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Let’s discuss gambit ethics.

So, you wanna play gambit?

Well let a wizard kick you off with some information on proper gambit ethics to keep you winning and blueberry teammates happy.

BE FREAKING AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS! By Gandolf man! Some players seriously have no clue outside their own player. There are all sorts of things happening inside a gambit match and it’s up to you to be aware of this! Let’s go into detail.

1) Motes.
Motes motes motes motes motes.
You seriously do not gain anything from being a mote hog. Yes it’s good to collect them of course, but if someone is 1 mote away from a blocker...why pick up the only mote laying around???
Be aware of your teammates motes and allow them to pick up if they are close to a blocker. These are at 5/10/15 motes. 1 off will result in a smaller blocker.

2) know the invasion spawns!
Normally they spawn on opposite sides of your locations. Left, mid, and right.
If you’re the only one on right and 3 people are left and you get invaded...well chances are, you are the first encounter. Better run or have some good skill to win a handicapped 1v1. If you got 15 motes, it’s best to run to other players and hide. Don’t chance the loss. Unless the invader is distracted by another player, it’s Best to remain out of a fight.

3) Look for high priority targets!
Assist your team in killing these for high mote drops! Don’t just ignore the flashy enemies. They are great for a boost in motes.

4) know when the invasion portal spawns.
I know for a fact it spawns in at 25 motes for the first time. Be aware of the enemy team and know when they hit 25 so your team is prepared for invasion. The other invasion portal spawns appear at 50 I believe? And a lot in the primeval stage. Please comment to correct me on this if you know.

5) KiLliNg ThE InVaDEr.
Precision is your best friend in gambit. Snipers and linear fusion rifles melt not only the enemies, but invaders too. Why? Because the invader always spawns in on the opposite side of your team and will most likely be using a sleeper stimulant. Know the charge. Know how to peak. Click on that head.

6) Invading.
Know who has a super ready. Know who has heavy. Let them invade. Don’t be greedy and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT BE THE PERSON WHO JUST PLAYS TO INVADE AND SITS AT THE PORTAL THE ENTIRE MATCH. If this is you, The entire destiny community hates you. Uninstall destiny 2 right now. When you invade, know where the enemy team is at. Know how to stay in cover, and strategically take the team out one at a time. Kill the straggler or position yourself to kill the person with the highest mote collection. Have a wall between you and line of sight from the enemies and rotate after each kill to where only one enemy can shoot at you. Or just cast your super and go ham. Killing someone with 0 motes is absolutely pointless unless the primeval is out.

7) killing the primeval.
When this hunk spawns in, it also brings its groupies. Focus on the groupies. I know! *gasp* I said focus on groupies. Why? Because killing these grants a “buff” to deal more damage. The higher the stack, the more damage you deal to the primeval. With this, you melt the boss much much faster. Stay in the back and use precision weapons. This protects you from the invaders and gives you more time to prepare and eliminate them. Dying heals the primeval a pretty good bit. This can save the match or loose it. Don’t waste your super on him right when it spawns in, use it on the groupies to gain the buffs.

8) Mote tactics.
These can be modified and changed all day long but it’s great when you and your fireteam can summon 4 blockers all at once!
My best tactic, is to have everyone at 5 motes in the beginning, maybe one at 10 and the rest 5. Deposit the motes all at once, and this puts the counter at 20/25 with 4! YES 4 BLOCKERS! This is extremely annoying to kill and get out of the way. And at 25, BOOM. You can invade. Potentially killing those who have motes and gaining the lead.
The next deposit, you can choose to do the same, or, try to Grind and get everyone at 15 motes and drop 4 ogres on them. This will be enough to summon your primeval and keep the enemy at bay for a good minute. Just be wary or that enemy team reaching the 25 mote mark and stopping your progress. This is why it’s good to have one guardian at a time collect the motes to 15 and wait safely for the others. That way you can protect the golden boy from dying by an invader.
This is just one tactic of many. Just because you have enough to summon a primeval doesn’t mean you need too.
Everyone can still drop a max mote load on the enemy at the same time, even if it is at 74/75 mote collection.
That would really screw with the other team. Especially if their primeval is already out.
Which is a whole other tactic. The long game.
Waiting till an enemy team summons a primeval to drop 4 ogres on top of it all? That’s some hard enemies to handle and take out with a prime spawned in with their groupies.
It’s a great way to take the lead and win if you are losing.

Thanks about all I have for gambit at the moment!
If you have anything to add or correct, do so in the comments! What are your favorite tactics???

Way wins be in your favor guardians.

