Need someone to do my last mission for the last word

The game would not give my last world forcing me to do the missions over an over again my light is 652

LV.3 Lurker 4mo

The items that you have to grind for is all of them

Because otherwise they vanish in front of you in this game and the never return

LV.7 Bloodhound Main 4mo

Looking for help on malfeasance strike

LV.3 Big Chungus 4mo

Tier 2 of the reckoning: how to complete.

Now I've been playing tier 2 most of the day and haven't gotten anywhere for the simple fact that I don't think no one pays attention to the modifiers. Or there's just the worse part, lack of communication.
Now I get it, you wanna do things your own ways, use your own load outs and subclass to do things. But sometimes that doesn't work, especially in something such as this.
So here's a little guide to kinda help you get a better understanding of of this tier if you were/are having the same issues I was with other players.

Tier 2 of The Reckoning is harder and longer than Tier 1. Make sure you’re close to 670 Power and have a group of friends you can communicate with. Pay attention to the modifiers, and exploit or avoid them as much as possible. Take a long-range build if Blackout is active. Make sure your team has multiple elements during Prism (because only certain elements are effective at certain times).

After you deposit your Mote, you’ll drop in and do Tier 1 as normal, though the enemies will be more difficult in this section. It’s nothing you can’t handle if you’re used to Tier 1 and have high enough Power. After you hit 100 percent Dominance, a door in the back of the arena will open (in place of a boss). Gather your team and run through.

The bridge

You’re now on a bridge floating above a chasm. You need to hold down six points across the bridge to reach the other side. As you stand in each point, waves of Taken will attack.

We recommend taking a Hunter with Tether and a Well of Radiance Warlock to help you survive. Chain Supers and use heavy ammo to get through each section.

After you’ve captured all six pieces of the bridge, the enemies will de-spawn and a portal will open on the far end. Jump through and prepare to run.

Knights and the Hermit

You’ll be in some kind of Ascendant Plane, and ax-swinging Knights will be following you. The map looks like a plus symbol, and each of the four ends can spawn an enemy called the Hermit. Ignore the Knights and chase down The Hermit, who has a green symbol above its head.

Remove the Hermit’s elemental shield with your weapons or abilities, and kill it. When the Hermit dies, a well will spawn in the area. Standing in it will increase your damage against the Knights, who should be your new focus. Use everything you have on the Knights. We recommend Tether and Well of Radiance here. Take a rocket launcher like Wardcliff Coil in your heavy slot.

When the Knights go down, you’ll teleport back to the bank and collect your Tier 2 Gambit Prime armor.

Now take this into advisement or ignore it lol just something to help out fellow guardians get past the struggle.

Eyes up Guardian..

LV.21 S 4mo

Last part of thorn quest help

Please help

LV.5 Lurker 4mo

Can anyone teach me how to raid

I’m level 50 warlock light 506 never done a raid tho

LV.5 Lurker 4mo

Anyone wanna help me out with getting the recluse...?

Id like if someone helped me get the recluse,I just can't seem to be able to find a group

LV.2 Lurker 4mo


I need help completing some forges on PS4.

LV.2 Lurker 4mo

Destiny Story Timeline

LV.24 Insomniac 6mo

POPULAR Destiny 2: Gambit Etiquette

LV.23 Shadow 7mo

Recipes For Eva's Oven!

I saw a reddit page with a full list of recipes + how to earn each material! I also made a collage of every thing too. Made sure to leave the users' name.

LV.24 Insomniac 7mo

Satou’s secret emblem!

I was browsing the twitter and saw a clip on a puzzle to unlock a secret emblem!

Check it out here.

Just a quick reference on what to do.

There is a reddit post with a paper trail on how it was discovered here:

It’s something along the lines of building a map, unsure of the lore at the moment...

Know the lore? Tell us in the comments!!

Go get Dat emblem guardians!


New info from Panda is that this video explains how to get 2 emblems!

