Users of the Rainbow Six Lounge: Please Read

Hey Operators,
I want us all to be on the same page regarding a few things.
After a users' (and others, in the past) rather uncouth display of misunderstanding the Lounge rules - and more importantly, the Content Policy of Moot, I felt that I should offer a light refresher to how it works.
Firstly, here are the rules of the Rainbow Six Lounge:
This at first glance seems like a long post, and, it is, kind of. It's for quality control.
We, the community, cherish this Lounge and the content within it. Managing the posts and comments within it is a task that we all participate in, even if you're only casually using Moot. It is very important that you read the rules - and more importantly - understand them. If you are confused or curious about any of the rules, you are welcome to ask on the Rules by commenting.
The Mods are a part of the community, too, and they do their best to keep the quality of the Lounge in tip-top shape. As we've created the rules, we also abide by them. No moderator is going out of their way to ruin your day. And, if for some reason you're confused about a post being moved, or deleted - just ask us.
Secondly, I want to be sure you're all aware of Moot's Content Policy:
It is very short - much easier to sift through than the Lounge rules!
Due to the aforementioned recent confusions, I want to highlight certain points of the Content Policy, of which is global across Moot, all of its Lounges, and the Incubator - it is not restricted to one specific area.
Posts in Rainbow Six see a high volume of relocation and deletion on a regular basis, this is totally normal. As stated, this is by no means to mess with your posts. This is to abide by the rules we, as mods, must reinforce. In particular, posts in Rainbow Six fall under removal due to these points in the Content Policy:
Content that will be prohibited on Moot:
- All forms of threatening, harassment, bullying, and encouragement of any harmful actions
- Spam
Behavior that will be prohibited on Moot:
- Asking for any form of voting
- Creating multiple accounts to avoid punishment
We have many ways of enforcing these rules, many of which would include:
- Sending a message asking to stop (warning)
- Removal of offensive content
- Adding a temporary suspension to the account
- Permanent ban of the account
Finally, for the users who are the most concerned, or whom of which may still be confused up until this point in the post, I want you to read the very, very last line in the Content Policy:
Lounge rules will be created and managed by moderators.
This brings us full circle.
To conclude,
The mods are a part of the community, just like you. We're here to help you, and Moot, and each other. We're on your team, and we greatly appreciate every single one of you.
Without you users, the Moot community wouldn't be as amazing as it is.



