POPULAR What is the #1 thing that Siege needs to fix?

There are plenty of things that could be improved in Rainbow 6 Siege, but I think there’s 3 real contenders for the biggest things that need to be fixed.
1. Ranked
You don’t need me to tell you matchmaking is bad, just a brief look around the R6 lounge will show you that everyone’s getting tired of ranked play. The point behind ranked is so that you can play with people around the same skill level as you. This makes it so that you can always have a competitive game and can improve at an optimal rate.
Unfortunately, Siege’s current ranked system doesn’t accomplish any of that. The system seems completely random. You get matched with people of all different ranks and nobody takes the game seriously. People play ranked as if it’s casual and it’s really only competitive at the highest ranks. This means that unless you’re an absolute god and a pro-level player, you’re never gonna get a competitive game because you can never climb to the highest level due to how bad the ranking system is at earlier ranks.
2. Hit detection
We all know how bad hit detection is in this game, especially with headshots. Nothing feels worse than losing a fight because your headshot didn’t count when you know for a fact your crosshairs were on their head. Not only is it bad across the board but it’s also inconsistent. While some operators seem to have at least somewhat reliable hitboxes, some operators seem to change every time you shoot at them or have particularly small hitboxes (I’m looking at you Ash). This isn’t fun for anyone and it would massively improve the gameplay experience if Ubisoft were to fix this.
3. Crouch/lean spamming
Crouch/lean spamming is one of the strangest things in the world. It makes no sense in a realistic, tactical game like Siege. Nobody in real life could possibly move their body like that. The problem is that it does make sense in a video game, since you don’t want to have to spend significant time waiting for your character’s model to move. Imagine if took you 5 seconds to go prone - the game would suck.
Not only is crouch/lean spamming super annoying to play against, it’s super annoying to play as. The problem is that it provides clear advantages so if you’re not doing it then you’re just asking to lose every fight against someone who is. This is something that nobody likes, it makes the game less about tactics and strategy and more about cheap tricks.
These are my thoughts about the biggest things that need to be fixed. Which do you think is the #1 most important out of all these? Do you think there’s a more important issue that I missed? Let me know down below!

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POPULAR Why Rainbow 6 Siege will be the next big Esport

I first played Rainbow 6 Siege back in August and I instantly fell in love. Although I don’t have time to play much anymore, I started watching some Pro League matches to satisfy the craving. I’m a huge fan of esports in general (especially League of Legends) and I wasn’t sure what to expect from Siege. There’s a lot of tactical components that come into play at the highest levels - success in Siege is very much a battle of inches, not miles. How would the viewing experience be when every little thing that each player does is so important?
The Pro League answers this question beautifully. Despite having so much going on, they do a great job of not only showing you what each member of each team is doing, but explaining it as well. This erased my fears about the viability of Siege as a spectator sport, and since then I’ve been enjoying every game I watch. Here’s a few reasons why I think Pro League has a real chance to become the next big esport:
1. Siege is NOT a battle royale
Even though games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Blackout have massive playerbases and tons of views on Twitch, they suck from an esport perspective. It’s impossible to follow around all 100 players which means you’re inevitably gonna miss some of the best action. Not only that but since you’re likely rooting for one player (rather than a team), you’re better off just watching that person’s personal stream rather than hoping they get some airtime on the official stream. In Siege you're always on top of the action and you can follow your favorite players and your favorite team all at the same time.
2. Siege is a strategic shooter with multiple ways to win
Siege is so much more dynamic than other shooters. With other shooting games you spend most of the time just waiting for a fight to break out because there’s literally nothing else to do. There’s no such thing as downtime in Siege - something important is always happening. Whenever you’re not in a fight, you’re setting a trap, hacking devices, scouting with cameras, etc. And all of these things help build up the tension and give you, the viewer, special information which puts you on the edge of your seat when the eventual fight breaks out.
3. Siege has big name teams
As I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge esports fan in general. I understand how big branding is for esports teams because the fan bases carry over. I’m a huge Cloud9 fan from LoL which made it easy for me to pick a favorite team when I started watching esports like Overwatch. Siege’s Pro League has some of the biggest teams in the world, including G2, Faze, Fnatic, and Evil Geniuses. This is a great sign for the future of Pro League because it shows the best teams in the world want a piece of the action and they will bring their fans and viewers along with them.
Even though Siege is an “old” game it’s still growing bigger and bigger. There’s the loyal players who have been playing since day 1 and there’s also brand new players falling in love with the game every day. Siege has the perfect recipe to become the next big esport and I don’t think there’s anything that can stand in its way.

