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Joining a Clan

Every guardian needs a fireteam in order to fight the darkness efficiently. Thankfully there is a relatively easy way to find one if you know how.   Throughout the lifetime of Destiny, clans have been an excellent tool to find others to fight alongside. But finding one that fits you can be challenging. That's why you should know where to find them and what to expect when you do.   -----Finding Clans-----   Although there are a few other services that allow clans to recruit, Bungie's own website is gonna be your best choice.   TIP: The more effort put into a recruitment post may show how much effort the clan founder has put into their community

  -----Choosing a Clan-----   Now that you've found where to find a clan to join, how do you choose the right one? Well there are a few things that you should know/do before sending in that clan request...   -Not all clans are communities-   Some clans were built simply for those who just want the ingame rewards rather than finding others to play with   -Clans have Requirements-   You are gonna want to make sure that you read the entirety of the clan's recruitment post since requirements vary from clan to clan. Such as...   -Level -Skill -Gender -Age -Timezone -Activity   -The approval process varies-   Some clan's will let you walk right through the door but others may require you to go through an approval process or trial period before joining.   -You may have to try a few different clans-   There is no way to be completely sure what a clan is like until you spend some time with it. But make sure you don't switch between too many or you may limit your options   -----Being in a clan-----   In order to make sure you get the best experience there's one important thing you will always have to do, Participate. Clans aren't simply another form of a LFG, you'll need to participate and communicate with your clanmates if you want them to have your back.   Make sure you continue to meet the clan's requirements otherwise you may get the boot!     -----Conclusion-----   Clans can change your Destiny 2 experience forever if you find the right one and may even keep you playing when there is no new content. I hope this guide will make it easier for you to achieve this.                

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