Welcome to the Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge!
This Lounge is where our community can band together to discuss and share our love for Rainbow Six: Siege.
To establish and retain a fulfilling, rewarding, and ultimately enjoyable experience within our Lounge and the Moot community as a whole, we expect every member to abide by the following rules. They are enforced by the Mod team, and these rules will be enforced within our Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge
Before proceeding, please be sure to read over Moot's Content Policy:
By continuing to use the Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge, you are agreeing that you have read this post in its entirety. All rules and content within this post are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.
Due to Rainbow Six: Siege being an M-rated game, the rules regarding the use of language will be a bit lighter in our Lounge. Use of common profanity is expected and will be tolerated. Incessant, degrading, racist, vulgar or repetitious use of profanity as a whole, including profanities to insult will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately, following a warning or a ban. See Rule 4 for more.
1. Self-Promotion of your unique content goes on the Self Promotions Board.
This is a simple rule - as a community-based lounge, we hope you do not use it to farm views or clicks for your personal content. If you wish to share your content, you can paste links/attach files and post them in the Promotions board. Links will embed - give it a second and you're good to go!
Any and all posts regarding advertisements in any form will be immediately deleted without warning.
Try to follow these guidelines when posting to our Self Promotions board:
- Keep it related to Rainbow 6. Your channel itself may not be totally R6, but if you're promoting your content on the board, please be sure that the content you're promoting is related to Rainbow 6.
- Please do not spam your channel, or content. Give everyone a chance to promote their work. Do not heavily repost your work, either - constant reposts won't fly. Everyone deserves a chance to be on page 1.
- Do not flame other users' channels, or discriminate against other peoples' work. If someone asks for a critique, obviously go for it - but don't downtalk someone else's channel in the board. No bueno.
- Be kind to your fellow content-creators! Give them support, just as they hopefully will support you. I know you're all a great bunch.
- Please, no Discord server links/advertisements.
2. No “Carry Me”, farming/cheesing, or cheating posts.
No posts regarding carrying, farming event items or cheesing mechanics - any posts including this content will be deleted without warning.
No posts enforcing, promoting, or showcasing cheating in any form - any posts including this content will result in deletion of the content, followed by an immediate ban without warning.
3. Place your posts on the correct Board.
Failure to place your posts within the correct Categories will see the posts be moved. Multiple, continued failures to post on the correct Board will result in following incorrect posts being deleted without warning, with a possible account timeout.
GENERAL is to be used for general discussion.
LOOKING FOR TEAMMATES is for players who are looking any kind of match up.
HIGHLIGHTS is for replays, shares of your plays, and the like.
MEMES are for memes. Pretty straightforward. Keep it quality. Easy on the spam.
ART is for art, and original non-highlight content. Try to credit original artists!
TIPS is for gameplay tips, sharing strategies, and so on.
If you're really unsure where to put something, try to use your noggin and just go for it - if worse comes to worst we'll move it for you if need be.
4. Be friendly, show respect and care to all of our members.
This is a very simple rule to understand, and the lengths of which it will reach is grounded in common sense. Be friendly to all users, including new players, other members of Moot, the moderators, and so on.
There will be absolutely zero tolerance for flaming, witch hunting (name-shaming, doxxing), racism, sexism, intolerable language and use of extreme vulgarity.
5. Keep all discussions about Rainbow Six: Siege.
Another simple rule. Any content not directly relating to Rainbow Six: Siege will be deleted without warning. This includes memes and their content.
5,1. Refrain from the posting of “non-content”, including low-effort posts and spam posts.
We hope for, expect, and would like to promote inciteful, full and explorable content for users from all periods of joining Moot to take an interest in reading or participating in. To help establish this, any post relating to, or not relating to Rainbow Six: Siege that is low-effort or considered non-content by the mods may be subsequently removed without warning.
This includes but is not limited to: posts with no body content, caps-locked posts, incoherent posts, grammatically fragmented posts and/or simply posting without merit.
Please be sure to post your memes ON the Meme Board and to be certain you are on the right Board prior to posting. Memes wandering off from that Board will carry the potential to be deleted without warning. Have care in your posts!
6. No nudity or explicit content.
More simple rules. Keep it classy in here. No explicit or vulgar content. No highly suggestive themes, including 'thicc' memes. Any violations of this rule will be met with an immediate and permanent ban of the Rainbow Six: Siege Lounge.
Finally, if you find other users breaking any of the aforementioned rules, report them.
This is more or less up to the discretion of our users, and we implore that you report where you see it. You may report it via Moot's report button.
After a lengthy and frankly exhausting string of repeat-offences (see gif above), I figured I would outline how the bans will be doled out and how to so easily avoid them.
1. Read the rules, and follow them.
Easy. SO easy. It's very obvious when a user hasn't read them.
2. Multiple repeat-offences, or, failure to follow basic guidelines after warnings.
This is for those of you who are having a hard time coping with step 1. I understand this is a lengthy post, but, it takes only a few minutes to read - and then you can be on your merry way posting top-tier content to share with the rest of us here on Moot.
Rule 5,1 states that some posts, especially low-effort posts may be deleted without warning. The general idea of what "low-effort" encompasses is also outlined. This is for content/spam control. We are a people of taste, such like yourself.
3. Failure to understand/follow the rules (if you read them), or flaming/antagonizing moderators/admins in light of your ban will result in... A ban.
This takes us back to the glorious incandescence of rule 4. This is a community where people are implored to discuss Rainbow Six: Siege. Have some fun doing it! Go talk to some users, make some connections, make friends, play games! You can bring great content to our Lounge, and be a part of our awesome ever-growing userbase.
As I woefully read in a post once, "They didn't even read it, just deleted it."
This is highly untrue, as our mod team must go through each and every single post and be certain that it pertains to both the Lounge rules and the Moot Content Policy. Any posts that don’t abide by these very simple and easy-to-follow criteria are deleted.
The following is a fluid set of FAQs that will be updated as frequently as I can add to it, so be sure to check it often - chances are it has an answer to what you’re looking for before you post.
If not, post away!
“Why did my post get moved?”
It was moved because it was originally posted on the wrong Board. Be sure to check where you are posting, and what you’re posting before submitting.
“Why did my post/poll/meme/etc. get deleted?”
It was deleted because of the following:
- It was against/contained material against the rules of the Lounge.
- It was against/contained material against the Moot Content Policy.
- It was low-effort/non-content/low-quality/spam.
- It was one of the many, many meme reposts.
You can also check this thread out for some helpful tips about deleted content:
“Does anyone [here] play on Xbox/PS4/PC?”
I would certainly hope so - unless they’re just die-hard fans of Rainbow Six: Siege and wanted to share their passion for it with us here on Moot.
“Why was I banned?”
- Your post(s) was against/contained material against the rules of the Lounge.
- Your post(s) was against/contained material against the Moot Content Policy.
- You are a repeat-offender of low-effort/non-content/low-quality/spam.
We’ll all do our best, though we’re not Ubisoft Customer Support! Before you post anything that should be directed to them, please try searching first! That being said - ANYBODY who has answers, support, or help for your fellow users should please do their best to answer the questions the best they can. We’re a community, after all.
OFFICIAL Rainbow Six: Siege Customer Support
Player Database
Rainbow Six: Siege Interactive Tactical Board
Map Database
Rainbow Six: Siege OFFICIAL Code of Conduct
Player/Cheating Report
Let's make this the best Lounge on moot!
- Rue


