POPULARKaid v. Bandit

So I've been looking over Kaid and his load out and looking back at Bandit I think I can make a very sound statement about this. So after looking it all over I think that it's safe to say that in the argument of Kaid vs Bandit, it's a draw. That's right they're both very closely comparable to the point I think neither is better than the other. I'll break down my thought process.

Guns: Bandit has a good smg that covers medium to long range encounters and a great shotgun for cqc. Kaid has an smg that, with it's already low damage, is gonna be worse at longer ranges while his shotgun is going to be impressive and effective at longer ranges. I will say the outlier is gonna be Kaid's pistol with the scope. It doesn't really have anything to compare to so I'll admit I'm lost there.

Gadget: Bandit has one more battery than Kaid's electroclaws. Bandit's batteries have limited range at one wall per battery but have a faster deploy time. Kaid has a larger aoe but his deploy time is much longer than Bandit's batteries.

Play Style: Obviously this one thing is more subjective than the other two but Kaid is a three armor, he's made to sit and hold an objective down with his formidable gadget and close quarters capabilities. Now Bandit on the other hand is a three speed that has been proven as a capable roamer.

In summary, they are opposites in more ways than one and I think they are very interesting and will play their own roles on a squad. But that's all for now I guess.


Mucky maverick

Part 8
Im skipping the 2 days to accuracy contest and getting straight to the point kinda

Maverick woke up the the knocking on his door. He got up and answered it. It was thatcher.
“Hey the accuracy contest in in 3 hours so wanna practise.”
“Sure just let me get my stuff.”

Disclaimer kinda: someone answer this question. Why do i keep thinking Maverick is maestro plz answer.

Maverick got his stuff and started to head off with thatcher to the class. When he got inside he noticed Lion was also in his class but ignored him. He went to the desk at the back and so did thatcher. Obviously beside him weirdos. They chatted for a bit until a teacher came in which looked like he was in his twenty’s.
“Quiet down everyone.”
“Wheres the real teacher you dork.”
“Im the real teacher.”
“As if your a clown.”
“You don’t want me to get angry.”
“Why what are ya gonna do make me read the dictonary.”
“Whats your name.”
“Ok, give me 100 pushups.”
“You think so. Ok how bout balancing this LMG and if it falls you start over.”
The teacher put the LMG on Lions back and you could tell he was struggling. Half an hour later the teacher let him get up. The highest he got to was 5.
“Anyone else wanna talk back.”
No one said anything.
“Thought so. Now everyone take the gun you made and start doing target practice on the wooden planks over there.”
Everyone started to shoot the wooden planks. Lion came over to Maverick and said.
(Lion)”wow your good at this... sik your trash.”
(Maverick)”get lost Lion.”
(Capitao)”what ya gonna do punch him again.”
(Thatcher)”get lost. Anyway you can’t even do push ups never mind slag a person.”
(Lion)”who’s this your body guard. Of course you’d need one to protect me from you.”
(Maverick)”well he didn’t protect this.”
Maverick dropped his gun and punched Lion square in the jaw. Lion fell back and Maverick started punching his face. Thatcher held him back and capitao and Bandit held Lion back.
“(Lion)”What did you do that for.”
“(Maverick)”You’ve ruined my life.”
(Lion)”oh it’s about the Habana thing isn’t it. Well just wait a week from now when i propose to her and your life will be ruined. Remember im smart i can persuade anyone into my fingers and use them to my advantage. Now your life will be over. I’ll get her to kick you out of here. You’ll never become a R6 member.”
(Habana)”thats really why you wanted to date me.”
(Lion)”oh hey Habana how is it going.”
(Habana)”move out of my way.”
Habana walked over to Maverick.
(Habana)”why didn’t you tell me.”
(Maverick)”he threatened to injure or kill my brother.”
(Habana)”well at least we know now.”
(Maverick)”Habana i need to tell you something, I...
(Habana)”Maverick, I love you to.”
Just imagine one of them love movies where the background turnes pink or something and the camera spins around but only with Habana and Maverick.
(Habana)”im breaking up with you thats what im doing. Im also kicking you out of here for threatening recruits.”
Lion was angry but knew he couldn’t do anything. He just walked out of the camp.

