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Popular[READ ME FIRST] Lounge Rules, FAQs, Helpful Links + Discord Server Invite

Welcome to the Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge!
This Lounge is where our community can band together to discuss and share our love for Rainbow Six: Siege.
To establish and retain a fulfilling, rewarding, and ultimately enjoyable experience within our Lounge and the Moot community as a whole, we expect every member to abide by the following rules. They are enforced by the Mod team, and the rules will exist both within our Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge, and our Discord server.
By continuing to use the Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge, you are agreeing that you have read this post in its entirety. All rules and content within this post are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.
* If you have questions/concerns, please either add it in the comments or join our Discord and reach me via the support channel.
01/03/18: Captains Log: It's now become apparent that these rules are not being read, or followed, so, expect confusion when posts disappear or if you are suddenly unable to post in the Lounge. I won't spend time explaining why your post was deleted if it's obvious you didn't read the rules.
Due to Rainbow Six: Siege being an M-rated game, the rules regarding the use of language will be a bit lighter in our Lounge. Use of common profanity is expected and will be tolerated. Incessant, degrading, racist, vulgar or repetitious use of profanity as a whole, including profanities to insult will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately, following a warning or a ban. See Rule 4 for more.
1. No advertisement.
This is a simple rule - to stop people coming here to ask for subscribers or followers, or to check out your channel. This is a community-based lounge - not a place to farm views or clicks for your personal content. If you wish to share a clip, you can add a video via an attachable file or by providing a link on our Highlights Board.
Any and all posts regarding advertisements in any form will be immediately deleted without warning. These are including but not limited to: YouTube Channels, Twitch Channels, Discord servers, other applications via reward and/or referral links, etc.*
*There are channels for self-promo in our Discord server.
2. No “Carry Me”, farming/cheesing, or cheating posts.
No posts regarding carrying, farming event items or cheesing mechanics - any posts including this content will be deleted without warning.
No posts enforcing, promoting, or showcasing cheating in any form - any posts including this content will result in deletion of the content, followed by an immediate ban without warning.
3. Place your posts on the correct Board.
Failure to place your posts within the correct Categories will see the posts be moved or deleted without warning. Multiple, continued failures to post on the correct Board will result in following incorrect posts being deleted without warning, and a brief ban.
GENERAL is to be used for general discussion.
HIGHLIGHTS is for replays, shares of your plays, and the like.
MEMES are for memes. Pretty straightforward. Keep it quality. Easy on the spam.
ART is for art, and original non-highlight content. Try to credit original artists.
TIPS is for gameplay tips, sharing strategies, and so on.
4. Be friendly, show respect and care to all of our members.
This is a very simple rule to understand, and the lengths of which it will reach is grounded in common sense. Be friendly to all users, including new players, other members of Moot, the moderators, and so on.
There will be absolutely zero tolerance for flaming, witch hunting (name-shaming, doxxing), racism, sexism, intolerable language and use of extreme vulgarity.
5. Keep all discussions about Rainbow Six: Siege.
Another simple rule. Any content not directly relating to Rainbow Six: Siege will be deleted without warning. This includes memes and their content.
5,1. Refrain from the posting of “non-content”, including low-effort posts and spam posts.
We hope for, expect, and would like to promote inciteful, full and explorable content for users from all periods of joining Moot to take an interest in reading or participating in. To help establish this, any post relating to, or not relating to Rainbow Six: Siege that is low-effort or considered non-content by the mods may be subsequently removed without warning.
This includes but is not limited to: poor or unfair polls, posts with no body content, caps-locked posts, incoherent posts, grammatically fragmented posts and/or simply posting without merit, posting "add me" advertisements, no-topic posts with zero conversational value, farm/item quick-squad acquisition posts.
Please be sure to post your memes ON the Meme Board and to be certain you are on the right Board prior to posting. Memes wandering off from that Board will carry the potential to be deleted without warning. Have care in your posts!
LFG posts should be placed in this thread:
If not, they have the potential to be removed without warning. Be careful!
