POPULAR Do you roam?

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Vigil ace

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Ace first round of ranked

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Simple Guide to "PLACING TRAPS"

With properly placed traps, you can easily up your kill and assist count especially with Frost and Kapkan since both their traps can inflict serious amount of damage.
-Place Frost's bears traps at the top of the stairs or behind ground floor windows so they are hoard to see
-If you have a teammate who can place a shield in a door opening, put the bear trap down behind the shield.
-Do not place the bear trap behind a boarded door since it can be very easily spotted.
-Also , don't just place a bear trap on the floor by itself without anything to hide it. They will be spotted easily and quickly.
-However some floor types like beside the stairs in the middle of Border can make it hard to notice.
-Kapkan's EDD works the best on doors with a wall to one side which makes the EDD harder to spot especially because the attacker won't be looking in that direction for possible enemies.
-Place EDD guarding adjacent rooms along a path towards the objective. Attackers will be cautious along this path but they can be tricked when quickly clearing side rooms or stpping into them during a gun battle.
-Do NOT place EDD on external doors or windows. They are the easiest to spot.
-Lesion's Gu mines aren't just a distraction for attackers. They are also an early warning system. Scatter them around the area you want to defend to get a warning when the enemy approaches.
-Place Gu mines on the other side of a boarded door or window and wait for the enemy. As soon as the mine goes off, fire through the opening for the possibility of an easy kill. This works on exterior doors and windows, but you can't place the Gu until the setup portion of the round ends.

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POPULAR Why are you playing ranked??


POPULAR GIGR and S.D.U. - Project015 | Which icon is the best?

"Watch your step" - Enjoy! I am happy to announce that in the next project the remaining operators Maverick and Clash (their icons of course) will be included which will be finished in the next few days. Have an amazing day!
Which icon is your favourite? You don't have to chose if you don't want/can't.

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POPULAR MPS - Project017 | Which icon is the best?

It is finally done - all 47 operators (+ Recruit) are done. Hope you enjoy it. I will continue to draw the icons from the incoming operators. I will draw the next two operator icons in this project as soon as the new ops come out. Have a good day! #icondrawingdulkrosr6

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POPULAR Gamer girls

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POPULAR Which type of player are you?


POPULAR The new danish oparetors.

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POPULAR Remove Fortress from ranked.

Fortress is complete garbage, ive played enough of it to know that i would honestly rather play tower. Upvote this post if you'd like ubi to remove it from ranked.

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POPULAR Finka's Calamity Bundle Available Now!

Be prepared against WMDs with Finka's Calamity Bundle. Unlocks the Chemical Threat uniform and headgear, Raddie charm and Bio Shelter weapon skin for the Spear .308.

(My opinion about this whole thing)
Honestly, I don't like how this looks. The green color is just a nasty choice for her outfit.

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POPULAR My Drawing Of Hibana Elite - Rainbow 6 Art Competition Entry

Completely original drawing of R6 Hibana Elite.

This took me approximately 7½ hours to draw.

Materials and Medium: 3B & 6B Graphite Pencils on Blank A4 Paper.

I hope you like this drawing! If you do make sure to like and comment on this post and follow me for more drawings like this!
- Be sure to let me know what you think!

(I have tried a new drawing style in this artwork so feedback is appreciated so much!)

If you have any requests for future drawings let me know I love to hear all your ideas!

#rainbowsixsiege #drawing #r6 #fanart #rainbow6siege

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POPULAR Art Contest For Rainbow Six Siege (Details Below)

What’s up Mooters and boy, do I have an announcement for you! This week, you will have the opportunity to participate in a contest, right here on Moot. The contest will take place on the Art Board for Rainbow Six Siege. How you do enter? Well it’s simple and easy! Let’s go over a few things first and then, you can go grab your art supplies and go to work!
• 1) How do I win? The winners will be chosen based off creativity, design, and effort that was put forth into the artwork.
• 2) Make sure the drawing or painting is yours. No one likes to see stolen artwork. It just doesn’t look good whatsoever. If you are found to have artwork that isn’t yours, you will be disqualified.
• 3) The contest will run from April 22, 2019 to April 26, 2019. The winners will be chosen on Monday, April 29, 2019.
• 4) There will be a total of 5 winners and up to 1,000 Moot Coins can be won. Each of the 5 people will receive 200 Moot Coins.
• 5) Have fun with it! Go crazy with your drawing or painting!
• 6) Keep the drawing or painting related to Rainbow Six Siege. For example, it could be an operator’s icon, face, gadget, etc. If it pertains to Siege, it will count as a submission.
• 7) On the Art Board, be sure to tag your drawing with the hashtag, ‘#ArtContest’, and from there, I’ll be able to go through them a lot quicker.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, be sure to contact me or an Admin. We’ll be glad to assist you!