Maverick and Habana lived a happy life.
Thatcher would also live with them as he was Maverick’s best friend and they had a big house.
Lion left but returned the next year the became an R6 member.

OMG I finally got this finished yes. Now i can start a new series that isn’t just about the god dam camp. Might be doing something different as i got a request so gonna try it out


Mucky maverick

Part 6

Maverick woke up to the complete madness of his door being open. He was a little confused but when he went to his schematic desk his schematics were gone. He was in a bad mood already from waking up and now having to deal with this. He thought of making a new schematic but had no time. Class was in 4 hours and had no time to make it again. He rushed down the hall until he encountered Lion.
“Wow your running fast im gonna have to stop you.”
“Shut up and move out of my way.”
“Fine but the officer is down there.”
“I don’t care, move.”
Lion moved out of the way. Maverick ran passed but got tripped up by Lion. He turned around and punched him in the face and ran on. He passed the officer but he was to tired to even try to stop him. He ran into the class room where everyone put their schematics. He looked around everyone’s but couldn’t find his.
“Oh hey Habana.”
“What are you doing. Are you trying to steal other people’s schematics.”
“No time to explain, gotta go.”
Maverick walked out the door and Habana was standing there.
“Now you tell me whats going on or else you fail.”
“Ok ok fine, basically Lion...”
It was Lion
“Why did ya punch me in the face.”
“Shut up Lion.”
Maverick and Lion were arguing until.
They both stopped arguing.
“Both of you get back to your dorms. You only have 4 hours to class.”
Maverick walked back to his dorm and sat on his bed thinking.
“What am i going to do.”

Just a small part 6 cause im doing this whole everyday is a new part so it’s cut up into small parts so hope you enjoyed it and bye.


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POPULARMucky Maverick

Part 3

As we saw in the last part of “Mucky Maverick” we saw that habana and Lion were a couple but what we don’t know is how they met so lets’s head back in time and see how they met.

Lion was walking out of the gym to his dorm. He encountered Maverick. They walked past eachother in silence. Lion at this point thought something was up so he went to investigate. When he went to Maverick’s dorm and saw that there was a part of the door open so he looked in. He saw Maverick staring at a picture of him and habana. After he saw this he had a smirk on his face.

I cant tell you the rest or Lion will get mad at me. He already broke my tv and xbox i wonder what he might break if i told you the rest. Well lets just get back to the story.

(Lion)”Yea bro we met here and it was like destiny.”
(Habana)”well i wouldn’t call it destiny and anyway aren’t you happy for me.”
(Maverick)”yea i am but this is just a lot to take in.”
(Lion)”well see you round we gotta do some things later.”
Lion and Habana left and Maverick felt like crying. He had hated lion and now Habana is with him. It was like the universe was against him. He went to the building sector of the camp but he had made something unlike anything else. And by that i mean it was bad. He went to his dorm and stared at the picture of him and Habana. Now what you don’t know is that Habana gave that to him as a gift. He noticed that the picture wasn’t just the two of them. He took the picture out of the frame and saw it was folded. He unfolded it and saw it was him, Habana and Lion. He thought to himself “what am i doing.” Maverick was still sad but now happy for Habana and Lion.

Disclaimer kind of:
This is going to be shorter then the other ones as there could be more included but i want to save that for part 4 so yea this is near the end of part 3 just saying. Back to the story.

Maverick went over to Lion to apologise. He knocked on the door and heard Lion say “COME IN.” Maverick walked in and said
“Im sorry for blocking you out and all that crap.”
“Its ok I kind of wronged you to.”
“Yea well how’s it still going with you Habana.”
“Great actually. Wait are you jealous.”
“Kind of cause i kind of like her to.”
“You see im just using her to make you jealous and it’s working so tomorrow im going to propose and you will never get her.”
“Wait what. I have to go i’ll see you lat...”
Maverick ran out the door. He was looking for Habana to tell her what Lion said. Maverick got tripped up by Lion. Maverick turned around and Lion...

Hahahaha leaving you on a cliffhanger again. You can’t stop me no one can. Oh sorry Lion wrote that he’s still mad at Maverick for blocking him out. Well hope you enjoyed part three and bye.


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