If you want peace prepare for war: Operation Para Bellum [consorting with Get_Flanked]

With Operation Para Bellum launching somewhen in June 2018 a new dawn rises over the dark times of Operation Chimera. There will be many new exciting content, changes and buffs coming with the next season, which I will definitely be looking forward to.

I want to use this opportunity to talk a little bit about what, for me, was so frustrating about Operation Chimera and what expectations I have on Operation Para Bellum.

First of all I wanted to ask, did anyone else realize how toxic the R6-community became during Operation Chimera? Of course there are black sheeps in every online game, but especially in midseason it was nearly unbearable! At first it were those players who wete picking shield operators to abuse their protection provided by their shield to randomly tk teammembers, then it were the Caveira players (this is not meant as an insult to any serious Caveira player out here) and finally it were those pulse players abusing their C4 to „get the round to a quicker end“. This problem reached a point where, when Caveira was picked by a mate, I aimed for her head for several seconds just to make sure I would be able to kill her as soon as she starts harming other team members.

To stay fair, I actually was able to relate to those who had to vent their frustration by tking or trolling (at least kind of). As I said Operation Chimera was a pretty frustrating season. There were many glitches like the shield glitch, the invisibility glitch, the glitch, which could allow attackers to walk through indestructible walls, and so on. And if you combine these glitches with the whole attacker favored META (Dokaebi, Lion and Finka) it is reasonable that the one or other looses his temper from time to time.

However even I had a hard time during Operation Chimera. I was probably the only one who resisted the META (Basically the META was playing global ability operators.) I had an overall playtime of 3 h as Lion and as Dokaebi I had even less. With Finka it was a bit different but she was the weakest of all global operators. So the number one thing I kind of learned from Chimera was that I will never again resist any META (Most Effectiv Tactic Available btw) because that was where a huge part of frustration came from.

However to finish things off: All‘s well that end‘s well! Lion got his nerf, so my frustration nearly decreased by 100%.
But what do I expect from Operation Para Bellum?
Hopefully the developers will be able to fix those glitches, it will make a huge part of how enjoyable the new season will be.
Due to all the new content added to the game, there will be a lot new playstyles and tactics and I‘m really excited on how they will work out.
According to the developers the new italian map, something like a villa on a vineyard, will be the most competitive ever. If you ask me this all sound very promising and I‘m absolutely looking forward to it.

So this was kind of all what I wanted to get rid of.
I‘d really like to know if anyone else experienced the toxicity like I did. Are there any Lion mains in here who are actually sad about his nerf?
What‘s your opinion about global operators?
And most importantly: What do you expect from the next season with all the changes and new content? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!



PopularWhy soloqueuing actually isn‘t bad!

So I just randomly got matched with 5 randoms. One I think came from Italy, the other one from France, the third one from Belgium and the fourth one to be honest I have no idea of. No matter where we came from we all communicated in English. We were kind of the most exemplary team Rainbow 6 could offer. We were all about lv80-120 so we all share the same skill level.