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POPULAR First Montage!!!!!!

So guys this is my first montage and you can tell and this was my first time editing so if its choppy sorry ill try to make it better next time. I really hope you like it, and i have more and better clips so if you guys want me to make another montage let me know :)
 Song: Doubles by bbno$
As always love you guys <3 and Enjoy :)

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POPULAR Rate that outfit :) #1

Idea of Rate that outfit goes @Gatorboy45

Press the hashtag for the rest I’ve posted

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POPULAR Rate that outfit #3

Credit for idea
Press the hashtag for the rest I’ve posted

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POPULAR Don’t judge :)

Only thing I clipped recently :) also no sound because I’m playing without game sound for a week ;)

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POPULAR I want to destroy it

LV.12 Looking for teammates!

POPULAR What is your fav r6 operator?

Mine is valk

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POPULAR R6 Gameplay #1

Here it goes, my first gameplay. Still messing around with the edits and all, so it’s not the best. If you guys enjoyed it, then I’ll make another one pretty soon. :)

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POPULAR Keeping this going! Now onto headgears..

I'm having fun making these posts and seeing everyone commenting what your favorites are and up voting makes me happy ^-^ Now we are moving onto headgears,which ones are you favorite(s)? Let me know! My personal favorites are "purple highlight" for Ela and "chalkboard" for Hibana! I'm excited to see the responses..
~~~Also,Thank you all for 100 followers!!~~~

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POPULAR Up vote this ✅

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POPULAR Look like they are in trouble now

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POPULAR Who are you

I got valk who did you get


POPULAR Im bored

My friend is playing so who wants a banner? Tell me you main as well. Plus just finished some hw. Give me specifics.
1. colour
2. logo, character, animal, etc
3. quote
4. any certain layout you want

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POPULAR Do NOT support art thieves pls!

Greetings fellow gamers. You may think: "Of course I don't support them!" but let me explain pls. Some mooters are violating the law of R6 lounge by stealing art and claim to be his/her own. I ask everyone of you to watch out for those posts and do NOT give a like them pls - even you like the artwork. This link shows how to post right if you want to post something you didn't draw.
Taking another ones artwork and claim to be his/her own is just a dickmove.
How to detect stolen artwork you may ask?
Simple watch at the artwork the signature - every artist will write down his/her own and compare it with the moot username. If it's not the same then it is stolen. The thief will probably tell you that they use different names - Don't believe that bullsh*t.
Please have a quick look at the comments to see if someone already has already a prove for stolen artwork. I don't ask you to go searching on the internet for it but please have a quick look at the comments before you comment it. Thank you.
Another way to easily detect stolen artwork is the title of these posts. Most of them are quickly written and don't contain any name for the project. If you see multiple art-posts from the same guy who claims to be his/her own compare the style of those drawings. If they are completly different then they are stolen as well.
Anyway thanks for reading this post and please help us to make moot an fantastic app by not supporting art thieves. Have a good day gamers! Dulkros out. #guidedulkros

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POPULAR Crossplay

Who else thinks there should be crossplatform for r6? There have been so many times that i have tried to play with my friends, but they all play on xbox while i play on pc. I would really like to see a crossplay in the game and i have a feeling a lot of you guys do too. Because pc versus console can be unfair, they could atleast do ps4 and xbox crossplay, or maybe crossplay in parties only, but i think the best option would be to make a crossplay playlist and maybe even a crossplay ranked mode for people to play with friends. The best option though would be only console, and they can only play with pc if they choose. Even if its just custom games, we need crossplay!!

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POPULAR Getting Kicked for No Reason🤦‍♀️

So I’m an Ash Main

And every time I select Ash as my attacker..

I’ll get a “Vote Kick”
And everyone will vote yes for it

I’ve been kicked from like 3 games now just because of Ash

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