LV.27 Wizard 7mo

The Maze

LV.2 Lurker 7mo

How to farm Black Forge DLC weapons early

LV.23 Warrior 8mo

Dreaming City Collectibles/ Site

Image and a wonderful website I came across lastnite

LV.24 Insomniac 9mo

Wall of Wishes Code Images

**At the end is how to get to the wall

LV.24 Insomniac 10mo

Corsair Down Bounty Locations (Garden, Harbinger, & Aphelion)

Don't judge me, ,but for the longest time I had no clue what those Corsair Down drops were until I read about them lol. Now that I know, finding the locations can be annoying since the Dreaming City is kind of maze like. I found a helpful guide to find the locations for each of the bounties that have been found so far.
Garden Locations:
00:06 – Path to the area
00:56 – Corsair Body #01
01:13 – Corsair Body #02
01:36 – Corsair Body #03
01:58 – Corsair Body #04
02:23 – Corsair Body #05
Harbinger Locations:
00:06 – Path to the area
01:00 – Corsair Body #01
01:17 – Corsair Body #02
01:36 – Corsair Body #03
02:00 – Corsair Body #04
02:19 – Corsair Body #05
Aphelion Locations:
00:06 – Path to the area
00:47 – Corsair Body #01
01:19 – Corsair Body #02
01:32 – Corsair Body #03
01:46 – Corsair Body #04
02:06 – Corsair Body #05
Links to the guides:

LV.25 Titan 10mo

Let’s discuss gambit ethics.

So, you wanna play gambit?

Well let a wizard kick you off with some information on proper gambit ethics to keep you winning and blueberry teammates happy.

BE FREAKING AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! By Gandolf man! Some players seriously have no clue outside their own player. There are all sorts of things happening inside a gambit match and it’s up to you to be aware of this! Let’s go into detail.

1) Motes.
Motes motes motes motes motes.
You seriously do not gain anything from being a mote hog. Yes it’s good to collect them of course, but if someone is 1 mote away from a blocker...why pick up the only mote laying around???
Be aware of your teammates motes and allow them to pick up if they are close to a blocker. These are at 5/10/15 motes. 1 off will result in a smaller blocker.

2) know the invasion spawns!
Normally they spawn on opposite sides of your locations. Left, mid, and right.
If you’re the only one on right and 3 people are left and you get invaded...well chances are, you are the first encounter. Better run or have some good skill to win a handicapped 1v1. If you got 15 motes, it’s best to run to other players and hide. Don’t chance the loss. Unless the invader is distracted by another player, it’s Best to remain out of a fight.

3) Look for high priority targets!
Assist your team in killing these for high mote drops! Don’t just ignore the flashy enemies. They are great for a boost in motes.

4) know when the invasion portal spawns.
I know for a fact it spawns in at 25 motes for the first time. Be aware of the enemy team and know when they hit 25 so your team is prepared for invasion. The other invasion portal spawns appear at 50 I believe? And a lot in the primeval stage. Please comment to correct me on this if you know.

5) KiLliNg ThE InVaDEr.
Precision is your best friend in gambit. Snipers and linear fusion rifles melt not only the enemies, but invaders too. Why? Because the invader always spawns in on the opposite side of your team and will most likely be using a sleeper stimulant. Know the charge. Know how to peak. Click on that head.

6) Invading.
Know who has a super ready. Know who has heavy. Let them invade. Don’t be greedy and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT BE THE PERSON WHO JUST PLAYS TO INVADE AND SITS AT THE PORTAL THE ENTIRE MATCH. If this is you, The entire destiny community hates you. Uninstall destiny 2 right now. When you invade, know where the enemy team is at. Know how to stay in cover, and strategically take the team out one at a time. Kill the straggler or position yourself to kill the person with the highest mote collection. Have a wall between you and line of sight from the enemies and rotate after each kill to where only one enemy can shoot at you. Or just cast your super and go ham. Killing someone with 0 motes is absolutely pointless unless the primeval is out.