Wizard out 🧙🏼‍♂️🔮

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Lost Sector Maps

LV.2310, 9, 8, 7...3 months ago

A Guide to Gambit - An Excellent Guide by YouTuber KackisHD

Before I dive into this mode, after playing the rest of the new content, I wanted to get more familiarized with this mode before actually playing it. I saw in the general sub-lounge, some of my fellow Mooters were having issues with this mode. Maybe this guide will help :). 3 of the most important things that I took from this guide are:
1) do not hoard motes (15 being the cap) and then go to the bank because if you die then you'll lose an ass ton of points. What KackisHD suggests is that you hoard no more than 10 points, but recommends going to the bank every 5 emotes to minimize loses if you die.
2) Teams shouldn't have only 1 person to be set as the only person invading the other team's map. The reason for this is the person who is doing the invading should have the most heavy & special ammo types and should be have their ultimate ready. So if one person is dedicated to only invading, then they'll end up not doing much because they want to conserve their different ammos and their ultimate. Your team needs to alternate when it comes to invading.
3) weapon composition is also important, but that's up to a player's play style. I like to have an either an auto rifle or a pulse rifle for medium to long range fighting and then a close range secondary like an SMG or a good sidearm/revolver with solid stats. My power weapon is usually a grenade launcher, shotgun, or sniper rifle. That's just me though.
The video covers a lot more than what I talked about, but I suggest giving a watch because KackisHD makes some good points!

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Escalation protocol tips.

☑️Feel free to add your tips in the comment section☑️

🔴This is just from my personal experience.🔴

🔘Getting 9 people in the same lobby is a challenge, but if you keep leaving the area and coming back, essentially fast traveling from section to section, you may eventually get into the same "instance" or "lobby" as your friends but be on different fireteams.

🔘Now it's best to gather 6-9 people before doing this. Utilize looking for groups sites to make this happen.
On PC, there is a "PC destiny 2 LFG" discord channel that has a ton of people and support in it. I recommend trying to find that if you're on pc.
On console, you can use the typical websites, they are still popular.

➡️recommended weapons to use⬅️
🔹Darcie- extra damage on crit hits
🔹tractor cannon-suppresses bosses and they take more damage.
🔹huckleberry-add control/semi unlimited ammo
🔹rockets with cluster bombs
🔹weapons with explosive rounds
🔸make sure they are masterworked if none exotic🔸
(For orb generation)

🔘supers are very important on level 6-7.
-Hunter teathering is best used when thralls spawn for orb generation for the titans and warlocks and other hunters. This keeps the supers charged for everyone.
-Titans should be sunbreakers with "meltingpoint". That should be the top tree on the super. Melting point buff makes the bosses take an extra 50% more damage. Pair this up with novabombs on titans and other heavy attacks.
-Warlocks probably should be void walkers and have the top tree on for the tracker nova deals more damage and allows you not to miss. Mix and match empowering rifts and healing rifts if you have multiple warlocks.

🔘The final boss can be farmed by killing him when the timer hits zero!
Just get him to a sliver of health left, wait for the timer to hit zero or one second, and have a warlock novabomb after someone tractor cannons him or a Titan melting points the boss.
You will still get the drops and the Escalation will stay at round 6 and you can repeat for farming the weekly weapon drop. The chest will not appear this way.

🔘your light level needs to be at least 360+. It's very difficult otherwise to stay alive and to deal damage.
Having 9 people at 360+ is very effective in my experience. We had defeated and cheesed the boss multiple times. I have 3 full completed kills while having more with cheeses but that doesn't count completions.

