POPULAR Price Reduction Starting Today! (Digital & Retail Versions) + Y4 Video

Starting today, we’re introducing price reductions to both digital and retail versions of the game, including updates to cost and availability of DLC Operators for both new and existing players.

Year 4 is just around the corner, and there’s never been a better time to get into Rainbow Six Siege. We are making entering the community easier than ever with price reductions arriving to the digital and retail versions of Rainbow Six Siege for 2019. With these changes, we will also be updating the cost and availability of DLC operators per version for both new and existing players.

Starter Edition Upgrades to Base Game

On February 12, we will be removing the PC Starter Edition, and creating a new entry base game at $19.99. This new PC standard version, simply called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, will be available at digital retailers . This new base version improves the former Starter Edition progression system, which converts unlocking Operators to the original base game rate – saving players up to 150 hours of gameplay to get the Operators of their choice.

For our active community, all current Starter Edition owners will be granted an automatic upgrade to the new base game transforming your experience of Rainbow Six Siege. Starter Edition players will now unlock Operators at a normal pace, following the original game’s Renown cost. All progression and content previously unlocked will be carried over.

Price Reductions for Premium Editions and Addition of DLC Operators

We are upgrading the content of all our premium editions and dropping the price of those editions across the board. Our new Deluxe Edition will instantly expand your starting roster by integrating the base game and the eight Year 1 Operators. The Gold Edition will offer the Deluxe Content plus the Year 4 Pass, which includes instant and early VIP access to all eight Year 4 Operators, 600 Renown, 10% shop discount, and more. Finally, the Ultimate Edition, replacing the former Complete Edition, will get you instant access to all the DLC Operators from Years 1, 2, 3, available to date, as well as the Year 4 Pass.


To celebrate the launch of Year 4 and these new editions of Rainbow Six Siege, all versions of the game will have an introductory discount for up to 70% for a limited time.


For new players and Starter Edition owners who have been upgraded to the base game, they will see the return of the progression system for unlocking the original 20 Legacy Operators. Legacy Operators will cost 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 Renown based on how many Operators from a specific CTU you have unlocked.


As our Operator roster continues to expand and grow, we will be making it easier for players to unlock the DLC Operators of their choice. In 2019, we will implement a scaling DLC Operator pricing system. Older DLC Operators will be less expensive and more easily unlocked. More info will be revealed at the Six Invitational!


https://t.co/RzBcGzsucZ https://t.co/gUG1gqeen0

The image below shows exactly what you will get based on the version you pick up whether you get the Default, Deluxe, Gold, or Ultimate Edition of the game.

LV.30 Mod

POPULAR The thing with the Community...

There are a lot of problems in game communities!
The hate between players, the toxicity, the harassment of players who are different, bullying or the hacking, etc. etc. etc.
But I want to tell you, only the community can change these problems!
Why can´t the big games companies can't really change these problems? --->
cause the developments and representatives don't know how to solve these problems, without getting some players mad or ruin the game (in different ways)!
SOMETIMES they find good ways!
What can the community's do? -->
We can write posts about problems (like I try to infect you to make the community better)
OR tell them options to make this better, give them some examples! (like when players should get banned, how or why) --> improve the ways!
OR start some discussions with other players.
We also can warn some of them, to stop or they get reported!
We should start to help others when they get angry!
Why need there to much hate in games? We all love to play games, and why is there a need to hate others or to hack the game? We are all "friends" more or less. But there will always be some hate (I'm also sometimes salty, cause there are hackers, or if there is something to get sad/mad about, maybe all of you know this moment)
--- My ideas to improve the game ---
1.) We need a new and specified report window! With buttons and ways to report the player!
(like one for hacking (for x-ray, aimbot, and other ), harassment, spam, toxicity, etc. etc.)
2.) Make a certain number of warnings! --> 2 or more..., and a list of lines etc.
(like on Steam)
3.) Making an overwatch where a good player can watch the reported one! (like in CsGo)
--- Games have a lot of positive sides! (we all know this! :) )
so let find ways together to make the game and the COMMUNITY better.
Love your next!!!
Here are some kisses for you.
Write a comment if you like this post or if you have more ideas!!!
Let's HAVE SOME DISCUSSIONS! The comment section is open for your opinions!
I just want to point out again that this is my opinion!!!

