Join my clan!!!

Recruiting new people for fun on destiny and more experience and rewards

LV.3 Lurker 1d

Need a clan???!

We are looking for ps4 chill players to join the Cayde3 MemoRies clan. You can get a fun experience with better rewards with us. Message me for more details

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Click on link!!!!! Join fun clan now!!!!!!

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Join my clan!!!!! Looking for new people

Message me for more info

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Join my destiny 2 clan!!!!!!!!! Message for more info

Join my fun clan for more experience and extra rewards.

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Join my Clan!!!!! Message me for more info

Trying to get more people to join my clan. Have fun and get more experience in my clan as well as extra rewards

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Looking for people to join my clan!!! Fun and more experience!!!!!

Get the destiny app and join my clan to have fun on destiny and get extra rewards and xp

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I love fortnite please 1v1 me

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Just made a clan with my buddy, join if interested

Hey we made a clan called wooden hunters and looking for more people. I know enough people to have a raid group most of the time but it’s really chill and dont have ti get on that often

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Scornhub Dot Net. XBOX ONLY!!!

We are recruiting active players to join our clan. We UK based do UK are preferred, if you're from outside of UK everything is done off GMT. We do our best to help out when people are available. I'm currently the teacher for the newer raid which I try an run when we have to people available, we do have other teachers for the old raids. DM if interested. XBOX ONLY!!!!

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New clan new people

I’m looking for more people to join my PS4 clan I have almost 10 members now and am looking to grow it even further please pm me if you’re interested

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TXO Recruiting

The Xiled Ones launched January 1st with the mission to provide avid and casual gamers alike the opportunity to enhance their online gaming experience. Members of TXO find like minded gamers who share common interests that are supportive, social and caring for one another. By utilizing our ranking structure players find themselves learning key techniques to success such as loyalty, dedication and patience. If you’re a mature and open minded gamer we’re the community for you!  We are one of many communities under the coalition of Xiled Syndicate, and the sister community to XGN with 4500+ members. Our home website is

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Hi I need a clan to join

I'm very active I have a lvl 42 hunter and a lvl 30 warlock

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Join ACOC in D2

If anybody is a solo destiny 2 player looking for a group, my new clan, A Covenant Of Crows is up and ready to accept players regardless of levels or classes, if you’re interested please message me your PSN ID on moot.


LV.5 PlayStation 6d

Clan recruitment

Hey guys my destiny 2 clan is recruiting must have discord very active and friendly we help all players with any activity..we are an xbox clan..if intrested messge my xbox account gamer tag is Ext blackhat

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Looking for dedicated players to accept into the Clan, Join if interested.

If you’re playing destiny frequently and have a passion or love for the game like our clan does then we are the right one for you! We’re looking for people who like to help others out because in Destiny helping someone else only means more LOOT!

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Looking for dedicated players to accept into the Clan, Join if interested.

We need people willing to be on every day whether they’re doing their own stuff or helping in the clan, we need daily players and helpful selfless players. If you qualify join or comment your ps4 @ and we’ll invite you shortly after.

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XILED Gaming Network Looking For Potential Recruits

We are now recruiting for ages 15+. We are  one community under the Coalition of Xiled Syndicate with 4500+ members in this community alone. If you are looking for a clan to call a family hit us up. We  are constantly striving to enhance the online gaming experience of our members. We believe that all gamers deserve a safe and professional gaming environment to call home no matter what their skill, race, gender or personal beliefs may be

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Join my obo clan no age or skill just 1v1 and your in

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Need active ppl to join my clan

Msg me on here or on xbox my name is my gt . Plz join today no age limit .all are welcome

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We are recruiting to chungas

Need ppl to join and do raids often

Be active often

LV.2 Lurker 10d

Looking for clan to do leviathan

My first time

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Looking for clan

Ik looking for a clan so I can do stuff with people. Mainly I want to join a clan because I want to do my first raid! My platform is xbox and my gt is: wckdraptor4530

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I'm looking for a Clan!

My friend and I are looking for a Clan for destiny on Xbox. We are relatively new and need help to complete raids and stuff. Both 20M

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Looking for members

I have a clan called Outlaws of Tangled Shore you must be -16 age, have all dlc's, and be at least power lvl 500, PS4

PSN username: merccrf450r

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Attention guardians, if interested I’m starting a clan called A Covenant Of Crows.


LV.5 PlayStation 12d

Destiny 1 clan

Since you cant make a D1 clan, heres a group we can use instead if anyone wants to join

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The infamous few

Looking for a clan and friends to play with? The Infamous Few is recruiting new members. We play Destiny 2 among a number of other games, and are looking to grow our Destiny division even more! With the start of the Season of the Drifter, we are recruiting new and veteran players that want a fun environment to meet and play with friends, as well as do cooperative content such as raids, gambit, reckoning, and crucible. If you have any questions or concerns before applying, feel free to PM me and I will be glad to answer them. Are you ready to be Infamous?

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Hello guardians, I’m starting a clan in D2 called A Covenant Of Crows. My PSN is jeremyVICVIPER

LV.5 PlayStation 13d

Looking for bo4 clans

I'm looking for any bo4 clans to join

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