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Tier 2 of the reckoning: how to complete.

Now I've been playing tier 2 most of the day and haven't gotten anywhere for the simple fact that I don't think no one pays attention to the modifiers. Or there's just the worse part, lack of communication. Now I get it, you wanna do things your own ways, use your own load outs and subclass to do things. But sometimes that doesn't work, especially in something such as this. So here's a little guide to kinda help you get a better understanding of of this tier if you were/are having the same issues I was with other players. Tier 2 of The Reckoning is harder and longer than Tier 1. Make sure you’re close to 670 Power and have a group of friends you can communicate with. Pay attention to the modifiers, and exploit or avoid them as much as possible. Take a long-range build if Blackout is active. Make sure your team has multiple elements during Prism (because only certain elements are effective at certain times). After you deposit your Mote, you’ll drop in and do Tier 1 as normal, though the enemies will be more difficult in this section. It’s nothing you can’t handle if you’re used to Tier 1 and have high enough Power. After you hit 100 percent Dominance, a door in the back of the arena will open (in place of a boss). Gather your team and run through. The bridge You’re now on a bridge floating above a chasm. You need to hold down six points across the bridge to reach the other side. As you stand in each point, waves of Taken will attack. We recommend taking a Hunter with Tether and a Well of Radiance Warlock to help you survive. Chain Supers and use heavy ammo to get through each section. After you’ve captured all six pieces of the bridge, the enemies will de-spawn and a portal will open on the far end. Jump through and prepare to run. Knights and the Hermit You’ll be in some kind of Ascendant Plane, and ax-swinging Knights will be following you. The map looks like a plus symbol, and each of the four ends can spawn an enemy called the Hermit. Ignore the Knights and chase down The Hermit, who has a green symbol above its head. Remove the Hermit’s elemental shield with your weapons or abilities, and kill it. When the Hermit dies, a well will spawn in the area. Standing in it will increase your damage against the Knights, who should be your new focus. Use everything you have on the Knights. We recommend Tether and Well of Radiance here. Take a rocket launcher like Wardcliff Coil in your heavy slot. When the Knights go down, you’ll teleport back to the bank and collect your Tier 2 Gambit Prime armor. Now take this into advisement or ignore it lol just something to help out fellow guardians get past the struggle. Eyes up Guardian..

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