7) killing the primeval.
When this hunk spawns in, it also brings its groupies. Focus on the groupies. I know! *gasp* I said focus on groupies. Why? Because killing these grants a “buff” to deal more damage. The higher the stack, the more damage you deal to the primeval. With this, you melt the boss much much faster. Stay in the back and use precision weapons. This protects you from the invaders and gives you more time to prepare and eliminate them. Dying heals the primeval a pretty good bit. This can save the match or loose it. Don’t waste your super on him right when it spawns in, use it on the groupies to gain the buffs.

8) Mote tactics.
These can be modified and changed all day long but it’s great when you and your fireteam can summon 4 blockers all at once!
My best tactic, is to have everyone at 5 motes in the beginning, maybe one at 10 and the rest 5. Deposit the motes all at once, and this puts the counter at 20/25 with 4! YES 4 BLOCKERS! This is extremely annoying to kill and get out of the way. And at 25, BOOM. You can invade. Potentially killing those who have motes and gaining the lead.
The next deposit, you can choose to do the same, or, try to Grind and get everyone at 15 motes and drop 4 ogres on them. This will be enough to summon your primeval and keep the enemy at bay for a good minute. Just be wary or that enemy team reaching the 25 mote mark and stopping your progress. This is why it’s good to have one guardian at a time collect the motes to 15 and wait safely for the others. That way you can protect the golden boy from dying by an invader.
This is just one tactic of many. Just because you have enough to summon a primeval doesn’t mean you need too.
Everyone can still drop a max mote load on the enemy at the same time, even if it is at 74/75 mote collection.
That would really screw with the other team. Especially if their primeval is already out.
Which is a whole other tactic. The long game.
Waiting till an enemy team summons a primeval to drop 4 ogres on top of it all? That’s some hard enemies to handle and take out with a prime spawned in with their groupies.
It’s a great way to take the lead and win if you are losing.

Thanks about all I have for gambit at the moment!
If you have anything to add or correct, do so in the comments! What are your favorite tactics???

Way wins be in your favor guardians.

Wizard out 🧙🏼‍♂️🔮

LV.27 Wizard 10mo

Huginn & Muninn - The Secret Vendors of The Dreaming City

I just recently found this fact out myself. Before reading about there being secret vendors in the Dreaming City, I had no idea that they even existed. I was wondering why I was collecting so many materials, but hadn't found a use for them. According to an article from gosunoob, there are secret vendors. The vendors only accept Baryon Boughs as a form of payment for a Charge of Light Tier 2 (25 Baryon) and for a Tincture of Queensfoil (50 Baryon). Muninn sales the Charge of Light and Huginn sales the Tincture of Queensfoil. Here are the locations:
For more details, here's the article:

LV.21 Beast 10mo

How to Get Masterwork Cores More Easily

Do you think that it's an absolute bitch to get Masterwork Cores to upgrade your favorite gear? Well, I totally agree it's an absolute bitch. You've come to the right place because I've got you a good tutorial, that is only 3 minutes & 55 seconds long, that will help you farm for those sweet ass cores. According to the video, you need to go to the Spider, who is located in the Tangled Shore, and you need to buy enough Datalattice to cash in at Failsafe (located in Nessus). Doing this will allow you to recuperate either all or almost all of your Legendary Shards spent on the Datalattice. If you don't get any Masterworks gear, then you just breakdown the legendary gear, and then go get some more Datalattice. Rinse & repeat.

LV.21 Beast 10mo

Last Wish Raid Wall of Wishes Codes

This is one of the reasons why I love the new Forsaken DLC. Forsaken has brought us so many hidden little secrets for us to discover, which is awesome because we now have a good reason to go exploring. it's just like how the Ascendance mission always changes location every week. The current fun secret that I'm talking about is the Last Wish Raid's Wall of Wishes codes. Inputting (by shooting) specific codes will has different effects from cosmetic to warping you to different parts of the raid. For those of you who don't know how to get to the Wall of wishes, you must head left before the Kalli encounter and jump toward the glowing plants. Keep following the glowing plants and jumping to new ledges until you reach the wall. This is what the wall looks like.
Here's an article with screenshots of the codes:

LV.25 Titan 10mo

How to Infuse w/o M/W Cores!

