POPULAR Operation Burnt Horizon: Everything We Know (So Far)

Year 4 Season 1 is almost upon us and for those of you who don't know what is coming, don't worry, I have you covered. So without further adieu, let's get into it.



The new map that is coming is called Outback. Set in Australia's Red Heart, this map is an homage to all the dusty service stations and motels that populate the forgotten highways of the continent, places filled with hardworking locals and specialty menu items that you'll find nowhere else.

The map is divided up into three distinct sections: Garage, Motel, and the Restaurant. Additionally, the focus was on returning to a style of gameplay that players have enjoyed in the past, while keeping the meta in mind.


Gridlock and Mozzie are mates from way back. From the first time they met at a robot destruct-o-rama in their teens to a few years later when Mozzie convinced Gridlock to join the Defence Force, they stayed in constant but distant contact.

A farm girl from Central Queensland, Tori "Gridlock" Tallyo Fairous learned from an early age that the best way through any hardship is with the help of family. Suffice to say, taking on a more formal role as an officer in the SASR hasn't been one of her top priorities, despite the many attempts made to promote her. Gridlock is the Attacker.

Max "Mozzie" Goose is her opposite. Affectionately known as a "show pony" there's no mistaking when he walks into a room. He can talk for hours about the wild stunts he's pulled..... But at the end of the day it's his exceptional work ethic and ability to integrate with any team that made him a candidate for Rainbow. Mozzie is the Defender.


A new season is coming to Rainbow Six Siege, kicking off the fourth year of ongoing support and regular updates for the tactical first-person shooter. Operation Burnt Horizon brings the action to Australia, introducing Gridlock, an Attacker who can deploy damaging clusters of spikes on the floor; Mozzie, a Defender who can hack the attacking teams’ drones and use them for his own intel-gathering; and a new map called Outback. Read on to learn more about how each Operator’s gadget works, and get some insight into the new map layout to start planning your strategies.

Gridlock bolsters the attacking team’s area denial capabilities with her Trax Stingers. Throw one on the ground, and it immediately starts deploying clusters of Defender-damaging spikes in a radial pattern. Each Stinger produces quite a lot of spike clusters, allowing you to really jam up a staircase or a hallway, or cover a large area of a room. Attackers can traverse the spikes without hindrance, but Defenders who dare to tread on them will take damage, be slowed down, and make noise. 

Trax Stingers allow Gridlock to obstruct flanking routes, or surround a planted defuser with a defensive perimeter. Toss a Trax Stinger through a hatch or between floorboards to exert some pressure from above, or lob one into an area where you know a Defender is hiding to put them in a prickly position.

Though Jäger’s ADS gadget can’t affect Gridlock’s gadget, Attackers can simply destroy the clusters of spikes with bullets, explosives, or melee attacks. If they manage to shoot the Stinger device while it is deploying, they can prevent some or all of the clusters from spawning. Keep in mind, though, that all of these actions are noisy, and you risk alerting the attacking team to your whereabouts. And since the attacking team now includes Gridlock, with her F90 assault rifle or her M249 LMG, you might want to think twice about attracting attention. 

On the other side of the Siege is Mozzie, a Defender who figures there’s no reason to bring his own drones to the fight when he can just steal someone else’s. Armed with his trusty Pest Launcher, Mozzie can hack the Attacking team’s drones and make them his own. Yes, this includes Twitch drones. He can capture them in two ways:

Shooting a Pest directly on to a drone. Mute can be very helpful in getting drones to stay still, but if you miss your shot, you can always pick up your Pest and try again. Shooting a Pest onto a surface and creating an ambush. The Pest will pounce on any drone that cruises inside its ambush radius and hack it.

Each Pest can hack one drone and add it to Mozzie’s fleet. Once a drone is hacked, Mozzie is free to do drone things, like drive, jump, use shock charges, tag enemies, and park it in sneaky spots. He can’t pick drones up, and if he drives one outside for more than a few seconds, he’ll lose the hack and the drone will be lost, even to its original owner. Each drone Mozzie keeps in play is a valuable new intel source that joins the Defender camera feed for all to see. 