LV.12 Dragon

POPULAR New Map: Outback + New Details

Welcome to the Outback! Set in Australia’s Red Heart, this map is an homage to all the dusty service stations and motels that populate the forgotten highways of the continent, places filled with hardworking locals and specialty menu items you’ll find nowhere else.

Unfortunately for this particular pit stop, a passing nuclear convoy came crashing to a halt while under attack, forcing locals and patrons to flee and causing Rainbow to be called in. As to what inspired the team when designing the game’s 21st map, Assistant Level Design Director Jacques Wong says they referred to two fan favourites – Oregon and Clubhouse.

“We divided the map into three distinct sections – the Garage, the Motel, and the Restaurant – and put a lot of effort into making sure each section is recognisable, even from far away,” Wong explained. “There are specific colours for each section, and we used lighting and geometry to direct the player’s gaze to where they need to go.”

Additionally, the focus was on returning to a style of gameplay that players have enjoyed in the past, while keeping the meta in mind. “We wanted to emphasise the impact of player decision-making, so for example, there’s a limited number of doors between each sections” Wong continued. “Roamers can still create new paths by destroying walls, and there’s always the option of changing floors as a flanking strategy. It’s a medium-sized map, so players won’t need to go far to find alternative routes.”

Meanwhile, the three sections are as unique inside as they are out. Get ready for rooms packed with souvenirs and cultural artifacts from many a roadside petrol station across the Great Southern Land. You might even run into our friendly resident mascot, Norman, in the restaurant, though we do ask that you try not to stare.

Outback will be launching as part of Operation Burnt Horizon, the first season of our Year 4 lineup. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join the discussion on our subreddit and forums! Visit our Rainbow Six Twitch Channel on February 17 for the full reveal of Operation Burnt Horizon, live from the Six Invitational in Montréal.




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POPULAR Buck & Sledge's Fight on Yacht by gatorboy45

This is a Siege poem that explains how Buck & Sledge got stuck in a 2v5 situation on Yacht and how it went. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Sledge and Buck arrive on Yacht
They stop to have a quick thought
"We have two, they have five
How are we going to stay alive?"
Buck turns to Sledge and says to him,
"We've got better firepower than them"
So they enter through the front door
They see Caveira, shoot her, and now there's four
They continue on towards the objective
They stay cool, calm, and collective
Hoping to clutch this victory
They spot Jäger roaming, they shoot him, and now its down to three
They get closer to the objective room
Hoping to sweep it clean as if they were using a broom
Both split up in hopes they catch them off-guard
They hope this will be easier instead of it being hard
Sledge spots a soft wall, hammers it down and climbs his way through
Spots Rook in the corner and now it becomes a 2v2
Buck decided to flank around
Seeing how he could make it to the objective without making a sound
He comes across Mira who's on her phone
Takes her out and that leaves Frost all alone
They both enter objective room
As soon as they do, Sledge meets his doom
He's stepped on a Frost trap and his race has been run
It's now up to Buck to get the job done
A 1v1 ensues and it's down to Frost and Buck
Frost shoots her gun but Buck has time to duck
Buck is now shooting, hoping his shots will not fail
Frost is firing her gun and she's fighting tooth and nail
Both have been shooting for quite some time
Frost has chills going down her spine
But Buck manages to hit the final blow
And Frost falls to the ground below
Buck leaves the Yacht with so much glee
That he brought home the victory


LV.30 Mod

POPULAR Operator Guide When to Rush, Be Aggressive, Be Passive and When to Roam.