6. No nudity or explicit content.
More simple rules. Keep it classy in here. No explicit or vulgar content. No highly suggestive themes, including 'thicc' memes. Any violations of this rule will be met with an immediate and permanent ban of the Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge.
Finally, if you find other users breaking any of the aforementioned rules, report them.
This is more or less up to the discretion of our users, and we implore that you report where you see it. You may either report it via Moot's report button on individual posts or if you want a more direct approach and potentially faster response, you use the support channel on our Discord.
After a lengthy and frankly exhausting string of repeat-offences (see gif above), I figured I would outline how the bans will be doled out and how to so easily avoid them.
1. Read the rules, and follow them.
Easy. SO easy. It's very obvious when a user hasn't read them.
2. Multiple repeat-offences, or, failure to follow basic guidelines after warnings.
This is for those of you who are having a hard time coping with step 1. I understand this is a lengthy post, but, it takes only a few minutes to read - and then you can be on your merry way posting top-tier content to share with the rest of us here on Moot.
Rule 5,1 states that some posts, especially low-effort posts will be deleted without warning. The general idea of what "low-effort" encompasses is also outlined. This is for content/spam control. We are a community of taste.
3. Failure to understand your ban, understand/follow the rules (if you read them), or flaming/antagonizing moderators/admins in light of your ban will result in... A ban.
This takes us back to the glorious incandescence of rule 4. This is a community where people are implored to discuss Rainbow Six: Siege. Have some fun doing it! Go talk to some users, make some connections, make friends, play games! You can bring great content to our Lounge, and be a part of our awesome ever-growing userbase.
As I woefully read in a post once, "They didn't even read it, just deleted it."
This is highly untrue, as our mod team must go through each and every single post and be certain that it pertains to both the Lounge rules and the Moot Content Policy. Any posts that don’t abide by these very simple and easy-to-follow criteria are deleted.
The following is a fluid set of FAQs that will be updated as frequently as I can add to it, so be sure to check it often - chances are it has an answer to what you’re looking for before you post.
If not, post away!
“Why did my post get moved?”
It was moved because it was originally posted on the wrong Board. Be sure to check where you are posting, and what you’re posting before submitting.
“Why did my post/poll/meme/etc. get deleted?”
It was deleted because of the following:
- It was against/contained material against the rules of the Lounge.
- It was against/contained material against the Moot Content Policy.
- It was low-effort/non-content/low-quality/spam.
- It was one of the many, many meme reposts.
“Does anyone [here] play on Xbox/PS4/PC?”
I would certainly hope so - unless they’re just die-hard fans of Rainbow Six: Siege and wanted to share their passion for it with us here on Moot.
“Why was I banned?”
- Your post(s) was against/contained material against the rules of the Lounge.
- Your post(s) was against/contained material against the Moot Content Policy.
- You are a repeat-offender of low-effort/non-content/low-quality/spam.
We’ll all do our best, though we’re not Ubisoft Customer Support! Before you post anything that should be directed to them, please try searching first! That being said - ANYBODY who has answers, support, or help for your fellow users should please do their best to answer the questions the best they can. We’re a community, after all.
OFFICIAL Rainbow Six: Siege Customer Support
Player Database
Rainbow Six: Siege Interactive Tactical Board
Map Database
Rainbow Six: Siege OFFICIAL Code of Conduct
Player/Cheating Report
My Discord handle: Rue#7614
moot Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge Discord:
I implore all our members to join the Discord server and be an active part of our community in there, as well as here - Discord will allow us to connect easier via voice chat, as well as better instantaneous replies for LFGs, and so on.
Our Discord server has an open support channel, for those of you who need to contact a moderator ASAP or would prefer a private setting. Upon joining the server, you can find "support" on the left-hand side near the top.
Any fellow moderators within our Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge are welcome to accept moderator positions within the Discord server, should they choose to join it. moderation within the Discord server will apply only to our moot Rainbow Six: Siege mods. Mods, if you do join, please DM me on Discord so we can authenticate it's you.
Let's make this the best Lounge on moot!
- Rue
**Many thanks to Zmurfus of the Fortnite Lounge for permission to template his rule page layout.**