HawkZoned HawkZoned LV.15 Chief
Mar 15, 2018, 12:37 AM 667 read

5 Simple LFG Steps to Get You Playing With Others on Moot

Looking for people to play Destiny with and are thinking about posting here? Follow these simple tips to get the most information out there for people who may also be looking! 1. Your Platform (PS4, XB1, PC) 2. What activity are you trying to to? 3. How many slots do you have open? 4. When are you trying to do said activity? 5. How do you want people to contact you? Example: LFG - Leviathan Prestige on PS4 Have 5 slots open, looking to run around 5p EST tonight. Drop your PSNs in the comments. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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