Blackbeard Is Useless

How's everyone doing today? Welcome to my blog where I will be talking about a game that's been out for the past 3 years and is starting to get more and more popular. The game is called Rainbow Six: Siege and is in a very long line of Tom Clancy games.

Now the thing about this game is that when the developers first started to create this game it was supposed to have a story line to it and the game was originally supposed to be called Rainbow Six: Patriots. After months of not getting anywhere the project was disbanded and they started working on a multiplayer 5 on 5 shooting game. When the game was first released on beta there was a re-spawn option. When a player died after waiting for a specific period of time, they could re-spawn and continue playing. The game developers decided to remove that option due to the disadvantages that it would cause. The game was finally released on December 1st, 2015.

Within a few months of the game being released to now I have spent about let's say a good 2000+ hours on the game between PC and Xbox 1. Playing different operators and trying out new guns and implementing new strategies.

Now there is nothing wrong with the game, the game is absolutely brilliant and I love it, the only problem is that the attacker I used most is the most controversial and probably one of the most useless operators in the game. If you guess that operator being Blackbeard that is correct, if you didn't then well now you know that it's Blackbeard. When Blackbeard was first released, he only had one mountable rifle shield, but the shield had a 800 hit point which was eventually nerfed to 150 hit points but was given two shields instead of just one, but that wasn't enough apparently for he was nerfed again and this time both his shields hitpoints went from 150 to 60.

If y'all are wondering what that means or why this is important watch the videos below.

Alright, moving on. The shield health reduction wasn't the only nerf that Blackbeard was hit by. When Blackbeard was first introduced his MK-17 AR (SCAR-H) had a damage out put of 52 with I won't say a lot of recoil, but for the gun with that much damage output the recoil was understandable. After the nerf the damage output went down to 42 and the recoil was increased. Not much was done to his SR-25 his Marksman Rifle or DMR as the damage output was reduced from 75 to 72 and the recoil was altered slightly. His ADS times were increased as well, going from .3 seconds to .7 seconds when standing still and .4 seconds to I believe .8 or .9 seconds when running.

Now people are saying, oh stop crying and stop being such a baby. Blackbeard was too OP and needed a nerf, he was almost impossible to play against, etc. Which is true yes, I will agree when Blackbeard was first released he was so busted that he had to be nerfed. ‪I being a Blackbeard main agree that when he was first released he was absolutely busted and needed nerfs. You want to nerf his ADS time that's fine, you want to nerf his shield that's fine too, but dont nerf him to the point where he is absolutely fucking useless. I won't complain about the changes to his ADS, but I will compain about his shield and his gun(s). His MK-17 damage reduction should have gone from 52 to 45 and his recoil should have been increased just slightly and his D-50 Pistol (Desert Eagle) should be removed and he should be equipped with a different pistol, the pistol is besides the point but anyways moving on. His shield needs more hit points. There are times where I can't even peak a window without getting my shield broken in two shots before seeing the enemy. How is one supposed to play Blackbeard the way he was intended when his shield is a piece of paper and get's destroyed instantly?


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P.S. People who say that Blackbeard is still OP have never felt the pain of having their Main Operator bee constantly nerfed over the past two years only cause they are “TOO OP”. Man when you nerf a champ to the point where he can’t even do what he was originally intended to do you know there’s a problem. Every time I try to peak a windows, I don’t even get a chance to ADS on the enemy before my shield is broken and or my shield is broken and I’m dead. I mean I love Blackbeard to death cause I’ve been using him since his official release when Operation Dustline came out. I have I believe almost 200+ hours on PC on Blackbeard and I may sound like a “Salty Blackbeard Main” but either remove him or rework him STOP NERFING HIM!!!! Next nerf will be him shooting a water gun with a piece of Saran Wrap wrapped around it.

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PopularWhy Blackbeard isn’t actually trash and you should stop calling him that

First let me start off by addressing that I know nerfbeard is a thing but I feel for lots of people they take it too seriously and end up thinking of him as a bad operator which is untrue. I also understand that Blackbeard isn’t for everyone but even if you don’t like him he is still an objectively good operator.

Ok now to the real stuff. First off Blackbeard’s shield is not plastic wrap it is an actual useful shield and if used correctly it can make up for your enemies bad ping.
Ex: guy in Japan tries to play ela to take advantage of his ping. He decides to peek you and his ping only gives enough time to destroy your shield as you land that clean headshot.