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POPULAR Things that make me think about quitting siege again

Hey fellas what's up? Few month ago I made a post like this, where I said I would be thinking about quitting the game at least for a while. Well after that I really enjoyed siege again even tho it wasn't what it used to be. Don't get me wrong, siege is a great game and I love it but hear me out. I'm level 125 now and started playing about one year from now. I met a few awesome ppl, I had a lot of fun with the game itself and my friends. Getting better, exploring the game, find the best valk spots, creating strats with ops like Mira and mastering everything. I really miss that from white noise and Chimera, it felt like a fresh game. Looking back to 2018, siege got a lot worse for me and many other people too. I think para Bellum was complete shit as a season, grim sky was mediocre at best and nothing to special and well wind bastion is better than both of these seasons but has to fight with other problems as well. And that's mostly because of Ubi. The game is a mess, there are so many bugs and glitches, many of those came with the newer seasons that really shouldn't be in a game that's 3 years old. I understand that it's hard to develop such a big game with all it's possibilitys, but Siege is in a good financial spot so why not hire a few more ppl to work on it? Sound glitches are one of the biggest problems, what can you do about an Ash that's rushing into the obj without hearing her? Headshots that don't count are a problem since the game released and well it got a lot better than back then but how can it be that I encounter this at least 1-2 times every day? There are alot of other bugs that frustrate me but the list would be to long so I'll simply go on. One reason why I love the game so much was/is the community. But as you all know, it got alot wrose too, because so many players hopped on the game. Toxicity is a big problem in this game and while you can go around it outside the game, there aren't enough in-game tools to avoid it or lower it down. People using exploits, using mouse and keyboard on console, general toxicity in chat and in game, it goes on and on, and it adds up to the stuff I mentioned before. Sure a small portion of the community is still pretty nice (literally everyone here on moot) but it got a lot more rare to encounter such people. To end it up, what's my biggest problem with both of these things is, people who are playing on high ping and abuse it. Sure not everybody has a good connection, some don't even have servers but I'm tilted of players who are playing blitz with a 200ms ping and using crouch spam. While dropshots weren't so much seen in siege (at least on console, ik on PC it was way worse), crouch spam is, as well as leaning 100 times in a second. It's just cheese, and ppl who use it are playing cheap in my opinion. Some may say "GiD gUd" but it's not even hard to do, even without a custom controller, literally everyone could do it. It got a lot more sweatty too, why do ppl try so hard, if you want competition play ranked, you don't have to bring a 5 stack to have fun and win a ranked game. This all plus Ubisofts Designchoices sometimes makes the wonderful game siege was and still can be just..bad. Why did they remove tower from ranked with the argument that it was to big and confusing, just to add Villa and fortress?? They are way bigger (remove Villa from this game completely btw and take Favela with it) and less competitive too. Some nerfs are ass too, like who wanted to see the IQ nerf back then, or the countless hibana nerfs. The bearing 9 isn't even playable anymore and the pistol feels weird bc of the low max firerate. Introducing ops like Maverick who is btw still silent while using his gadget and clash who is a mess in general (these shield ops are a mess to balance, blitz is the best example) was a bad decision, and the community wanted a change for the blowtorch since he was on the Testserver. Same goes for lesion and doc/rook, they nerfed them cause they had a good win rate and all that, but they don't think about why that is. Lesion is good because he has basically 7 warnings that the grim reaper is around, the Gu's have many strong abilities, but they nerf his gun?! Same with the MP5, they are nerfing the damage but let's be serious it's played because of the Acog and most of the kills they do are Headshots anyway, so why don't increase recoil a bit as example. There are so many other ops that need to get buffed or changed than these, Castle as example or fuze too.

Well u made it to the end of this post, I want to thank you for reading all this. Why are you still playing siege and what made you think about quitting too if it was the case? This might be the last time I say this so.. happy breaching 🍹

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POPULAR Rainbow 6 should go free to play

I know a lot of people who bought the game at full price probably won't like this idea but hear me out.
As we all know, every few months R6 Siege has a free weekend where the game is free to play over the weekend and is sold at a super steep discount all week. These weekends always bring in a ton of new players and many of them end up buying the game. Most veterans would recommend new players to get, at the very minimum, the Standard Version of the game which is just $15 while it's on sale. Of course, this is the same price as the not-on-sale Starter Version of Siege that nobody would recommend. This brings me to my second point.
There's a reason why nobody recommends the Starter Version of Siege even when it's on sale for $5: the Starter Version sucks. We all know that it takes forever to grind Renown and get all the Operators, attachments, and skins you want. The Standard Version is a way better deal because it takes a ton of that grind away. That said, the Standard Version is still a massive grind and many players end up later buying Renown or the Season Pass. This brings me to my final point.
It's clear that once people start playing Siege, they keep playing and have no problems spending money on the game. Ubisoft definitely makes the large majority of their revenue from in-game purchases as people who have fallen in love with the game want to get all the Operators and complete their collections. Very little of Ubisoft's revenue comes from people buying the game for the first time - so why charge at all?
Just eliminate the worthless Starter Version and make the base game free to play for everyone. It's best for the game to have as many players as possible and it's clear that once people start playing they will pay for upgrades. What do you guys think, would you like to see Siege go free to play?

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