Alright so, in the last post I was talking about, what to do in certain situations
Ex: When someone is rushing you...etc
So now it's time for you to know when to rush, when to be aggressive, when to play passive or when to roam.
There are so many things to talk about here and it is really deeper more than you think because the mindsets will be different if your team is wining the Match or losing the Match. It has a huge impact on the player when they think what to do next. So that's what I am gonna be talking about in this post.
☛Let's start talking about Rushing
**Attacking Side**
What is Rushing? It's when your aim or goal to go as fast as you can to the OBJ or to the BOMB SITE. Now there are gonna be obstacles on the way like:
1- Frost's Mats
2- Lesion's Gu Mines
3- Echo's Yokai Drone
4- Ela's Grzmot Mine
5- Kapkan's Entry Denial Device (EDD-MK II)
And there are the Roamers, Usually there should be max 2 roamers they might be waiting for you to Rush, or they can just wait for you to fall for their trap and then kill you. So Rushing in this case won't be helpful.
BUT the most professional way to Rush is by doing the following:
1- Don't drone for the OBJ or Bomb Site, there are 4 other Drones looking for the OBJ Or Bomb Site. Place your Drone in the room you want to Rush in from.
2- When the Preparation Phase is over and you are going to that room you are Rushing in from you have to check your Drone one last time.
3- Don't melee the barricade because it's slow way to get in, it wither you can Pre-fire and shoot at the barricade (Head Level just in case someone was in the room after you checked).
4- After breaking in you can ADS and check the corners then you can Rush.
1- If you don't have another drone, then you can Rush but it will be more risky but you can talk to your teammate to drone it out for you. You can fire at the barricade and your teammate will drone out the room for you before you rush.
**Defending Side**
Rushing while defending is abit harder than Rushing as an Attacker because the advantage that a Attacker has is their drones. You have cams but usually they would be destroyed. While defending you have these problems you are gonna face when you are about to rush:
1- Lion's EE-ONE-D
2- Nomad's Airjab
3- Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb
When to Rush as a defender?
When you hear an Attacker going on his drone then you can Rush and get the kill but keep in my mind most people now a days put a Claymore to prevent Rushing or Run outs. You can do these following to Rush while defending:
1- When they are on a drone as I mentioned above.
2- You can choose the Operator Valkyrie and use her GYRO CAM MK
☛Playing Aggressive:
So you see alot of people in the game being super aggressive or peeking angles they shouldn't peek but they still get the kill, How?
When it comes to being Aggressive in the Match it really depends on the Operator, and Prediction. Usually people when they are Aggressive it means they know where exactly you are because you are predictable. I once played a 1 v 1 against a Diamond Player with 1.9 Kd. First round he won but he showed me his playstyle which is being aggressive. So I went to prone position in a random place on the ground he thought I was behind the wall but I was next to it laying down exposing my whole body. I ended up wining because he didn't change his playstyle. So if you want to be Aggressive it means you need to know the Common Angles in each map which I will be talking about in the next post and You should know how to Pre-fire Head level. Now when it comes to the Operator, it's important to know the Fire Rate, and the ADS speed. Because when you Peek an angle that someone is holding then you need to know when to shoot and when to ADS because sometimes these cases end up with a trade, You both kill each other.
So try to be unpredictable with holding angles and positioning.
☛Playing Passive:
Playing Passive is the easiest way and the best way in my opinion to start off by playing the game. Because when you are playing Passive, You have to stay in the OBJ or Bomb Site or atleast near them.
When you are playing Passive you are learning the sounds, example when are the enemy player coming from, which door way, which rotation hole. So it's a good way to start off by playing Passive.
Now the Hard part is when 2 enemies are rushing you, what do you do? Will you have to keep moving in the OBJ or Bomb Site and Pre-Fire because it's so easy to think that they won't come from the same Doorway or same Rotation hole...So you can easily kill them because there were too predictable or because they are soo greedy for the kill don't forget that they will be sprinting so you have time advantage for ADSing and taking your shot.
☛Playing as a Roamer:
Going around the map as a 3- Speed Operator or 2- Speed is something hard but smart at the same time, you need these two requirements to be a really good roamer:
1- You HAVE TO ads most of the time.
2- You HAVE TO crouch most of the time. The only way to run is when they are too many sounds like (Gun firing, Explosions...etc) Don't! run back to the OBJ because running back as I said above you can be very predictable and get Pre-fired. And you won't have time to ADS.
3- This is the most important one which is Map Knowledge. If you barely know the map, or not sure...then Play Passive.
4- If you get droned out...Don't panic, You actually have an advantage which is you know that someone is gonna be in the room. So you have time to set up everything for example:
1- Kill holes.
2- Rotaions
3- Traps
4- and what I like the most is Vertical gameplay. You can open a hatch go below open the floor under the doorway or the window and as soon as he enters then you take your shoot.
That's all it, Thank you all for reading. I am currently working on a Discord server. I will be posting more and more there as soon it's done. Have a good day everyone. I hope it helped. <3

LV.8 Good Leader

POPULAR New Operator Idea

Alright so I don’t pay attention to leaks so if these operators are already in development I apologize.