Blackbeard also can make it impossible for defenders to go through certain places. If he can get himself holding an angle that peeks a common rotation then whoever is trying to get back to the obj is majorly fucked because even if they shoot back they won’t have enough time to kill the shield then you and again you will get another easy kill

Now on to pro league. He gets banned in pro league almost if not the same amount of times that either thermite or hibana do and they are both operators that are 100% necessary to do anything in this game. Not only that Blackbeard’s are also the spearhead of most offense strategies often getting to an important peek and holding so that the rest of the offense feels comfortable. Not only that but he often gets many kills. One example being the noble versus sk gaming match where Heavy was mvp for noble and he was top fragger by playing almost exclusively Blackbeard on attack.

That’s about all I have to say.
FYI I was inspired to my this post by thotdestroyer79 I think that’s his name. He was honestly fed up with Blackbeard’s unjust hate so I thought I should set the record straight for most people.

A great clip by Smokelicense proving my point well



Toxicity - Taking the carrot-and-stick approach

Hey fellow operators,

a long while ago another user already made a post about toxicity, in greater detail: why nobody should be banned, simply because of being toxic.
But that being already a while ago I, unfortunately, forgot the user‘s name.

However I want to continue the topic and would like to take you on a trip to another multiplayer game to show you how toxicity is handled there:

League of Legends.

Don‘t be afraid I will make it short! In League of Legends there‘s a certain „honoring system“.
What it does is pretty simple:
Next to your normal level, there‘s also a Honor-Level, which increases when you receive honors by your teammates. The higher your Honor-Level, the more likely it is to randomly get loot after matches.

You can receive honors during the ending screen, after you finished a match, but you can also choose one teammate to honor yourself.
You have three options when choosing to honor a teammate:

Honor for Teamwork

Honor for being a friendly teammate

Honor for being helpful

But now let‘s return to Siege. What do I mean by taking the carrot-and-stick approach?

I really think the honoring system should be included into Siege as players will have to decide.
Will they decide for the stick and continue being toxic being excluded from the great rewards of the honoring system or will they decide for the carrot and benifit from a lot of rewards (maybe an increased alpha-pack chance, etc.) provided by their honoring level?

If I had to make a guess why Siege is being so toxic at the moment it‘s simply because only victory is rewarded! People are hacking because they want/need to win, people tk each other to vent their frustration for not winning the previous round, people kick low-leveled players out because those make it harder to win.

I‘d hope a honoring system inplemented into Siege would change the mindsets of the players.
Maybe players will start being friendly instead of toxic because they want to increase their honor level so bad.

However I‘d really like to know your opinion about the honoring system! Which rewards would you give players who have a high honor level? Should every level-up on your honor level increase your chance to get a legendary alpha pack?
Or do you generally have a different idea how to decrease toxicity in Siege?

Feel free to comment down below.
Talking about toxicity, I‘d like to friendly remind you guys to refrain from insulting each other (for whatever reason). Respect their opinion and they will also respect yours.

Have fun sieging y‘all!




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Protect your account against Hackers: The 2-Step Verification

Hey Operators,

Hacking is nothing new to Siege, but yet another youtuber caught a blatant hacker on stream revealing the whole severty of those scammer‘s deceitful actions.

I will link the video at the bottom of this post, because that guy was showing how to handle a hacker in your own team in a very exemplary manner.

The good thing is that Ubisoft did actually introduce an option to efficiently protect your account: The 2-Step Verification!

What the 2-Step Verification does is it adds an extra layer of security to your account!
If you follow the second link I will put at the bottom of this post, you can connect your phone with your Uplay-Account.

However once you activated the 2-Step Verification you will be asked to enter a randomly generated code, which was sent to the phone connected to your Uplay-Account, everytime you log into Uplay in the future.

Like that every scammer who managed to find out your ID and password will fail, because he has no acces to the unique code sent to your phone.
Another advantage is, if once you receive a code without having logged into your Account you will know somebody tried hacking it - so you can quickly come to actions.

We all put a lot of effort (and money) into Rainbow Six: Siege, so we should really care about the security of our accounts.

- MrWallManMain


Enable 2-Step Verification here:


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