil style, and will be aligning the ALDA hipfire recoil with how the recoil for our other weapons acts.


Reducing recoil to improve handling

Following the weapon sight misalignment fix that came with Operation Grim Sky, we saw that it has had a significant impact on Smoke and Mira. As such, we are tweaking the recoil value on the SMG-11 to give Smoke a bit more viability when using this weapon.


Reducing recoil to improve handling

Following the weapon sight misalignment fix that came with Operation Grim Sky, we saw that it has had a significant impact on Smoke and Mira. As such, we are tweaking the recoil value on the Vector to improve the firepower that Mira is able to bring to the table.

If you want to read more, use the link below 👇👇👇


https://youtu.be/MUjg2J0_3EQ (Credit goes to coreross on YouTube for the video)


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POPULARA little story

Recently I was thinking about quitting the game. I was a lion main as I would say but the thing is, the moment I said it like "yeah I'm a lion main" I basically become trash with him, and mostly every other operator on the attacking side. But I improved so good with the defenders, it was crazy. Jäger, Vigil, Mira, Cav, Frost and Valk. It was a point where I would say I was a playmaker on defense and it depends on my performance if we win or not (I know this sounds bad but it's kinda true). Today I accepted it, I would lose on offense and win on defense. I was kind of depressed with this situation and as I mentioned I was thinking about quitting this game, at least for a while. But then, in the next round someone on my team texted me what my bio in my psn means. We chatted a bit and got friends pretty quickly. We also wrote (yeah we wrote, we haven't talked) about other stuff than the game a bit. We played like 4 hours straight and my performance was mediocre mostly. But! This showed me 3 things. 1. You can have fun even while not playing so good. 2. There are people out there that aren't toxic and you can have fun with. And 3. I found back to two of my mains, Ela (which I never really let down but I changed some stuff in the equipment and it worked) and dokkaebi which I played completely different than before. And what can I say, we played good, we played as a team as good as possible without voice communication and had a lot of fun.

With this story I wanted to show that there are still people on console that aren't toxic and you can be friends with. Work as a team, play as a team, but most importantly: have fun and don't be so serious and strict. This will make u better in every way


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POPULARA family reunion

LV.21Let’s play R6!

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So I had some Ideas for Rainbow.

Many people and myself have not enjoyed this season all that much. We all pretty much know the problems with this season, hit detection, servers being slow, etc. But I have some Ideas for the operators that suck and that are over powered at the moment to change up the meta.

First of all the one who sucks the most Castle he probably is the 6th attacker because he hurts the team more than he helps the team. The only thing that sucks more than getting spawn peaked is when you’re a roamer and you’re trying to get back to the Objective when the attackers are securing when there’s Castle barricades blocking the objective. A fix I could think of it’s like a little door that Defenders can go through because they have like a little clearance card. Also it would block the little slot where drones and other throwables can go through. And a counter would be if Dokkaebi hacks a Defender’s phone the whole Attacking team gets access to go through the door. And it can still be destroyed.

Now onto the Lord. He is the meme we all know and love but he needs to be changed. I don’t believe in fully taking away his LMG. A fix I think that could be good is he can choose to hold his LMG where he can’t fully aim down sight it’s like a little zoom in kind of like Maverick’s blow torch but he moves slower and he has a high rate of fire and high damaging LMG but has very poor accuracy. Or he could mount it up as normally but he can move a full 360 and he has a full body shield but it’s electronic so Thatcher can disable it. And he can still be shot in the back so he’s not purely invincible.

Now onto the more powerful operators Clash and Maverick. A fix for maverick is that he gets a little mask that blinds him and he has to flip the mask up and down kind of like Jackal’s visor. And any friendlies or enemies in the area of the blow torch they get blinded kinda like a flashbang. And he will get downgraded to a two speed.

A fix for Clash is that people don’t rush her when that is what your supposed to do they are worried about taking too much damages from her her guns a bad already unless she headshots you you’ll win more than you’ll lose. So I think operators shouldn’t be slowed down nearly as much and the damage per tick should be 2 instead of 5.

Thanks for reading this whole psi comment what you think about it.


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R6 Patch Notes Y3S3 1.2 (PC ONLY for now, Consoles Patch Delayed)

We are in the process of deploying back-end changes that were created on the premise of having the bug fixes listed in this patch in already in place, and deploying these changes out of order would lead to instability. In an effort to push these back-end changes to live as quickly as possible, we will be deploying the bug fixes alongside the back-end changes live with the Y3S3.1.2 patch. This also means we have removed the balancing changes from this patch as they are still undergoing testing.

This patch will address a number of major exploits such as the deployable shield vaulting issues, the invisibility glitch, and the washing machine glitch. The Y3S3.1.2 patch will be deployed this week for PC. Console deployment of these bug fixes will come later in the month with the balancing changes, and will be a part of the Y3S3.2 patch.



Fixed – Deployable shields placed perpendicular to a window prevent vaulting.

It is now impossible to install deployable shields in front of windows in a way that would block vault or rappel in. Trying to do so will result in deploying the shield forward or backward depending on the player position, in a way that will always leave enough room for vaulting or rappelling in.

Fixed – The operator is invisible when players load into game.

Fixed – Pistols have their reticle misaligned with the center of the screen while shooting.

Fixed – No toggle for Montagne and Pulse special abilities (now comes with toggle).

Fixed – Cannot access Bulletproof Camera by pressing the secondary gadget button while prone.

Fixed – While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield.

Fixed – The Stun Grenade VFX can be cancelled under certain conditions.

Fixed – The squad leader remains alone in a match after one squad member leaves when the leader starts the match.

Fixed – Latency, micro stutters and graphical issues after playing multiple matches and maps in the same Custom game session.

Fixed – End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment.

If you want to read more, use the link below 👇👇👇