Defenders who are used to shooting drones on sight will be happy to know there is a special glowing outline to show them which drones are hacked by Mozzie, while Attackers will have to look for the telltale blue light to recognize turncoat drones, or bring IQ along to sniff any traitors. Attackers can regain access to the camera feed of a hacked drone with a Dokkaebi hack, but the drone will remain under Defender control. In order to avoid losing drones, Attackers can watch for the red warning light in their drone view that indicates a Pest is nearby, and this is another way that Mozzie makes Attackers burn more time and attention on drones. And while their attentions are elsewhere, Mozzie is more than happy to take advantage with his P10 Roni automatic pistol, or his Commando 9 assault rifle.

The new map in play is Outback, a roadhouse in the middle of the sunburnt country where travelers rest and refuel before venturing out into the bush. It’s comprised of three main buildings joined together in an L-shape. Each one has color-coded accents to help you get oriented as you navigate from the garage (blue) through the restaurant (green) and into the motel (yellow). There’s a stuffed shark, a rodeo bull, and a host of other landmarks to help with callouts, as well as plenty of breakable walls and floors for our two new Operators to destroy using their Super Shorty shotgun sidearms. 


🔶Ash: Losing ACOG on her R4-C🔶
🔶Maverick: Increase swap time between Torch & weapons🔶
🔶Dokkaebi: After 18 seconds, phone calls will hang up on their own
Being in range of a Mute jammer will prevent her from calling you
Walking in range of Mute jammers will hang up phone calls during the call🔶
🔶Capitão: Increasing area of effect size & Reducing damage per tick from 19 to 12🔶
🔶Clash: Removing Muzzle Brake on Machine Pistol🔶
🔶Lesion: Reduced Gu Mines damage per tick from 8 to 4🔶
🔶Breaching Charges: Deployment animation is much faster
Damage on Attacker's side is reduced from 150 to 50
Damage area of effect on Defender side is increased
Lethal damage area of effect on Defender side is reduced🔶
🔶Reworking Deployable Shield🔶
🔶Looking to address Shield Operators🔶
🔶Lion's Rework is in progress🔶
🔶Bring Glaz back to his original state🔶
🔶Working out some kinks with Blitz🔶
🔶Hibana Elite Set coming March 6th🔶

I'll be sure to update this post as I know more information! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


LV.30 Mod

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POPULAR New R6 Chibi Figurines! (Pre-order today!)

The Ubisoft Store proudly presents the third wave of operator chibis. Five new figurines are now available for pre-order, and each comes with a unique code to unlock exclusive content in Rainbow Six Siege. All five figurines are 4” tall, made of vinyl, and can be found on the Ubisoft Store. When you pre-order all five operators, you will receive a Gold Caveira for free! Hurry and pre-order today before they sell out!

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Meet the new operators:


Taina “Caveira” Pereira aka the brutal interrogator is a Defending operator, from the Brazilian BOPE unit. Beware this troublemaker, as she has an incredibly silent step and is a very resourceful operator. With the help of her special weapon the “Luison”, she can neutralize an opponent and conduct an interrogation all whilst remaining undetected.


Elżbleta “Ela” Bosak is a polish Defending Operator, from Poland’s Special Forces, GROM. As an expert in Countering Threat Networks, Ela is the perfect addition to any squad who seeks to dismantle supply routes and extract Intel from their opponents. Ela is a determined, creative, adventure-craving soldier with an impressive range of skills and a fiery temperament. Beware her (Grzmot) Concussion Mines!


Chul Kyung Hwa, codenamed Vigil, is a Defending Operator for the 707th Special Mission Battalion.  Don’t let his social awkwardness fool you for a second, Vigil is a diligent, methodical and tenacious operator. His Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7) makes him invisible to camera feeds, drones and surveillance cameras. Thus, virtually undetectable.


Dominic “Bandit” Brunsmeier once infiltrated the Hannover Hells Angels as an undercover agent. Now, Bandit is a Defending Operator for a German counter-terrorism and special operations unit. Bandit is a prankster with exceptional repurposing skills and an affinity for shock wire, more specifically, the crude electrical device (CED-1).


Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon is a French Attacking Operator for the GIGN, a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. Expert technologist, Twitch has no problem using her gadgets to deliver electric shocks to hostile forces and their traps. Try and stay clear of her Shock Drone, sparks may fly literally!


LV.30 Mod