My first idea is a defender that comes equipped with two mats that you can place onto soft floors to protect you from above or below. Not sure specifically how big it’d be but I don’t want it to completely take away the vertical aspect of an objective. It’d be a direct counter to Buck, Sledge and soft breach charges. Maybe Thermite, Hibana and Maverick could get through it or it’d be an impenetrable floor. I’ve had a hard time coming up with names for this Op and my best one I think is Hardhat. This Op is obviously super specialized and I’m worried that on bomb he’d be useless but really good on secure area. Let me know if it should be scrapped or some ideas to improve it.

Now I did here that this Defender could be on Burnt Horizon but that was in the iFunny comment section so who knows. I came up with “Jynx” and operator that can pick up drones and turn them into defending gadgets. He’d have like 2 hacking chips that he can place in the drones so he can’t end up having a ton of drones. He’d pair perfectly with Mute and I know his play rate is rising. Pretty simple.

I wrote out the bio of Jynx and Hardhat a couple weeks ago and made them Australian which I just found out are the new Ops in Burnt Horizon so I guess I’m just that perceptive. Jk but maybe make these two from the Irish special forces? That’d be pretty dope. Let me know what you guys think!

LV.5 Lurker

POPULAR A Guide To Posting In The Correct Board (Rainbow 6 Siege Lounge)

Hello Mooters! This post will help out those who are new to Moot and after reading this (if you decide to read it, it is completely up to you btw), you will have a better understanding of where to post stuff and what board it belongs in. Let's begin shall we?

First things first, be sure to select where your post is going. From selecting the menu, you will be shown 8 different locations: General, Looking For Group, Memes, News, Highlights, Art, Tips, and Self-Promotions. To begin your post, look for this symbol.
After you tap on that, it will bring you to this and from here, we will go over what each of the 8 locations mean. Let's begin shall we?
GENERAL: To be used for general discussion. For example, "What operator should I unlock next?" or "Which Attacker/Defender is better?"

LOOKING FOR GROUP: This is for players who are looking for any kind of match up. Here is an example of how the outline for it looks 👇👇👇
You can select your Platform, Game Mode, put in what your gamertag is so people can add you, Required Mic or not, you can set how many players you need, when you need to find a time, whether it's ASAP (As soon as possible for those who didn't know) or you can set a time, and for the final step, you can write a little description of what it is you're looking for. An example could be, "Looking for a few teammates to run some Casual with" or "Need a full group for a Ranked Match. Gold 3 or higher." You can also set an LFG Preset so that way, you'll be notified of when a team is ready for you.
MEMES: Not much to say here really. Pretty straightforward. Keep it quality and go easy on the spam.

NEWS: One of the newest boards to the R6 Lounge and there's a couple things that will help keep the News Board popping. Here they are: Post only about Siege News and nothing else, make sure to include images and sources like YouTube links, website URLs, Twitter Links, etc. And make sure you don't upload the same thing as someone else. It might get a little hectic to see the same thing twice.

HIGHLIGHTS: Mainly for replays, shares of your plays, and the like.

ART: Mainly for art such as drawings, paintings, etc. Be sure to credit the original artists! It's not cool to take someone else's work and claim it as your own.

TIPS: For gameplay tips, sharing strategies, and so on. Shouldn't be too hard to follow.

SELF PROMOTIONS: A place where you, the Mooter, can show off your content, channel, etc.

FEATURED: Just so everyone is aware, the Featured board is not one you can post in as that is a board where posts go when either they have been hand picked by a Mod/Admin or when they reach the upvote or comment threshold and then that post will automatically go up there.

Make sure that when you are posting, you are staying within the Content Policy. If you need a refresher, use the link below this and you'll be shown what is allowed and what is not 👇👇👇
If you are unsure of where a post should go, ask one of the Mods and they'll be sure to point you in the right direction.

This has been A Guide to Posting In The Correct Board (Rainbow 6 Lounge Edition)

Make sure to stay awesome, be respectful, and have a great time on Moot! Let's keep the R6 Lounge popping!

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