LV.23 Shadow 10mo

Wall of Wishes Unlocks

Will update when more secrets are found!
Helpful hints!
•To get to the wall of wishes, load up the Last Wish raid and continue to the room before the first encounter (Kalli). Instead of starting the encounter, make a left and follow a series of grassy platforms with glowing plants. This will take you directly to the room. To input the code, shoot the panels and stand on the plate when finished!

*Be careful with explosive/ricochet rounds! They can hit other panels unintentionally!I
**The game will give you free primary ammo once you are running low
***As of now, there seems to be no way to return to the wall of wishes after a warp wish besides switching characters or joining someone else's lobby.
****You can still access the chest between the 1st and 2nd encounter after using warp. Free raid loot!
*****The chest from wish 2 requires a glittering key
******With some crafty jumping, you are able to backtrack to get to the chest between the 2nd and 3rd encounter as well

LV.24 Insomniac 10mo

Lost Sector Maps

LV.24 Insomniac 10mo

A Guide to Gambit - An Excellent Guide by YouTuber KackisHD

Before I dive into this mode, after playing the rest of the new content, I wanted to get more familiarized with this mode before actually playing it. I saw in the general sub-lounge, some of my fellow Mooters were having issues with this mode. Maybe this guide will help :). 3 of the most important things that I took from this guide are:
1) do not hoard motes (15 being the cap) and then go to the bank because if you die then you'll lose an ass ton of points. What KackisHD suggests is that you hoard no more than 10 points, but recommends going to the bank every 5 emotes to minimize loses if you die.
2) Teams shouldn't have only 1 person to be set as the only person invading the other team's map. The reason for this is the person who is doing the invading should have the most heavy & special ammo types and should be have their ultimate ready. So if one person is dedicated to only invading, then they'll end up not doing much because they want to conserve their different ammos and their ultimate. Your team needs to alternate when it comes to invading.
3) weapon composition is also important, but that's up to a player's play style. I like to have an either an auto rifle or a pulse rifle for medium to long range fighting and then a close range secondary like an SMG or a good sidearm/revolver with solid stats. My power weapon is usually a grenade launcher, shotgun, or sniper rifle. That's just me though.
The video covers a lot more than what I talked about, but I suggest giving a watch because KackisHD makes some good points!

LV.25 Titan 10mo

Ascendance! (Week One)

Update: Creating a new post to incorporate all three weeks of chests and the rotation for the challenges.
So, here you are, Guardian. You’ve finally made it to the Dreaming City and you found a number of interesting things. Perhaps you’ve picked up a curious concoction called a Tincture of Queensfoil, which will grant you with Ascendance - but you have no idea where to go next. Let us guide you in the right direction...

For now, we know of hidden Ascendant Chests and Ascendant Challenges, but don’t be surprised if more secrets come our way before too long...

All 10 Ascendant Chests, from WiLLiSGaming:

Our week one Ascendant Challenge? Via Esoterickk:

(Of note, the enemies in the Ascendant realm for this challenge are at 550 power, so they can kill you fairly quickly and it’s best to take a fireteam with you.)

Need a Tincture? From Esoterickk:

LV.30 Mod 10mo

Heroic Public Events

As per usual, with the influx of new players after the expansion and with the free D2 base release on PS4, there’s going to be a lot of people who don’t know how to activate Heroic versions of the various public events. So, enjoy yet another update that’ll help explain things through Forsaken!

(Originally posted here by Panda 🐼 in the general section with some other information. Updated on 9.9.2018)

LV.30 Mod 10mo

Can someone tutor me

I barley downloaded the game today and when I get home the download should be done can I get tips for starters?

LV.4 Lurker 10mo

Just started playing

My friends and I just recently started playing, are there any tips anyone can give to help us level up with more ease and give up a rough explanation of how the game works? Note: we have only done campaign because we don’t know what to do in pvp or even how to get into pvp.

LV.2 Lurker 10mo

Data Fragments

Looking for a team to help me with this
on Mars

LV.4 Lurker 10mo