Well I don‘t want to spoil anything but we lost the match narrowly. After this experience I took a while and reflected on what was going so badly wrong.
We all made perfect callouts, that wasn‘t the thing. Also we discussed at the beginning of every round which operators we would need so we had a perfect team composition as well. So the only explaination I found for why we were actually losing was kind of related to our mindsets, or especially my mindset!
I‘m not quite sure but I think if I had muted the 4 others of my team things would have gone slightly different. To call things by its name: I think I would have won the match if that would have been a normal soloqueue match.
The thing is when you are soloqueuing you play different, than when playing with a full squad.
Like for example when I‘m soloqueuing I usually seperate from the rest of my team as soon as possible because I have my own routine and I have my mains which perfectly fit into this routine.
This routine probably comes from the experience I made that I mustn‘t trust any team mates. Basically when I see a team mate droning out a room I take my drone to drone it out a second time because I don‘t know how precisely my team mate was droning.
So what exactly happened when I was on that random 5 man squad? Basically I turned off my natural insticts from soloqueuing!
When a team mate droned out a room and after that said: „The room is clear!“ I trusted him blindly, and followed him without droning out the room a second time like I usually do! This eventually led to the both of us rushing into a room which was guarded by a defender who patiently camped at a spot where my team mate didn‘t look at when droning.

And that experience I just made is the perfect proof of that soloqueuing actually isn‘t bad.
Soloqueuing helps you evelope your own game sense without other team members telling you what to do.
What I basically leared from that experience is that I mustn‘t ever again trust a teammate blindly (wether he has a headset or not). This isn‘t meant to sound rude, but it‘s always better to be twice as careful than twice as sloppy.
So when, next time, you desperately post into the LFG section that you incredibly desire to have a full squad, take a rest and think about it first :) Soloqueuing has more advantages than one might think and my experience is the perfect proof of how bad it can turn out to have a full squad.



PopularNew smonk headgear


PopularGaming Advice: Please Reinforce Responsibly

This post is primarily directed to newer players. Recently I saw alot of players who just reinforce any wall in their reach, which isn‘t bad, of course but it can do a lot of harm to your teammates. (Some walls can be used as rotation spots/ambush). So there are several things I‘d like to explain.
Firstly considering BOMB mode: Don‘t reinforce walls in between the bomb spots, these are always meant to be opened by shotguns or impact grenades so the enemy can‘t enter the second objectiv room undetected.
Secondly condidering specific OPERATORS: Mostly it is MIRA who wants to reinforce ONE wall but leave to other wall unreinforced so she can put her mirrow on the reinforced wall and shot through the unreinforced wall as soon as she spots an enemy. So if you see a Mira, just wait and see what she is up to, before you reinforce any wall!
Thirdly, if you see a wall is OPENED or has a HOLE in it, don‘t reinforce that wall! It means that either that wall is used as a ROTATION SPOT for the ally roamer to SAFELY RETURN into the objective room or as an AMBUSH for the enemy (Trap-Operators like Frost and Lesion could have set her traps right underneath it)
GENERALLY in case you don‘t know if a wall needs to be reinforced: WAIT and look if somebody else is trying to do something with the wall. Most players will use the PING to indicate that walls need to be reinforced and if you are still not sure you can of course go on to reinforce but be ATTENTIV of your surroundings. Most players will try to show you that you mustn‘t reinforce that wall by pressing the KNIFE-BUTTON which leaves a hissing sound. As soon as you see and hear such things, immediately stop and wait to see what your teammate is up to!


PopularMute OP


PopularSmonk the boi


PopularStory mode for Siege (idea)

I was thinking today about an idea I had for an offline story mode for Siege. I personally think it’s a good idea but what do you guys think? The format is also loosely based off BF1 campaign. I just want a story mode because the situations are pretty boring tbh.

So there will be multiple sections of the story mode. There will be a story mode for each counter terrorism group and you can enter the story mode for say GIGN as an example. The story mode includes the operator growing up and going through training and their first deployment (back story). Each story will take around a few hours to complete and you get cut senes along with a lot of game play in each story. After completing each story for one operator you get rated on how well you completed the story (1-3 stars). For 1 star you earn 3k renown, 2 stars = 5k renown, 3 stars = 7k renown. But the twist is that every new operator story you unlock in the same counter terrorism group you have to spend 5k renown (that way people keep playing the game and grinding). Every individual CT group you get one free story unlock. And maybe if you earn 3 stars on all stories you could unlock a secret White Masks story?

What could be improved or do you like the idea?

EDIT: After seeing comments I think that once you complete a story for an op you get a headgear skin, body skin, and weapon skin for that op. That way people will be more interested in the story mode. Also the more stars you get on the story the nicer the skin you’ll get.


PopularThis finally worked ?