Thanks for reading!
Check out my twitch and twitter @mcsmigglesworth

Wizard out ✌🏼

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⤹ Top 45 PvP Tip Guide ↴

1. Be constantly aware of your surroundings and utilize your movement to outmaneuver incoming enemy’s by strafing, jumping, using grenades, C.S.T- crouch shotting tactics.2. When in a gunfight in CQB, do a slow steady crouch when firing your fully automatic weapons.
3. Maintain a constant pace and always keep moving, only stopping to maintain a power position over enemy positions- a spot with superior sight-lines and access to heavy ammo.
4. Stay around at least 2 teamates to always have someone to fall back to and exchange agro so you can heal, while your teammate finishes off your primed attacker. Primed- the state of applying damage to a enemy making them close to death.
5. Utilize your weapons strengths and stay in their best effective ranges. Auto- close to mid range, scout, mid to long range, Smg- close to short range engagements, Handcannons- use with small scale maps and use cover strafing to be effective and use guerrrilla tactics, using it as a prime usage weapon and finishing off weak opponents, Pulse rifle- mid-to slightly long engagements and taking advantage of slow accuracy bursts using cover strafing, Sidearms- close range engagement for rushers and if people rush you, Sniper rifles, preferably mid to long range surrounded by teammates, Shotguns, Close range utilizing sliding and baiting around doorways so you can jump upon unsuspecting players and take them out, Rockets- Close applies to low rate of fire rockets and fire relatively close to their feet so take take advantage of the blast radius- When using hakke rockets utilize long sight-lines pre aiming and jumping in the air to take advantage of it’s superb tracking.
6. Learn from your mistakes and constantly adapt to the changing mentality of enemy players to get a better idea of how they might play-movement wise and how they might engage you in gun fights to have a good idea of what other players will do.
7. Always be aware of blind-spots-head-glitches and areas where an enemy can use to to spot you from a unforeseen area- areas that can be seen from from sight-lines unseeable from the area being viewed.
8. Don’t overcommit to a kill and realize that the primed enemy your pursuing might be brewing up a surprise attack or leading you directly to their team.
9. Adjust accordingly to elevation- standing on something- look down, your on low ground leading up- look up.
10. Use your super logically- don’t use it when your low health-primed, bad situations such as a player wielding heavy ammo such as a rocket, launcher or the colony and never use it when your outnumbered as the enemy will be able to finish you off quickly with team-shots so use it when you have other teamates pushing with you so the enemy will be forced to pick their engagements.
11. Utilize team-fire when needed.
12. Challenge the same area same your team is pushing so you can provide cover firing from a good sight-line.
Become familiar with the maps, areas with high traffic, heavy ammo held areas, and spots with good cover and sight-lines such as open buildings with open windows so you can safely shoot out of and back out of safely when taking damage.
13. Be unpredictable in your movements such as not reapeating the same movement- going to the same area in the same manner as before when you died- try going to the same area with a different path so the enemy can not easily tell where your coming from the following time you try to push the same position.
14. Be aware of heavy ammo spawn times.
15. Be aware of incoming supers so you can properly plan for their arrival such as backing up, moving to a long sight-line with good cover so you so can counteract then accordingly.
16. Maintain a positive mentality- think about positive outcomes and your goal in mind in game.
17. Don’t be a defeatist- learn from your losses and if your losing just stick around and hope for a comeback but if not it’s a good experience to have a defeat.
18. Never aim at the ground- always aim at head level when aiming and if a you know a specific player likes to jump around sight-lines, aim high, if they tend to slide aim down or jump above them to take advantage of their unsuspecting movements.
19. When being converged upon by someone or multiple enemies, utilize grenades to force them back and utilize sliding, jumping and baiting around doorways to at least get a trade and take down one or two of the pursuers.
20. Utilize sword hilts or emotes to scan enemy's position from behind cover to properly identify where not to push if there is a full team of midas or if their one or two you can anticipate them beforehand when engaging them in combat.
21. Concentrate your agro-focus on the person your aiming to strike down with headshots.
22. Use cover strafing to your advantage when your taking damage or want to be unpredictable and ultimately surprise the enemy and win the gun fight.
23. Don’t play overly aggressive when using your super and use jumping and sliding to evade some of the damage.
24. Be aware of your teammates position and if they need help or if they’re surrounded, so you can fall back knowing it wouldn’t be worth it pushing toward them.
25. Use the in game interface so you can view what enemy supers are charged so you can watch out for that specific person.
26. Always strive for improvement.
27. Hone your current skills and abilities.
29. Use pre-shooting and aim in areas you believe the enemy will emerge from.
30. Remember first shot advantage matters- get the first shot always and if you don’t you’ll be more likely to lose the gunfight.
31. Keep your tilt-anger in control and clear your mind by thinking back at what you did wrong that match or take a break and walk around the tower or do a strike.
32. Remember each match is a opportunity to get better so embrace it.
33. Maintain good tracking- know where to aim and keep you aim steady with moving, jumping and sliding enemy’s.
34. Never blame your team for losses and realize it’s normal to suffer a loss here and their.
35. Be constantly aware of your radar- look at it every 5 to 7 seconds.
36. When engaging an opponent utilize strafing- moving left and right quickly to throw off an enemy’s aim on your weak spot- head.
38. Have realistic expectations- know that you might possibly lose because of bad teammates or facing a superior team, but know to expect it so your overall mentality won’t drain with negativity.
39. When being chased utilize utilize sliding and try to look down when running away so it will make it harder on the enemy to hit your critical spot-head.
40. Be supremely evasive when engaging opponents in CQ- close quarters and use jumping, and sliding so it will make it harder for them to focus on hitting you and they’ll panic.
41. Think logically when pushing alone and always attack from a strategic position with a good escape path and sight-lines that will limit the number of people that will try to take you on- be by a position with good cover.
42. Manipulate cover and sight-lines to your advantage- purposely staying in a power position that’s vital to your team's structure- staying in a beneficial area where you can support your team and fire upon them from an area that’s hard to get to.

43. Save your grenades for choke-points- areas where an enemy has to walk through and where they could take the most damage from a AOE grenades potential- area of effect.

44. Anticipate enemy movements- get a good understanding of what they’ve done during a match to get an understanding of where they’re likely to push again, or how they might engage you again.

45. Be conscious of who can see you so you can adjust your position accordingly and avoid an open spaced position that makes you open to teamshots.

After each game maintain good sportsmanship and reply to the entire enemy team with gg- good game.

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