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POPULARRainbow 6: Siege 101 - Did you know....

We all know that issue too well.
You’re playing Jackal on Bank an the opponent is defending Open Office. You’re rappelling on the roof to have a look through the skylight near Conference Room - Jackpot!
You notice a ton of footprints of defenders that wanted to reinforce the hatches in Stock Trading/Hallway and most importantly of roamers that headed for their deep roaming spot somewhere on the 2nd Floor. But the thing has one drawback!

You only know to well that usually defending anchors are reinforcing those aforementioned hatches so there‘s a high risk that one of those belongs to an anchor. In case you do accidentally scan an anchor‘s footprints your whole utility is almost gone, as the scanned anchor will inform his team about your existence and will most likely even be able to call out your position.

So what should you do?
The diagramm above is probably the best "cheat sheet" existing!

Footprints A, B and D are probably not that interesting, because the chances that the footprints belong to a - for Jackal relevant -defender (roamer) are pretty undefined. (i.e. Footprint A belongs to Mute, Doc, Valkerie and Mira. All four of them are usually seen anchoring but it may also happen that Doc or Valkyrie are roaming!)

However if you look at Footprint C you will realize that besides Echo that footprint only matches with roaming defenders!
*Ok, Frost and Lesion are not really roamers.

The best advice I can give for those diehard Jackal mains out here is to learn this diagramm by heart.
If you, for instance reveal a footprint of Type B and you know for sure that there is no Smoke, Castle or Rook in the opponent team then you -obviously- can be sure that you found footprints of Pulse!

Let‘s hunt down some roamers!




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